Arly Siena classic light kitchen with columns

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 The Arly Sienna headset successfully combines elegance with functionality and convenience. The classic kitchen is light, bright and very beautiful, but at the same time it does not crush with its pomposity, there is no feeling that you are in a museum or a palace.

Made by company GeosIdeal,
G. Moscow

Arly Siena classic kitchen

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The color scheme is simple and at the same time the most spectacular of all existing - white facades, black stone countertops, and all this against the background of beige walls and a white floor. The light, homogeneous atmosphere needed contrast. They became a black table top, dividing the facades into top and bottom, shading and emphasizing the beauty of furniture surfaces.

Island bar

The white floor with single black blotches organically echoes the white wall panel, made in the form of a carriage tie with black buttons. This apron fits perfectly into a sophisticated interior.

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Bar chairs

Another striking element was the brown and white chairs, which harmoniously combined the main colors of the interior. Moreover, both bar and dining chairs are made in the same style.

In the room, each zone is clearly distinguished with the help of columns: a hearth with a hood, a dining area. The columns made the atmosphere more solemn.

Arly Siena classic kitchen

The room is large in area, so there was a place for a roomy island and for a full dining table. It is very convenient when you have a choice - to have a quick bite at the bar or to dine in detail at a beautifully served dining table.

Island bar

The island has a two-level countertop, which on the one hand is a full-fledged bar with chairs, and on the other - a sink with a part of the worktop.

The central element, of course, is the hood, as it should be in a classic interior. A domed white hood with a carved decorative overlay attracts attention immediately. Nearby are two strictly symmetrical cupboards with glass doors.

Bar chairs

The symmetrically arranged glass cabinets emphasize the classic character of Arly's kitchen. A carved cornice, decorative solid wood balusters and the thinnest layout on the windows became a real decoration of the furniture.

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