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A watch-phone for a schoolchild allows not only to find out the time and weather, but also to get through to parents and clarify geolocation, i.e. exact location. When choosing such a model for children, one should take into account the technical parameters and age characteristics of the child. Selection recommendations, as well as a rating of the top 10 models can be found in the material presented.

The content of the article

  • What to consider when choosing
  • Top 10 ranking in 2023
    • Canyon CNE-KW33
    • GEOZON Basis
    • Prolike PLSW15BL
    • PALEOHORA Y92 Smart Watch PRO
    • Rapture LT-05 4G
    • Jet Kid Buddy
    • Smarus K6
    • HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro
    • ELARI KidPhone "Well, wait a minute!"
    • Smart Baby Watch KT03

What to consider when choosing

Considering which watch to buy for a child, it is worth considering the main technical parameters, as well as age characteristics. The basic selection rules are:

  1. First of all, the choice is influenced by age characteristics. You can wear watches from preschool age 4-5 years. At the same time, they should be easy to manage and have basic functionality (GPS, SOS signaling, wiretapping, a sensor that determines the removal from the hand). For older people, more advanced models with advanced functionality are suitable.
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  2. Considering which smart watch is better to buy for a child, you need to consider compatibility with the phone. This parameter is important to check in advance, because not all watches integrate equally well with different gadgets. In addition, the data transfer rate is affected by the characteristics of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (frequencies and versions, for example, 4.2). The most reliable way is synchronization according to 4G and 5G standards.
  3. Another way to choose a smart watch for a child is by design. The design is traditional, versatile and sporty. In the first case, the design and colors are classic. Sports models are equipped with a plastic or silicone strap in bright colors. Universal gadgets have an extravagant design, combine the features of a sporty and classic model.
  4. Watches for a first grader are also selected in size so that they fit snugly on the hand. It depends on the size of the strap - it is better that it be removable, if necessary, such an accessory can be easily replaced.
  5. Smart watches for schoolchildren must have a housing with protection against dust and moisture. This is determined by the IP54 marking (there may be another number). You need to focus on models not lower than IP45.
  6. The battery life depends on the capacity of the battery. Usually the parameter is 400-600 mAh, which is quite enough for 1-2 days of work.
  7. Functionality can be considered depending on the needs of the child, his interests and age. It is better to take the model "for growth" in order to develop the baby.
What watch phone for a student

Top 10 ranking in 2023

Smart watches for a student may have different characteristics, which must be carefully studied before buying. It is also worth considering the brand of the manufacturer, user reviews and value for money. If you keep in mind all these parameters, you can make such a top 10 rating.

Canyon CNE-KW33

Canyon CNE-KW33

This is a sports watch for a student with a fabulous interface. A dinosaur "lives" in them, which needs to be "fed". The model is equipped with all standard and even advanced options:

  • camera control on a smartphone;
  • sleep monitoring;
  • alarm;
  • pedometer;
  • heart rate monitor;
  • availability of educational games;
  • weather display.

Touch control, the screen has a diagonal of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 240 * 240p. The battery is quite capacious, which allows you to work without additional charging for 3-4 days. But if you understand which is better to choose a smart watch for children, you need to consider that this model does not connect to the network. Therefore, with its help it will not be possible to track the whereabouts of the child.



Budget model, has its own SIM card. The battery life reaches 4 days, another plus is the exact location of the baby. There is also an audio monitoring option, thanks to which you can listen to the situation next to the child.

This phone or watch for a first grader has the following characteristics:

  • dimensions 45*42 mm;
  • have opium SOS;
  • the display has a diagonal of 1.4 inches;
  • resolution is 128*128p;
  • there is an internet connection;
  • work on one charge up to 3 days.

As you can see, GPS watches for schoolchildren are useful in that they can accurately determine geolocation, are equipped with a comfortable elastic strap, and are easily synchronized with the application. But you need to take into account that there is no protective film on the screen, and the quality of the shooting is low.

Prolike PLSW15BL

Prolike PLSW15BL

School hours with advanced functionality, connected to the network, have a GPS module. The main characteristics are:

  • size 46*43 mm;
  • the SOS button is provided;
  • resolution 128*128p;
  • screen with a diagonal of 1.44 inches;
  • up to 30 hours of operation (active use).

The clock for the school of this model is equipped with a vibrating alert, high-quality speakers. But the geolocation is not very accurate - there may be an error within 200 m. There is a camera, but the quality of the shooting is mediocre.



