Rating of the best jackhammers: TOP-17 of 2023, photo, review of quality and price

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To destroy a concrete structure, asphalt, foundation, brick and other hard material, you need to stock up on additional tools. More often, jackhammers are used for this purpose. The range of models in stores is huge, and it is difficult for an inexperienced user to figure out which jackhammer is best. We have created a rating of the best models, taking into account the feedback from users and craftsmen.

Rating of the best jackhammers

The content of the article:

  • What to look for when choosing?
  • Rating of the best
    • CALIBER PNZ-19/800 Profi
    • Fubag HRC 4500
    • Wester VM-10
    • STAVR MOE-1300
    • CALIBER OMP-815
    • Metabo DMH 30 SET
    • TZK MOP-2
    • PATRIOT DB 460
    • SOYUZ PES-2520RB
    • Storm! RH2521P
    • Makita HM0870C
    • Bosch GSH 501 Professional
    • Makita HM1203C
    • Bosch GSH 11 E Professional
    • Bosch GSH 16-30 Professional
    • Makita HM1812

What to look for when choosing?

A jackhammer is often used during repairs for major construction. The tool destroys concrete, the foundation. On sale there are models of different quality, they differ in characteristics, appearance, price.

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Tips for choosing a model:

  1. It is recommended to consider what a jackhammer is for. If the device is needed to lay wiring, carry out minor repairs, medium power will suffice. But he will not cope with the task of destroying asphalt, concrete, foundations. You will need to purchase a more powerful tool. And if you need to dismantle old tiles, plaster, then a device with limited power will do.
  2. Jackhammers come in different types: electric, pneumatic, petrol and hydraulic. The first option is suitable for repair. It is convenient to use, it works quietly, but needs power supply. It will have to be abandoned if the room has an increased fire hazard. It will not work if a lot of dust appears during the repair. In this case, it is better to use a pneumatically driven jackhammer. They cope with even the most complex tasks. But tools of this kind cost a lot. Petrol hammers are noisy, toxic (exhaust gases appear during operation). They are best used outdoors.
  3. It is recommended to purchase a chipper from a trusted company. The best jackhammers are produced by Makita, Bosch. But there are many good tools from other brands. Initially, it is better to read the reviews, study the ratings.
  4. Consider the frequency of impact, which affects the speed of work and its efficiency.
  5. Devices differ in the type of cartridge. Masters often purchase jackhammers with a quick-clamping option. The cartridge can be hexagonal. But if you need to replace the equipment, additional tools will be required.

This is interesting! Rating of the best hammers of 2023: overview, characteristics, advantages.

Rating of the best

We have studied the reviews of people, the opinions of experts and created a rating of the best jackhammers. They are listed below in ascending order of price.

CALIBER PNZ-19/800 Profi

This is a pneumatic jackhammer. They are convenient to use, as there is almost no return. This will be relevant if you need to work holding the tool with one hand. The frequency is 4.5 thousand beats / min.

The body and handle are metal. Such material removes heat, which increases the service life of the device. But this hammer will not cope with many tasks.

pros Minuses
It costs little.

During operation, there is no strong vibration.

The device has a comfortable handle.

It has a small power, can pass air.

Price: 2000-2200 rubles.

CALIBER PNZ-19800 Profi

Fubag HRC 4500

The jackhammer from Fubag is compact. This is a powerful tool, although it costs little. He has a round cartridge, to which a special key is offered for changing equipment.

Instrument frequency 4.5 strokes/min. The tool weighs 0.8 kg. During operation, there is no strong vibration, so the person does not get tired quickly.

pros Minuses
The device is lightweight and compact.

The manufacturer additionally offers 2 peaks in the kit.

The handle is covered with rubber material, so it is comfortable to hold.

It is convenient to work with the device, as there is practically no vibration.

The device costs democratically.

Will not be able to chisel too hard materials.

Price: 3000-3300 rubles.

Fubag HRC 4500

Wester VM-10

Such a device is often purchased for car service and finishing work. With its help, varnish coatings, paint, rust are beaten off.

The tool is made in such a way that it can process not only flat surfaces, which is its main advantage.

For the production of the device, high-quality metal is used, so it serves for many years.

pros Minuses
It can be used not only on flat planes.

It has a quality assembly, made of good metal.

It does not remove rust that has already eaten in.

Price: 4000-4500 rubles.

Wester VM-10


This is an electric fender. He can destroy asphalt, concrete structures, bricks and other similar materials. The tool has a switch key lock for ease of use.

The handle is rubberized, so it is pleasant to hold it in your hands. It rotates 360 degrees, which allows you to reach even hard-to-reach areas.

The jackhammer weighs 6.6 kg, is capable of reaching 3.9 thousand strokes / min.

The set comes with different attachments. They can be changed using a hex wrench, which is placed in a plastic case.

pros Minuses
Able to gouge even very hard material, although it costs democratically.

The hammer has a long power cord (5 m), a rubberized handle, which adds to the convenience in work.

There are different nozzles.

The tool is light.

Fast heating of the case.

