Install guides with a closer: how to install correctly, drawing, markup, examples, step by step instructions, photos

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Guides are a set of technical elements that ensure the rectilinear movement of a unit or other part along a selected trajectory. Mechanisms for furniture drawers are divided into several types. But what type of construction to choose and how to properly install the guides with a closer?

The content of the article:

  • Varieties of guides
  • Advantages of ball guides
  • Preparing tools and accessories for installation
    • markup
    • Installation
    • Step-by-step instruction

Varieties of guides

The main qualities of home furniture, especially kitchen sets, are reliability and durability, simplicity and ease of operation. One of the main elements of furniture fittings is guides. It is they who contribute to the easy and silent extraction of drawers in cabinets, cabinets, chests of drawers. Widely used in the manufacture of sliding shelves, countertops. According to their design, they are divided into roller and ball guides.

door closer

Rollers are also called skids. They are simple both in terms of device and installation. They are 2 metal plates coated with epoxy resin. They move relative to each other using a plastic roller. Permissible dynamic load - up to 15 kg. They are used for containers ranging in size from 150 to 800 mm.

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To install the device, one plate is mounted on a furniture block, the second is fixed on the side of the box at the bottom. Then it is inserted into the base so that the plates are coupled. In this case, there should be a gap of 12.5 mm between them on both sides. That is, the width of the container is 25 mm less than the inside of the cabinet.

Roller guides

Roller guides are popular and economical compared to ball mechanisms. Used in the assembly of cheap budget furniture. But there are also disadvantages - this is a partial, at the same time quite noisy, drawer extension. If you make a mistake in the calculations, and install them incorrectly, the rollers are quickly erased, the structure jams.

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Advantages of ball guides

They have a more complex design, reliable and durable. These are two stamped metal plates connected by perpendicular grooves. Instead of plastic rollers, they have metal balls - bearings. They can hold weight up to 35 kg, slide in/out easily and without noise. Their disadvantage is the high cost.

There are several different types of ball guides. They differ in height (17; 27; 35; 45 mm), length (300-700 mm), extension level. Telescopic mechanisms are equipped with a self-rolling system - a closer, a damper. When the container is open to a certain position, the closer picks it up and closes it smoothly. The damper in this case is a shock absorber. It guarantees smooth and silent closing.

Full extension ball runners with closer

Ball guides of full extension with the closer.

Full extension fittings are equipped with a special ball bearing, which makes it possible to extend the drawer to the end. The thickness of the metal in the manufacture of at least 1 mm. Therefore, in order to install such a system, it is important to maintain the integrity of the parts. Planks with a thickness of 0.7 mm will not last long, especially with significant loads.

Fittings for concealed mounting with a door closer are in demand. These devices are convenient, reliable, work smoothly, without extraneous sounds. Attached to the bottom of the box. But it takes a long time to install them. A similar device is used for furniture made of wood, chipboard, MDF. The system with a closer can withstand a weight of up to 40 kg.

Full extension concealed runners

Flush-mounted full extension guides.

Reverse action guides differ little from a retractable system with a closer. The difference is that the drawer slides out on its own after pressing the front. Plus - handles or recesses for control are not required. Minus - can not be installed on children's furniture. After pressing the front side, the box moves forward sharply, which can frighten and injure the child. In addition, it will take some effort to close it.

Metabox is a retractable advanced system. It is represented by two symmetrical sidewalls and support rollers. They are installed inside the metal side wall. Equipped with closers and dampers. Made of high-strength steel, covered with enamel.


Metabox increases space as there is no need for wooden sidewalls. Has fastening for a facade that allows to establish it exactly, concerning the case. The system with a closer can only be extended by ¾, able to withstand minor loads (10-20 kg).

Tandembox is the most expensive retractable system. It is designed on the basis of concealed mounting guides. It will be possible to install only on a structure with thin-walled steel sidewalls. It is used in professional kitchens, in furniture made of wood and other expensive materials.


Tandemboxes are able to withstand heavy loads. Extension, either full or partial. Silent operation, control is carried out by pressing the front panel. If necessary, the tandembox can be easily removed from its place.

