White solid birch kitchen with black center and island

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Whatever popular trends exist at the moment, there are things that are always relevant. This is exactly what the “Classic” kitchen made of solid birch is – beautiful, solemn and chic, fully justifying its name.

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G. Kirov

Classic birch kitchen

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Classic style is always timeless, it brings to the interior a special comfort and style that is not subject to fashion trends. This kind of cuisine has always been admired for a long time.

Classic kitchen with island

This is a classic corner layout with an island. Dimensions - 4200 x 4050 mm. The tabletop continues under the windows. A sink was installed there - in a bright and spacious place.

Table top under windows

The furniture range is light and elegant, not overloaded with details. The kitchen is made of a classic material - solid wood, has classic milling on the facades, is made in the popular white color with a light golden patina, which gives the facades a more noble look.

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Classic white kitchen

Carved pilasters and milling added volume to the cabinets. An interesting drawing on the facades turned the lower furniture row into a bizarre geometric line.

Classic milling

The room is spacious with two large windows. The set is angular, goes completely to the entire wall. The interior is airy and gentle, filled with warmth and light.

Spacious classic kitchen

All household appliances are built-in. The furniture range begins with a large two-section silver refrigerator installed in a special niche, and ends with a similar tall cabinet with a built-in oven.

Built-in refrigerator

Next to it is a microwave oven. The place is not the most common, but nothing violates the integrity of the furniture range. Yes, and next to the refrigerator and hob is very convenient.

Microwave on countertop

The island is small and elegant, completely replacing the dining table.


Facades - solid birch, body - laminated chipboard. The texture of the breed is very beautiful, light and uniform, with a golden caramel tint, without knots and any marks. The tone is warm, which makes the atmosphere lively and cozy, rather than sterile and impersonal. The birch has a very delicate structure, when touched it gives the impression of silkiness, so it is not treated with stains and additional dyes.

Solid birch

The countertop is an artificial stone (the cast sink comes in color). The black countertop became a necessary accent, emphasizing and shading the warmth of living wood. There is not much black (tabletop and apron), it does not attract all the attention, acting only as a contrasting line separating the upper and lower furniture row.

Classic kitchen with island

Glass - white, frosted, with Italian Riano stained glass. The stained-glass window frames the hood and hob, highlighting the center of the composition and marking the portal.

Built-in hood

All fittings inside are from Blum. Such furniture deserves the best filling.

Solid birch

Light, elegant and sophisticated kitchen has become part of a unique and original interior.

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