The manufacturer did not add compartments in the case that could store spades.

Price: 4800-5300 rubles.



This is a pneumatic jackhammer that the company introduced «Caliber». A similar model was produced many years ago. During its existence, its appearance has not changed much.

The hammer body is made of steel, there is a duralumin handle. The content has been improved. The modern tool has a vibration damping system.

The device weighs 11 kg. He copes with many tasks. The manufacturer took care of its customers, created a device that is easy to repair in case of a breakdown.

pros Minuses
The device is powerful, economical, convenient.

There is no vibration during operation.

Even an inexperienced user will cope with the repair.

Sensitive to temperature drop.

Price: 8800-9000 rubles.


Metabo DMH 30 SET

The Metabo pneumatic jackhammer is suitable for small or professional repairs. It weighs a little, 2 kg. Due to this, the hands do not get tired quickly.

The tool is designed to remove old tiles, plaster and other similar tasks. There is a case for storing the device, 4 chisels, carrying. Additionally, the manufacturer added fittings to the set. The hammer has a hex chuck. To change the equipment, a key is used, which is also included in the kit.

The handle has a rubber surface. It is comfortable to hold in your hands, even if the work lasts a long time. The body of the tool, though plastic, but durable. It does not heat up even if the appliance is used for a long time.

The manufacturer added additional peaks to the kit. There is a storage case made of plastic.

pros Minuses
Lightweight, well made, does the job.

It is convenient to hold the device, as the handle is rubberized.

There is a storage case.

The plastic from which the case is made is of high quality.

Not able to destroy too hard materials.

Price: 10-11 thousand rubles.

Metabo DMH 30 SET


This is a powerful pneumatic jackhammer. It is easy to use, it copes with many tasks. It has a hex chuck. To unscrew it, the manufacturer added a key to the set.

With a hammer, you can loosen the soil that is already frozen, make holes in concrete and brick structures. The device itself has a compact size, it is convenient to carry it, it does not take up much space during storage. There is a case in which you can store the device.

The handle is rubber coated for a comfortable grip. But the jackhammer weighs 7.4 kg. It has a frequency of 1320 beats / min.

pros Minuses
The case is made of high quality, the device lasts a long time.

Used for many tasks.

Peaks are included.

Compact size jackhammer.

Does not always cope with excessively hard materials.

Price: 11-12 thousand rubles.



This electric jackhammer can cope with the destruction of asphalt, concrete. With its help, they carry out the dismantling of various structures. Its frequency is 1500 beats/min. The device weighs 17 kg.

The body is made of high quality material, and the handle has a rubber coating. During operation, strong vibration does not appear, hands do not get tired quickly.

The manufacturer has added a reliable thick cable. He does not bend, he is not afraid of low temperatures.

pros Minuses
Can drill through even hard material.

It is characterized by high quality, although it is democratically priced.

The set includes 2 spades.

There is a strong plastic case where it is possible to store the device.

Heavy weight, hex chuck.

The beat frequency cannot be adjusted.

Price: 19-22 thousand rubles.



This jackhammer is useful for home use if you need to carry out dismantling work. It's reliable and works well.

It is used to break old structures, destroy foundations, drill rocky ground, frozen ground. The jackhammer is stored in the case that comes with the kit.

pros Minuses
The hammer has a durable electric motor.

The tool is easy to maintain.

The kit comes with a variety of accessories.

During operation, there is a strong vibration.

Carbon brushes wear out quickly.

Price: 20-21 thousand rubles.



Such a jackhammer can destroy almost any material. It has high power. Many masters purchase this tool for work. But it can also be used at home.

The jackhammer is convenient to hold in a different position. In reviews, people often complain about the weight of the tool. It's hard to work with him.

The puncher starts smoothly without jerks. It has an indicator with which you can find out the level of wear of the brushes, replace them in a timely manner.

The impact force can be adjusted. This makes it possible to work with materials that differ in the degree of hardness. The tool is supplied in a plastic case.

pros Minuses
It starts smoothly, there is an indicator that controls the wear of the brushes.

The handle has a rubber coating.

It is powerful and can handle complex tasks.

Comes with a storage case.

It weighs a lot, has a short cable.

Price: 26-27 thousand rubles.


Storm! RH2521P

This electric jackhammer was introduced by Sturm. It has high power. He is able to destroy very hard materials.

An innovative ventilation system has been added, which increases the service life. Users note the absence of vibration. This is due to the fact that the tool has a double system for its damping. But the handle is characterized by increased fragility. With regular heavy loads, many of them break. The device itself weighs a lot.

pros Minuses
Operates almost without vibration.

It has a durable engine.

You can quickly get to the brushes.

The jackhammer is heavy, it has a short cord, which is not very convenient during operation.

A fragile handle can break easily.

Price: 35-36 rubles.

Storm! RH2521P

Makita HM0870C

Jackhammers from the Makita company have proven themselves well. Model HM0870C is more often chosen by professional builders. The perforator is used for dismantling, destruction of even hard materials. The chiseling speed can be adjusted.