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Preparing tools and accessories for installation

The functional ability of the kit is related to the features of its design and quality. When choosing accessories, it is good to consider the following recommendations:

  1. It will be easier to install guides with closers if their size matches the drawer.
  2. Before buying, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the metal.
  3. Make sure there are no defects or scratches.
  4. Check accessories.

If you purchased a tandem box with a closer, you need to be sure that you can install it yourself. There is a special device - the conductor, which will help to cope with this task.

ball guide

To work, you need a pair of mirror-identical skids, screws Ø 3-4mm, 12-16mm long. The following set of tools will help you install the kit:

  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • drill with a thin drill or awl;
  • pencil;
  • roulette, ruler;
  • level.

The closer system is considered removable. This means that after its installation, the box can be completely removed. The opening for it is limited by the vertical walls of the cabinet. The front part can be inserted between the sidewalls or be laid on. In any case, all end parts must be in the same plane.


First of all, we determine the height of the placement, then we apply the markup. The axis line runs through the middle of the box. To do this, we divide its height in half, put marks at both ends, draw a line along them, along which you need to install the skids. We perform the same actions on the other side. Based on this, we put marks on the side parts of the furniture frame.

Furniture template for marking guides

Furniture template for marking guides.


It is easier to install guides with a closer when the furniture is disassembled. There are two pieces in the set, one is left and one is right. They cannot be interchanged. Before installation, we disassemble it by clicking on the plastic mustache-clamp. The narrowest plate is attached along the marked lines to the side of the box. Wide - together with a connecting element (strip-carriage) on the cabinet wall.

There are oval holes on the guides with a closer. Horizontal are needed to regulate the system horizontally. Vertical allow you to move the mechanism up or down. The round holes are for final fastening.

Install guide rails

Applying guides with a closer according to the marking, we place the front edge of both parts at the same level relative to the facades. The oval holes will help you install them correctly. All marking lines must run strictly in the center.

If the base is made of wood, chipboard, MDF, a hole for a self-tapping screw or a screw is pre-drilled with a thin drill or marked with an awl to prevent surface cracking.

Step-by-step instruction

The installation scheme is not complicated, but requires care and consistency in actions. The installation of guides for drawers is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. We determine and designate the place of attachment, perform the markup.
  2. We disassemble the system by pressing the stoppers and take out the inner strip.
  3. We fix individual parts with screws or self-tapping screws (without tightening), according to the markings.
  4. Installing the box.
  5. If necessary, adjust the mechanism.
  6. We finally fix the fittings.

If everything is done correctly, the container falls into place with a slight click, slides in / out freely. The ease of use, safety and service life of furniture depend on the correct installation of guides with a closer.

What rails, with or without a closer, have you used in your furniture? Did you do the installation yourself? Leave your comment, share the article on social networks, bookmark it.

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What are ball guides?

There are two types of ball guides: two-section and three-section. Ball guides can be full (three-section) and partial (two-section) extension. Also on sale are ball guides with a closer.

How long are ball guides?

Standard size range: 250 mm, 270 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, 550 mm. In order not to be mistaken, measure the depth of the box before buying. For example, in a bedside table, drawers are rarely deeper than 300 mm - furniture rails of 250-300 mm are suitable.

Why are ball guides tight?

If the box is tight, the quality of the guides does not play any role. All guides are made according to the same scheme. Poor quality will remind you of itself after a year or even two years of operation. The correct calculation of the box itself and competent installation are important.

How to correctly insert the box into the guides?

In order to install the drawer in place, it is necessary to extend the movable part of the rails to the end, install the drawer on them and close it. At the same time, when the drawer is closed, you will hear a characteristic click, signaling that the drawer is fixed and is in the working position.

Why does the box close crookedly?

Most often, the reason is insufficiently strong and thoughtful fasteners. The bottom is fastened with studs to the front and back, and guides hold it from the sides. At first, such a scheme works quite tolerably, but over time, the nails become loose and the bottom moves away, even if the box is not overloaded.

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