The best bubble levels: TOP 5 manufacturers, an overview of building equipment, price, quality

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In construction, it is necessary to accurately measure the degree of alignment of wall or ceiling surfaces. To do this, use bubble levels - devices in the form of a rectangle, in which there are transparent barrels of liquid. Levels are made of iron, wood or plastic.


The content of the article:

  • What to look for when choosing
    • What are bubble levels
    • General recommendations for selection
    • Bubble Level Accuracy
    • What will the bubbles say?
    • Additional Options
    • Gauge length
  • The best bubble levels manufacturer ADA 
    • Titan 40 Plus
    • Pro level 100 
    • Titan 2000 
  • The best bubble levels manufacturer Stanley 
    • STHT1
    • Fat Max XL 
  • The best bubble levels manufacturer Torpedo 
    • Vira 100403 
    • Matrix 34911 
    • JCB JBL008 
  • The best bubble levels from Stabila 
    • Stabila 02292
    • Pocket Electric
  • The best bubble levels from Kapro 
    • Mini-246
    • 340-08

What to look for when choosing

Measuring equipment determines how incorrect the location of the vertical or horizontal plane is. For example, to make sure that an object is horizontally even, you need to leave a bubble structure on it. If the bubble has shifted to the right, it is necessary to slightly lower this part of the investigated surface or slightly raise the left side. You need to do such manipulations until the bubble takes place in the middle.

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An example of a vertical plane that can be checked with a level is a wall in a room. If you lean the bubble tool against the wall perpendicular to the floor, you will notice deviations. The bubble crawled:

  • from the wall - you need to add a layer of material for leveling at the top;
  • to the wall - you will have to report the plaster below.

It is important to use the correct bubble tool. To understand that the level correctly shows deviations, you need to know the features of its choice.

What are bubble levels

This is an aluminum base empty inside, in the center of which a transparent container is placed. The vessel is filled with technical alcohol, less often with another liquid. The former is less dense than water and has a rounded air bubble. Due to this, it better captures height differences and actively moves along the flask.

To create a visual effect, the composition in the eye of the level is colored in a bright shade. Some bubble models are supplemented with luminous particles. This allows you to work with the tool even at night. Perpendicular lines are drawn on the peephole to define the boundaries of the normal surface. They surround the container with a bubble from 2 sides. If it is located between them, then the surface is leveled and ready for the next stage of work.

General recommendations for selection

Even in the store, you need to check that the containers in which the bubble is hidden are securely fixed in the body of the bubble device. It is not allowed to sell levels with dangling and loose structural elements. It is better to avoid the use of level gauges in which the bulbs are attached with bolts, nuts or other fasteners.

Despite the fact that the screws make it possible to adjust the bubble device, after a short time the readings of this level will lose their former accuracy and will give an error. The lines on the camera with a bubble should be drawn clearly, clearly visible, not erased.

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Bubble Level Accuracy

The unit of measurement of the bubble level gauge is mm per meter of the length of the measured surface.

Low accuracy for plastic models. The error of these bubble devices is enough for elementary manipulations, such as nailing a mirror to the wall.

The frame, made of iron, shows one-to-one deviations, i.e. 1 mm per 1 meter. This accuracy is suitable for tiling work in bathroom renovations. Bubble devices from this accuracy class are used in furniture production.

For the design of load-bearing walls, interfloor ceilings, the most reliable and accurate surface level meter will be required. Here, the unit of measurement will be 0.5 mm per 1 m. Such precise bubble structures are used in professional facilities.

What will the bubbles say?

It is recommended to buy repair equipment with larger bubbles. It fills the maximum space in the flask, leaving almost no cavity between itself and the lines. This level will show accurate data.

Manufacturers are improving building tools, they have developed a customizable bubble tool. The vessel is attached with holders, which allows you to periodically adjust the level.

There are level gauges with a pair of flasks. Each is responsible for one measurement direction: horizontally or vertically. Their position on the frame is on different tiers. "Lie" containers with bubbles at right angles to each other.

There are bubble devices that can measure an angle of 45˚. To perform the most serious construction work that requires increased accuracy, use tools with many containers with bubbles, which are located at different levels and repeat the horizontal and vertical measurement.

Additional Options

You can buy a bubble device that has additional features, namely:

  1. Elements that enhance the strength of the box. More rigid body does not bend, durable. This level is more convenient to use if the work is performed by a long device.
  2. Marked divisions, as on a ruler. This helps to work both with a level and a simple measurement tool at the same time.
  3. Rough coating on the back of the level increases the stability of the vial device on the surface. It does not slip, the builder does not need to make an effort to keep the level in position.
  4. If level measurement occurs during the design and installation of water or sewerage, a recess for pipes will prevent the bubble tool from slipping off rounded objects.
  5. For the convenience of craftsmen, some types of devices are equipped with a magnet on the base. This allows you to stably fix the bubble tool on metal surfaces and freely take measurements.

