Blue-wood kitchen with island combined with the living room

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Modern headsets in a minimalist style are especially popular. The most functional, with innovative technology, they are attractive with their laconic beauty. Fenix ​​matte plastic facades and natural wood look interesting and stylish.

Made by company GeosIdeal,
G. Moscow

Calypso Blue Kitchen

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We have a large and spacious room with panoramic windows. The vacant center needed to be filled, so a partition wall was installed to separate the kitchen from the living room.

Phoenix facades

The furniture is a continuous row of wooden cases with built-in appliances and a refrigerator, and a separate island with a work surface. Colors - noble dark blue (matt Fenix) and light wood (natural veneer). Both shades, warm and cold, balance each other well, creating a stylish and harmonious combination.

Blue interior with wood

All surfaces in the room are light (floor, ceiling, walls). Neutral white countertop, light sidewalls of the shelves look very advantageous in a blue-wood tandem, emphasizing the beauty of both blue and wood.

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white countertop

White milled handles (Gola-profile) are another color element that unites interior details.

Gola profile

This headset has several features that make it original and interesting. The first is an island for the entire length of the main headset. In a standard apartment, such a module would certainly be inappropriate. But in a spacious room or a private house, it looks completely different.

Blue interior with wood

A convenient large additional work surface will not be superfluous, especially since there is access to it from all sides. On it, at different ends of the rectangle, there is a gas surface and a sink, and there is still a place in the center.

Island with sink and gas hob

An interesting futuristic powerful hood in the form of a long cone looks like a single whole with hanging chandeliers of the same shape.

Phoenix facades

The sidewall of the main furniture module is made in the form of shelves of various sizes. Shelves have become a good tool for enlivening the interior, placing all kinds of trinkets or jars there.

Calypso Blue Kitchen

In this kitchen there is a feeling of spaciousness and calm peace, and the noble atmosphere in the most favorable way affects all households.

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