Classic straight white kitchen with dome hood

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There are many white kitchens, one might even say that the majority are among those on the market. People choose light-colored headsets for the lightness and feeling of freedom they give. A typical apartment can thus be transformed, made larger and more spacious.

Made by company Factory of kitchens “Optima”,
G. Simferopol

White classic kitchen

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Modern interiors in the general mass are more faceless and simple than the classics. Therefore, we preferred the classic set, but with completely blank facades.

Our cuisine is not the most ordinary, it has its own zest. This is roomy and functional furniture, beautiful, but not pretentious and not defiant. This is a classic, but less familiar (without glass, stucco, protruding decor). Laconic facades do not distract the eye, cabinets look like a single monolith and it is much easier to care for such surfaces.

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Facades - painted MDF

All interior details are white, we even managed to match the gas hob and oven to match the color of the interior.

gas surface

Kitchen area - 22 meters. The cost of the kitchen with installation cost us 305,380 rubles.

The body is made of laminated chipboard, the facades are painted MDF with milling. Facades are resistant to all kinds of influences in the kitchen and especially to high temperatures.

White classic kitchen

The wall panel is tiled with a diamond pattern. The geometric pattern added texture and dimension to the solid row of cabinets.

Tabletop Cedar

In a continuous monolith of facades, a dome hood stands out. She steps forward, attracts all eyes to herself, like the design of the apron. There is also a niche for a refrigerator (with mezzanines on top) and a place for a microwave oven (a shelf under the upper sections).

Dome hood

Straight set 4425 mm long. In the bottom row there was a place for a dishwasher. For convenience, there is a drying rack for dishes nearby, in the adjacent cabinet.

Fittings GTV (Poland)

Moisture-resistant light countertop - TM Kedr. From afar, it looks light gray, shading the beauty of painted surfaces, and close up, you can see a pattern of small stone chips.

gas surface

Fittings GTV (Poland). These are functional hinges, guides and closers, reliable, wear-resistant and durable.

Fittings GTV (Poland)

Illumination under the upper sections is needed for work on the countertop. It also revitalizes matte furniture surfaces well.

Tabletop Cedar

Interior metal handles with ornaments are the decoration of facades.

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