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There are several proven ways to choose a baby monitor. One of the main parameters is related to the signal transmission distance. There are additional useful options, such as night illumination, a slot for a memory card and built-in lullaby files. Selection tips, a rating of the best models, as well as a description of the instructions for use can be found in the material presented.

The content of the article

  • What is a video baby monitor
  • Device types
  • Selection Tips
  • Instructions for use
  • Overview of the best models

What is a video baby monitor

It's easy enough to understand how a baby monitor works. The set consists of at least 2 devices:

  1. Children's module with a digital camera.
  2. Parent unit with receiver and screen.

The children's module takes a child to the camera and transmits a coded signal using DECT technology. The receiving (parent) device is equipped with a decoder that almost instantly decodes the signal and displays the corresponding image on the screen.

How to choose a baby monitor

Moreover, both the children's and the parent unit work autonomously, i.e. from batteries or built-in accumulator. In this sense, there is not much difference which video baby monitor you choose. Video can be viewed not only from the device for parents, but also from a TV or PC.

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Device types

Many users are wondering if a baby monitor is needed. On the one hand, there is a baby monitor that costs less. But it transmits only sound, and it is not always enough to understand what is happening in the room. Therefore, it is best to actually purchase a device with a camera.

To do this, you should prepare an overview of baby monitors and their types. There are 3 main types:

  1. classical The (analogue) model is affordable and easy to set up - no additional equipment needs to be connected. It works stably, does not freeze, but the quality of the image and especially the sound is not so high.
  2. Digital babysitter - transmits data via W-Fi or through its own wave. Allows you to monitor the child not only from the parent unit, but also from a smartphone, TV or tablet (you need to install a special application).
  3. IP model - This is also a digital device, but unlike the previous type, it is equipped with an IP camera that works via Wi-Fi. Main the advantage is that you can connect any number of devices and control from anywhere where there is a stable Internet connection.

From this description it is clear that a baby monitor or a video baby monitor is better. Although radio devices do cost less, they do not transmit images. Therefore, it is most convenient to use devices with video and a screen.

Baby monitor overview

Selection Tips

If we consider what to choose - a baby monitor or a baby monitor, and which model to choose, it is necessary to study several technical characteristics at once. The most important parameters are:

  1. Signal reception range - 30-50 m is enough for an apartment, but for a private house it is better to take it with a margin of up to 200-300 m.
  2. The presence of the interference suppression system allows you to get a clear signal from the baby monitor or baby monitor.
  3. Screen diagonal - you can choose even a small one, for example, 61 mm, since the image can really be displayed on a smartphone and even on a TV.
  4. PTZ camera - the device must be equipped with a drive. Moreover, turns can be made by controlling the children's module from the parent unit.
  5. The capacity of the battery should provide a duration of 4-8 hours.
  6. The camera should be equipped with a soft LED light for comfortable use at night.
  7. Some devices also have temperature sensors that allow you to control the temperature.
  8. Motion detector - the parent unit immediately gives a signal for any movement in the children's room. Similarly, the device must be equipped with an indicator light that will light up when any sound appears.

There are other ways to choose a quality baby monitor. Well, if the models are equipped with additional useful features:

  • VOX - the ability to detect baby crying using a microphone;
  • auto-tracking - for advanced models, the camera automatically follows the movement;
  • melodies with lullabies;
  • slot for a memory card (makes it possible to save a lot of video);
  • vibration signal - additional lighting for parents;
  • IR sensors - to monitor the child at night.
Baby monitors or video baby monitors

Instructions for use

Before installing the device, you should understand the instructions for the video baby monitor. Application features differ depending on the model, but there are general rules:

  1. Insert batteries or charge the battery to 100%.
  2. Install the baby unit next to the baby (distance 1-1.5 m). It can be placed flat or mounted on the wall.
  3. Turn on the cameras, wait until the indicator turns green.
  4. Install monitor (parent unit).
  5. Verify that the indicators are lit correctly (not blinking).
  6. We can say about the video baby monitor that it is a kind of video phone. Before using it for the first time, it is important to test the operation by evaluating the image transmission quality.

Overview of the best models

Now it is clear what it is - a video baby monitor, and why it is needed. To understand this even deeper, you can consider several models that are most popular among buyers:

  1. Hello Baby HB24 is one of the best value for money devices. It features compact size, night vision option, built-in lullabies (8 melodies), two-way communication. In addition, the device is equipped with a temperature sensor that allows you to control the temperature in the room.Baby monitor review - 1
  2. Maman BM2600 provides a stable connection at a distance of up to 300 m without barriers and up to 100 m in an ordinary apartment (barriers, walls). The display is large enough, diagonal 2.4 inches. On the example of this device, you can understand what a baby monitor is. This is a stand-alone device that runs on battery power, but if necessary, it can also be included in the network.Baby monitor review - 2
  3. Miniland Digimonitor 3.5 Plus 89174 - a description of this type of baby monitor can start with the range, covering up to 250 m. Provides two-way communication, works in the "night vision" mode, reproduces 5 lullabies. It is possible to connect additional cameras.Baby monitor review - 3
  4. AngelCare AC327 is a model that allows you to control both the movements and breathing of the child. Operates within a radius of up to 250 m. Provides two-way communication, measures temperature, works in night vision mode.Baby monitor review - 4
  5. iBaby M7 is an original model that only comes with a baby unit. You can use any gadget as a parent, for example, a smartphone or tablet (a free application is first installed on it). You can receive a video signal at any distance.Video baby monitor review - 5

Understanding which video baby monitor is better, do not forget about user reviews. Give preference to better proven models that confidently receive a signal at a distance of up to 200-300 m. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that not a single device replaces parental control with 100%. A nanny should be considered only as an additional, but not the main means.

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