Monochrome neoclassical white corner set

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White furniture is not without reason so loved by many. The bright and elegant interior gives the most positive emotions, it is pleasant to be in it. Therefore, white kitchens are the leader in the furniture market and the most common color. Do not forget that such a headset visually expands the space, which is important for small rooms.

Made by company Wood harmony,
G. Moscow

White neoclassical set

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We opted for an all white matte neoclassical style kitchen. The facades are made of solid pine, with enamel, which emphasized the beauty of the wooden species.

Work area under the window

A white refrigerator and a window frame on the adjacent wall easily fit into the bright interior. Usually these objects stand out as a foreign spot against the general background, but not in our case.

Built-in refrigerator

The layout of the room is such that the window would have been used anyway. It is large, almost the entire wall. We used this zone by 100% - lower cabinets and the main part of the worktop were installed under the window.

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Work area under the window

The set begins with several pencil cases for the entire height of the wall. They have a built-in refrigerator (there is still a mezzanine on top) and next to it is a cabinet for the oven, which now you don’t need to bend over.

Built-in refrigerator

Nearby, the central element of any classic headset is the hood. It is additionally highlighted by cabinets with glass showcases. Thus, neoclassical blind facades acquired some lightness, began to look more elegant.

Hood framed glass showcases

The apron is interesting, white-green, with a diamond-shaped pattern, attracts all eyes. The pattern is close to the classic style, it continues the idea of ​​an elegant furniture set and creates a clear separation between the upper and lower cabinets.

White neoclassical set

Golden handles-brackets adorned the facades made of natural wood. The result is graceful accents, stylish and sophisticated.

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