When purchasing a new gadget, you need to figure out how the watch for children works and what functionality they have. This gadget has a SOS button, connects to the network, monitors where the baby is. The main parameters are:

  • durable silicone strap
  • display - diagonal indicator 1.65 inches;
  • resolution setting is 128*128p;
  • you can insert a sim card (1).

This watch model for children has a sufficiently high-quality camera, allows you to make a call, and has a case with moisture protection. But it can be quickly discharged, and there is no Russian-language instruction in the kit.

Rapture LT-05 4G

Rapture LT-05 4G

It is clear why smart watches for children are needed. This is a convenient device that helps both the child and the parents. Moreover, some gadgets also perform the function of a phone, these include the Rapture LT-05 4G model in question, which has the following characteristics:

  • durable waterproof case;
  • screen size 42*46 mm;
  • there is a SOS button;
  • screen resolution 320*320p;
  • 4G internet connection;
  • battery life up to 3-4 days.

This watch as a phone for children has several obvious advantages. They determine the position of the child, are equipped with a durable screen that is not afraid of shock, and have a place to install a SIM card. But getting to it is not entirely easy, besides, geopositioning can give errors when the baby is inside the room.

Jet Kid Buddy

Jet Kid Buddy

This model also performs the functions of a children's smart watch well. It has a lot of options, including step count monitoring and location tracking. The parameters are as follows:

  • body plastic;
  • silicone case;
  • screen with a diagonal of 1.44 inches;
  • resolution 240*240p;
  • there is a network connection;
  • you can put a sim card, nano type.

Considering which children's watch to buy a phone, you can stop at this model. It has many useful features, is equipped with a bright screen with a clear image and a comfortable strap. However, there may be problems with the application settings, and the location of the child is not always determined accurately.

Smarus K6

Smarus K6

Another option to buy a phone watch for a child is the Smarus K6 model. The gadget comes in a robust case made of impact-resistant plastic. It is characterized by high moisture protection, which allows you to wear the model even while visiting the pool. The technical parameters are:

  • size 42*48 mm;
  • the SOS button is provided;
  • diagonal parameter 1.33 inches;
  • resolution indicator 240 * 240p;
  • there is a network connection;
  • work on one charge up to 3 days.

This educational watch for children has a convenient watch search function, works offline for a long time, and is also equipped with a wiretapping option. However, they are more expensive than many other analogues.

HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro

HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro

If you plan to buy an advanced watch for your child to school, you can stop at this particular model. The gadget is also used as a phone, supports the 4G standard, has a fairly high-quality camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The main parameters are:

  • the body is made of plastic;
  • the strap is made of silica gel;
  • resolution indicator 320*360p;
  • you can put a sim card (1).

The body of this model is waterproof, geolocation is determined as accurately as possible. A capacious battery provides battery life for several days, video calls are of high quality. However, the setup is not easy and the price is quite high.

ELARI KidPhone "Well, wait a minute!"

ELARI KidPhone

This is a good watch for a primary school student - the model is made in a playful manner. Supports all basic functions, including geolocation, GSM, Bluetooth connection and others. The characteristics are as follows:

  • screen 50*37 mm;
  • diagonal 1.44 inches;
  • resolution 128*128p;
  • there is an Internet connection;
  • battery life up to 2 days.

Thanks to this gadget, a student can call different numbers, besides, a chat is available to him. Another plus is the durable silicone strap. But keep in mind that you can only talk in speakerphone mode. In addition, the model does not have a sensor that determines the removal from the hand.

Smart Baby Watch KT03

Smart Baby Watch KT03

The watch, made in a sporty style, has a waterproof case with anti-shock properties. There is a two-way call option, you can listen to voice messages and read text messages. The main characteristics are:

  • size 47*42 mm;
  • screen diagonal 1.33 inches;
  • resolution 240*240p;
  • battery life up to 3 days.

Among the obvious advantages of the gadget are long-term maintenance of charging, accurate geolocation and a loud call. But the interface for a child is quite complicated, so it is better to buy such a watch for a schoolboy of 10-12 years old.

Choosing a smart watch for a student is not so difficult if you know his interests, take into account the age and purpose of the model. For younger students, the simplest devices in a durable plastic case are suitable. For seniors, you can purchase a classic model with phone and watch options. It is important to consider not only technical specifications, but also customer reviews.

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