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In the kitchen, it is necessary to maintain constant cleanliness, to monitor not only the condition of surfaces and air, but also the tools that are in constant use. After using the knives, microorganisms from food remain on the surface, which over time can lead to the formation of bacteria. We are used to getting by with a regular wash, but this method is not effective in all cases. The sterilizer for knives and musat is an important and necessary tool, especially in the meat and food industries. The main function that the sterilizer performs is the qualitative removal of pathogenic bacteria from the surfaces of knives and musats. This real miracle of technology is essential for maintaining the proper functioning of the body and our health.

The disinfecting agent in the knife sterilizer is ordinary water. The sterilizer is quite easy to use, but despite this, it is very effective. Thanks to this device, any bacteria, fungi, deposits and dirt can be removed from the surface of the knives. Detergents do not always cope with this task.

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  • Types of sterilizers, parameters
  •  How to choose a knife sterilizer: list of manufacturers and brands, overview, description

Types of sterilizers, parameters

Let's understand how the sterilizer works. Devices are of two types: water and ultraviolet. In the second case, ultraviolet radiation is used to sterilize instruments, which effectively fights pathogenic microflora. Water sterilizers help get rid of bacteria and contaminants through the action of water vapor. The instruments in the sterilizer are in high temperature water, due to which the surfaces are disinfected.

The sterilizer is an inexpensive device, but very effective, so it is common both in the food industry and has proven itself in home use.

The sterilizer has several options:

  • Disinfection of devices occurs under the influence of high temperatures. Usually up to 90 degrees.
  • This device works autonomously, thanks to which the temperature regime is automatically regulated. But you can do it yourself.
  • Sterilizers are made of high quality stainless steel, have a good level of thermal insulation.
  • The universal design of the sterilizer allows you to process a large amount of knives and wire cutters in just one cycle.

 How to choose a knife sterilizer: list of manufacturers and brands, overview, description

When choosing a sterilizer for knives, first of all, be guided by the scale of the enterprise and the specifics of its activities. The device will be different from the one you plan to pick up for home use.

More inexpensive models are provided for processing no more than 10 knives. They are perfect for home use. For larger production, models have been created with the ability to process up to 50 devices in one cycle.

Below is an expert rating of the most popular sterilizer models on the market:


  1. Atesy STU-1-18-02-1. Russian production. The ability to disinfect not only knives, but also any kitchen tool. The presence of a magnetic holder.
  2. Hurakan HKN-UVA10. Chinese production. Capacity - up to 10 knives.
  3.  AIRHOT KS-15. Chinese production. Capacity - up to 20 knives.
  4. SIRMAN D/KNIFE U.V.A. 16W. Italian production. Capacity - up to 15 knives. It is a reliable and highly efficient machine made entirely of stainless steel.
  5. Kocateq DH25KS. Production - South Korea. Capacity - up to 14 knives.
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