The manufacturer added a light indicator. It will show you when the brushes or power cable need to be replaced. This is convenient during operation. This feature is often praised by people in reviews.

The device weighs 5.1 kg, is capable of accelerating to 2650 strokes / min.

The handle is rubber coated for a comfortable grip. As an addition, a second handle has been added to the front. With its help, it turns out to reach even hard-to-reach areas.

pros Minuses
You can adjust the speed and force of impact.

The device weighs a little, so you can work with it on weight.

There is a second handle that spins.

Can drill through hard material.

The manufacturer did not include spades in the kit.

Additional materials cost a lot.

Price: 38-40 thousand rubles.

Makita HM0870C

Bosch GSH 501 Professional

Bosch introduced a lightweight electric fender for professional use. The device has high power. It will last a long time even if used every day. Therefore, it is often purchased for production for construction.

The tool is made of durable plastic. Even if the jackhammer falls from a height, it will not break, as the material is impact-resistant.

pros Minuses
All details are made with high quality. The device has a durable case that does not break even when dropped.

The device is reliable, weighs little, it is convenient to use, it lasts a long time.

The power cord is protected from damage.

The item is worth a lot.

Not everyone likes the place where the switch is located.

Price: 38-42 thousand rubles.

Bosch GSH 501 Professional

Makita HM1203C

Another quality jackhammer from Makita. It serves for a long time, even if it is used every day, it is able to withstand a high load.

The manufacturer has added various systems to make the work comfortable. There is contact electronics to keep the speed at the same level. The device starts smoothly, which makes it safer.

Using a jackhammer, you can dismantle brick and concrete structures, destroy asphalt. He handles a variety of materials. But if you need to drill high-strength concrete, then it is better to purchase a more powerful device.

pros Minuses
Long service life even with daily use.

It is convenient to work with him.

There is an indicator that will show the level of wear of the brushes, damage to the cable.

The manufacturer added a long 5-meter cord.

Machine with soft start, high durability.

Will not drill through high strength concrete.

Price: 58-63 thousand rubles.

Makita HM1203C

Bosch GSH 11 E Professional

This powerful jackhammer will cope with different tasks. It is convenient to work with him. During operation, discomfort does not appear, there is no vibration due to a specially built-in innovative system.

The perforator will cope with the destruction of brick structures, concrete, asphalt and other durable floors. Many professional users purchase such a tool.

A sturdy plastic case is provided for storage. It can carry a jackhammer. The kit comes with a variety of picks.

The handle rotates, so it turns out to get to hard-to-reach places. The device can accelerate up to 1890 strokes / min. He weighs 10 kg.

pros Minuses
There is a case where you can store and transport the jackhammer.

This is a powerful device that is able to gouge different materials.

The case is assembled qualitatively, there is an additional handle.

There are analogues that cost less.

The additional handle is not securely fastened.

Price: 65-70 thousand rubles.

Bosch GSH 11 E Professional

Bosch GSH 16-30 Professional

The GSH 16-30 model from the Bosch company has high power. The hammer has a built-in vibration dampening system. Therefore, it is convenient to work with him, it turns out to hit the target exactly. Its handle has a rubber coating, so the device is comfortable to hold.

Comes with a case. You can store the drill in it and transport it. The manufacturer added wheels to it, which facilitates transportation.

The switch is located in a place where accidental pressing is excluded. Which makes the device even more reliable and safe.

The body is made of durable material, so this jackhammer lasts for many years. It can accelerate to 1300 beats / min, and weighs 16.5 kg.

pros Minuses
During operation, there is no vibration, which is suppressed by a specially built-in system.

A case on wheels is provided, which is convenient for transporting and moving the tool.

The device has a comfortable handle, a long cord is added.

The model costs a lot, although a small number of picas are suggested in the set.

Price: 110-120 thousand rubles.

Bosch GSH 16-30 Professional

Makita HM1812

Makita's HM1812 electric jackhammer is one of the best tools of its kind. The manufacturer uses innovative AVT-technology, which removes vibration during operation, so it is comfortable to use the device.

Even if a person works with a puncher for a long time, his productivity will not decrease. Often the device is used for large construction. Users speak positively about it. This is a powerful tool, so it turns out to quickly cope with the task.

The device starts smoothly, works accurately, does not heat up. It only weighs 30 kg.

There is an indicator with which you can control the condition of the brushes. If they wear out too much, the light will start flashing. The tool is suitable for professional users.

pros Minuses
With it, you can drill through any material.

It is a powerful tool with minimal vibration.

Serves for a long time, performance does not decrease even after many hours of work.

There is a soft start, brush control indicator.

Worth a lot.

Price: 190 thousand rubles.

Makita HM1812

Many people use jackhammers in everyday life. But inexperienced users can easily get confused in the assortment. Our review of the tools will help you understand and purchase the right product. Do not forget to read reviews about the device, study the characteristics. If you need a device for simple conceptions, then you should not buy a powerful and expensive tool.

What brand is your jackhammer? What device do you think is the best? Tell us in the comments, share the article on social networks.

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