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Garage door insulation is necessary in most regions of Russia. It is quite simple to perform it, since the area is small, and almost all materials are affordable. The presented article tells about which insulation to choose, as well as how to properly perform installation work.

The content of the article

  • The choice of insulation
    • Mineral wool
    • Styrofoam
    • polyurethane foam
    • Foil polyethylene
  • Preparatory work
  • Step-by-step instructions for warming

The choice of insulation

Before you start insulating garage doors, you should choose the right material. There are several types of insulation, and each of them has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Most often, these varieties are used.

Mineral wool

Garage doors can be insulated with mineral wool. This is an inexpensive, fairly strong and durable material that is easily cut into the desired fragments. There are several types of mineral wool:

  1. glass wool - protects well from the cold and withstands almost the entire temperature range. However, installation is difficult - the fibers can damage the skin and respiratory tract, so recently the material has been rarely used.
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  2. slag wool - inexpensive insulation with good insulating properties. It absorbs moisture, so it needs good waterproofing.
  3. Stonecotton wool safer, although it also gets wet quickly when in contact with moisture and deteriorates because of this. Therefore, it is very important to ensure reliable waterproofing.


Very often, garage doors are insulated with foam or polystyrene foam. These are materials of similar properties, they are distinguished by good thermal insulation, do not absorb moisture, but are not very durable. Therefore, you need to work with them carefully. The main types of foam are:

  1. Based on polystyrene - XPS. It is more durable and also flame retardant.
  2. From polyvinyl chloride - durable foam, in many ways similar to XPS, but can differ in price both up and down.
  3. Carbamide-formaldehyde - keeps heat well, is inexpensive, but in case of combustion, toxic substances will be released.
Garage door insulation

polyurethane foam

You can also insulate the garage door with polyurethane foam. It is a hard material with good heat and sound insulation. It can be used without prior preparation of the walls. Withstands any temperature, so it can be used in any region of Russia.

Resistant to decay, rodents and mold, fireproof. It can be used for 20-30 years. But there is a downside associated with the high price. In addition, it is worth considering that the material is not resistant to UV radiation - protection from sunlight is required.

Foil polyethylene

Another way to insulate garage doors is with foil polyethylene. The material has a high thermal conductivity due to the foil insert. It is easy to cut into the desired fragments, moreover, the canvas is strong and resistant to moisture. Such material is more expensive, but it is distinguished by durability and efficiency in terms of protection from the cold.

Preparatory work

Insulated garage doors provide a normal temperature and humidity indoors. And not only in winter, but also in summer - insulation does not get very hot. To achieve this result, first of all, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. The main steps are:

  1. Cleaning the old surface. Stubborn dirt, rust, dust, oil stains should be removed. The procedure is carried out to a clean base, after which the surface is allowed to dry.
  2. Next, metal parts are primed, including handles, fasteners, a canopy and other fittings.
  3. In order for the garage door insulation to be done correctly with your own hands, it is important to apply a coat of paint after the primer has dried. All surfaces are painted, as well as corners, especially carefully - in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe joints. Moreover, it is desirable to apply at least two layers, allowing the previous one to dry.

Step-by-step instructions for warming

The insulation of the gate is carried out in several stages, and you need to start with the manufacture of the crate, then lay the material, and then finish the finish. The step by step instructions are:

  1. They draw up a drawing of the crate, select a wooden beam (the cross section can be 40 * 40 mm or a little more - 50 * 50 mm) and saw it into the appropriate fragments.
  2. The wood is pre-treated with an antiseptic.
  3. Drill holes for the appropriate screw sizes. Then small indentations are drilled according to the parameter of the caps.
  4. The bars are fixed with screws strictly around the perimeter.Gate insulation
  5. The caps are puttied, then painted to prevent corrosion.
  6. Next, the garage door is insulated with foam or other insulation, fixing the material to the frame made. It is better to do this without the use of self-tapping screws, because they form additional holes through which heat will escape. It is best to fix the fragments with thin sticks.Insulated garage doors
  7. Now the garage door is insulated - all that remains is to complete the final cladding. It plays an aesthetic and practical role, as it serves as an additional barrier to the cold.

Thus, it is best to insulate the garage door with foam or similar material. It is light, practically does not absorb moisture, it is well cut into fragments. But in this case, it is necessary to perform a finish in order to exclude contact of the surface with the rays of the sun.

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