Gauge length

There are levels of different lengths (from 20 cm to 5 m). This feature allows the use of devices in rooms and spaces of different sizes.

Bubble levels have certain characteristics:

  1. This is a durable inventory that does not bend or break under regular aggressive impact, especially if it is supplemented with stiffeners.
  2. To use this bubble tool, you do not need to undergo training, it is enough to understand the principle of operation.
  3. The simplicity of the design allows you to use the level at home, and the accuracy of the readings, as for professional purposes.
  4. Bubble levels can be bought even inexpensively.

The main thing is to buy a quality tool that is manufactured by a well-known company, handle it carefully so as not to break the flask. Then the level gauge will last a long time.

The best bubble levels manufacturer ADA 

ADA Instruments entered the building level market in the early 2000s. The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of tools for construction and geodesy for diagnostics and measurement. Equipment manufacturers believe that the key to the success of any construction job lies in the quality of preparation and accuracy of measurements. Not by chance The abbreviation ADA stands for "additional precision".

Titan 40 Plus

The body of the tool is only 40 cm long and is made of durable aluminum. Neodymium magnets are mounted under the case. Has anti-shock protection. The base is non-slip. They can measure in 3 planes. The presence of a reflective layer allows you to see the position of the bubbles in dim light.

Price: from 990 rubles.


  • compact;
  • versatility - can be used when carrying out repair work inside the facility and from the outside for applying floor coatings, laying tiles, etc .;
  • strength.


  • weak magnet;
  • can slide on vertical surfaces.
Titan 40 Plus

Pro level 100 

The inclinometer works in 3 planes. Capsules with bubbles are located in the center of the product from the left end, and a digital screen is located on the right for making accurate measurements according to the readings of the bubble device. The body length is 1 m. Inside there are magnets that allow you to work with an object on metal surfaces. The universal bubble device can be used during construction, repair and finishing works. Powered by batteries.

Price: from 4500 rubles. up to 6600 rub. and higher.


  • automatic calibration;
  • autonomous mode of operation;
  • easy to use on metal surfaces;
  • powerful magnets.


  • Batteries only last 4 days
  • difficult to find in online stores.
Pro level 100

Titan 2000 

Anti-shock tool. It is not damaged when dropped from a height of more than 15 m onto a hard surface. The length of the product is 2 m. The professional inclinometer is designed for use on construction sites. With it, you can adjust the work on the installation of reinforced concrete slabs, perform complex finishing types. Its body is made of aluminum profile and treated with antistatic. The model is comfortable to hold in your hands when taking measurements. It has special holes for brushes, through which the frame can be firmly taken and installed on the measurement object.

Price: from 3700 rubles.


  • there is no front and back, you can install either side;
  • milled;
  • can be used on uneven planes, areas with complex terrain;
  • works in three directions.


  • only suitable for complex repairs;
  • structure length.
Titan 2000 

The best bubble levels manufacturer Stanley 

The history of the STANLEY brand dates back to 1843. Now STANLEY is a large number of factories all over the planet, which are equipped with high-tech equipment and produce more than 1000 items of products.


The level has a meter body, which allows it to be used both in a small apartment and in a large office. The product is equipped with a recess so that the tool can be hung up after work. The body surface is smooth and easy to clean. There are plugs on the sides of the device. They serve to protect the product from construction debris and dust getting inside, and also prevent damage to the inclinometer in the event of a fall.

Price: from 1600 rubles. and up to 2470 rubles.


  • can be used on any surface;
  • large capsules with maximum accuracy determine the level of deviation;
  • light weight (up to 1 kg).


  • does not accurately measure vertically.

Fat Max XL 

The swivel capsule of this level makes it possible to use it in different planes, and the presence of magnets - on metal sheets. The body is durable and molded, without seams. The liquid content is contained in non-spillable acrylic containers. The model due to its small dimensions is convenient to use even in a small room.

Price: from 2050 rubles.


  • strength;
  • light weight;
  • you can take measurements "at an angle";
  • the capsule rotates at an angle of 180˚;
  • impact resistance.


  • swivel peephole with a small hole;
  • price.
Fat Max XL 

The best bubble levels manufacturer Torpedo 

"Torpedo" - the so-called bubble construction inclinometers. They are easy to use. They are easy to use. Before starting work, you do not need to read long instructions and understand the structure of the structure. This tool is small in size. It is convenient to transport and store.

Vira 100403 

Inside this device, magnets are located around the entire perimeter of the product. The case is made of a solid base - ABS plastic, which does not deteriorate even after contact with the floor when dropped or hit by hard objects. The product is equipped with protective rubber pads. The device has 3 vials with bubbles for vertical and horizontal measurements, as well as for an angle of 45˚. Attaches well to metal structures. The length of the product is only 23 cm, and the weight is 75 g.

Price: from 395 rubles.


