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A roofing cake for a metal tile usually consists of 4-5 layers, the first of which is a filing with rafters and a vapor barrier from the inside, and then comes a heater covered with waterproofing. A crate is placed on top, then a metal tile. The device and types of roofing, the features of their installation are described in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Roofing pie device
  • Cold roof device
  • Soft cold roof
  • flat roof
    • Unexploited
    • Operated

Roofing pie device

Roofs made of metal tiles come in different types, but the device of the pie itself is the same. The basis is made up of rafters, to which the filing and crate are attached. Between the lags, a heater is placed on a layer of vapor barrier, and waterproofing goes on top. After the transverse lathing, a layer of metal tiles follows, as shown in the diagram.

Roofing pie under the metal tile

The construction of a metal tile roof is multi-layered, which is why it is often called a “pie”. The specific composition of the layers and the type of material is determined during the design of the building. However, the concept is the same:

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  1. The basis is a rafter system made of wooden beams. It evenly distributes the weight of the entire structure. In the case of flat roofs, metal roofing technology involves the use of reinforced concrete slabs or corrugated sheets.
  2. The inner lining is attached to the rafters, and a layer of vapor barrier is laid on it, in turn. It is located on the inside and protects the metal roof structure from moisture.
  3. The next layer is insulation. As a material, different types of polystyrene, polyurethane, mineral wool are used. The roof pie under the metal tile with insulation provides a comfortable temperature on the roof, which especially important for houses with attics, where the attic is used as a residential or utility premises.
  4. The insulation is covered with a layer of waterproofing. Usually it is a dense film that protects the material from getting wet, so that it will last much longer.
  5. On top of the waterproofing there is an internal crate, on which the roofing material is laid. Along with metal, mineral, ceramic, bituminous tiles or wood shingles are also used. At the joints, an internal valley is made for metal tiles, which removes moisture during rain and snowfall.
Metal roofs

Cold roof device

The device of different roofs may differ. For example, a cold roof made of metal tiles does not imply the presence of thermal insulation. As a result, a non-residential premises is obtained, which is not used in any way or is used, for example, for storing food, creating workshops, gyms.

The main advantage of such a roof made of metal is excellent air circulation. It also consists of several layers:

  1. Rafters with waterproofing from the inside.
  2. Counter rail for fixing the film.
  3. Crate.
  4. Roof covering.
Metal roof structure

Soft cold roof

There is also a soft roof, which is covered not with metal, but with bituminous tiles. In this case, the cake also does not include a heater. In addition, it is necessary to lay solid flooring, which is often made of high quality plywood or OSB.

Its thickness depends not only on the interval between the rafters, but also on climatic features - the amount of snow mass. A carpet is placed on the flooring, which eliminates defects in the base and serves as additional protection against decay. The shingles themselves are laid on the carpet, as shown below.

Roofing pie under the metal tile with roof insulation

According to this scheme, it is possible to make a roofing pie under a metal tile with an insulated roof. But in this case, it is important to provide a vapor barrier layer that will protect the insulation material.

flat roof

If you make a classic gable roof, ventilation of the roof ridge under the metal tile and insulation is important, since you can get an additional room, if you wish, turning it into a residential one. But in some projects a flat roof is provided, which can be of 2 types:

  • unexploited;
  • exploited.


In the first case, a roofing pie for a metal tile with a cold attic involves the creation of a ceiling on which there is an expanded clay embankment, and then a cement and sand screed for leveling. A film with a vapor barrier must be laid above, followed by a heater and, finally, a top coat.

But it may also be that professional sheets are used as the basis. Then a bituminous vapor barrier is placed on galvanized iron, and then a heater and a coating in the form of a roof. An example of such a pie looks like this.

Roof layers under metal tiles


Such roofs are supposed to be used, for example, to walk on them, to place heavy objects. This is reflected in the structure - the layers of the roof under the metal tile in this case will be different:

  1. A reinforced concrete slab is placed at the base.
  2. On top there is a slope-forming layer.
  3. On its basis, a leveling screed is formed.
  4. Then put insulation and paving slabs.
Roof layers under metal tiles

The construction of the multi-layer cake provides good ventilation, moderate humidity and optimal temperature in the attic. When planning the laying of the roof, you need to understand in advance how the room will be used, and whether it will be at all. Depending on this, the structure is determined, as well as the thickness of each layer and the types of materials (insulation, vapor and waterproofing).

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