  • eyes resistant to UV rays;
  • powerful magnets inside;
  • shockproof;
  • high precision.


  • there is no milled edge;
  • hard to find in stores.
Vira 100403

Matrix 34911 

The level has the shape of a trapezoid. It is strong and durable. The body of the product is made of aluminum, in which three liquid capsules are embedded. With this tool, you can measure in 3 planes, including working on inclined surfaces. The device is compact, its length is only 60 cm. The dimensions of the tool allow it to be transported in an ordinary passenger car, since it does not take up much space. Plastic overlays prevent damage in the event of an impact or fall.

Price: from 1150 rubles.


  • the presence of a ruler;
  • milled edge;
  • reliability;
  • compactness;
  • small sizes;
  • increased functionality.


  • the price has gone up a lot.
Matrix 34911


The inclinometer measures levels showing an accuracy of up to 0.5 mm/m. The tool is light and compact. Its length is only 25 cm, and its weight is no more than half a kilogram. The device does not take up much space, fits in a backpack for carrying. Allows you to take measurements on vertical and horizontal planes, as well as under the tilt level of 45˚.

The product is equipped with 3 eyes and built-in magnets. The seamless body is made of durable material. The cast box of the level is durable and resistant to deformation, and the light weight of 350 g allows you to carry the tool when moving from object to object. Despite its small dimensions, this model can be used for various tasks in interior decoration.

Price: from 828 rubles. up to 1011 rub.


  • accurate measurements with minimal error;
  • the compactness of the device makes it easy to carry;
  • convenient in different work processes;
  • shockproof.


  • there is no milled edge.

The best bubble levels from Stabila 

The Stabila brand is known for the production of measuring equipment. The first device was an ordinary wooden meter, which was made more than 200 years ago. Now the company is engaged in the creation of articulated meters, devices for measuring the horizontal position of a line on a plane and laser meters used in construction. The top of the best devices will be discussed further.

Stabila 02292

The device is made of durable, but lightweight metal - aluminum. To protect against shock and breakage, the product is muffled with special caps, which are located along the edges of the box. The same pads prevent dirt and dust from entering the device. The surface of the tool is coated with an antistatic compound, which increases the efficiency of working with it and ensures ease of maintenance. 2 ampoules are built into the case. The inclinometer can be used in 3 planes.

Price: from 5900 rubles.


  • the dimensions of the tool allow it to be used on a surface from 30 cm to 2 m;
  • light weight;
  • ergonomic body;
  • can be used when laying pipes and installing electrical networks;
  • assembled according to German technology.


  • Expensive;
  • side pads are not resistant to strong impacts.
Stabila 02292

Pocket Electric

The inclinometer has a small size, it is convenient to carry it with you during the day. Attaches to your belt with a clip. The device can be used when fixing sockets. When working with the tool, it is installed on a stand with magnets, so you do not need to fix the device with your hands. The case contains 1 ampoule. The device can give a small error - 1 mm per 1 m2 of surface.

Price: from 1500 rubles.


  • lightness and compactness (weight no more than 100 g);
  • can be carried in a pocket;
  • can be combined with electrical wiring;
  • minimum error.


  • suitable for work only on small surfaces.
Pocket Electric

The best bubble levels from Kapro 

Kapro Industries Ltd. develops and manufactures manual equipment for repair manipulations and construction activities, including spirit levels, marking and marking tools. Products are reliable and accurate. They have a bright color, ergonomic design and simple construction.


This compact model, only 100 mm long, opens the Kapro bubble level rating. This is the best bubble building level of this company. The device is placed in the pocket of work clothes. The inclinometer is easy to use and has basic functionality. It is equipped with 1 capsule, which measures only in the horizontal plane. By means of internal magnets, the device fastens on metal surfaces. The edges of the product are protected from falling by rubber pads.

Price: from 436 rubles.


  • the liquid in the ampoule does not freeze;
  • comfortable in using;
  • small dimensions;
  • you can carry with you.


  • limited functionality;
  • there may be small errors;
  • it is impossible to measure vertically and on an inclined surface;
  • pads are short lived.


The device can be used both at home and on construction sites. The inclinometer records measurements in 2 planes and at an angle. It can be used when working with pipes, at the joints of surfaces, on flat planes.

The "wings" of the plastic case rotate with the help of hinges. The best bubble level has 4 powerful magnets built in and it comes with an extra strap for attaching.

Price: from 1308 rubles.


  • universality;
  • minimum error;
  • multifunctional;
  • comfortable.


  • unregulated flasks;
  • fragile body;
  • short-lived hinge.

An indispensable device for a builder is a level for measuring deviations. There are tools for non-professionals, as well as high-precision professional measuring instruments. Knowing the features of the work, the principle of the construction device, you can buy a reliable tool that will be a faithful assistant in carrying out construction work.

What level do you prefer to use when measuring tilt and why? Share the link on social networks and bookmark the article.

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