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Using the spray gun is quite simple. The device, as well as the paint and the surface to be treated, are preliminarily prepared, after which they begin to apply the composition. The article describes how to paint with a spray gun, and what precautions are important to follow.

The content of the article

  • Preparatory stage
  • How to use the spray gun
  • Safety
  • What to do after finishing work

Preparatory stage

To figure out how to use the spray gun, you need to start with preparation. The principle of operation of the device is such that the efficiency does not exceed 60-80%. This means that about 20-40% of the coloring composition gets into the air and onto other objects, and not onto the painted surface.

Even if painting the walls with an airbrush is done quite carefully, you first need to prepare for work:

  • protect nearby objects with a construction film;
  • outline the contours for work using masking tape;
  • be sure to use a respirator and transparent glasses, even if the amount of work is small.

Painting the ceiling with an airbrush also involves the choice of a certain type of tip. It’s not difficult to figure it out - a number is indicated on each nozzle. And the larger it is, the greater will be the thickness of the jet. A small jet is suitable for working with varnish. If working with paint, the number on the tip should be larger.

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One of the main requirements for how to properly paint with an airbrush is related to the preparation of the paint. Before work, solid accumulations, lumps that can clog the filter are removed from it.

Before you paint with a spray gun from a compressor, you should check how viscous the paint is. If necessary, add solvent and mix thoroughly. Trial staining is carried out on any surface, for example, on a cardboard sheet.

How to paint with a spray gun

How to use the spray gun

The technology of using the device, regardless of the type of surface, is the same. For example, you can both paint the ceiling with an airbrush and use it to process walls and floors. In all cases, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Apply the coloring composition in longitudinal and transverse stripes.
  2. Painting with water-based paint with an airbrush often gives bumps. In this case, the pressure is reduced.
  3. If smudges, sagging, and high pressure appear during operation, the volume of the composition should be reduced. In the settings, the torch should take an oval shape.
  4. Painting the walls with a spray gun is carried out in at least 2 stages. First, the first layer is applied, and then the second, and they move perpendicularly. In the same way, they continue to move until the end of work.
  5. When working with sheet materials, such as a door, the sprayer must be driven in the direction from left to right. It is better to work quickly so that the composition goes down instantly. The trigger is released only when approaching the border.
  6. In all cases, it is necessary to observe the distance to the treated surface within 15-20 cm.
  7. One of the main ways to paint the ceiling with a spray gun is associated with movements. They should not be fussy, while uniform, that is, without jerks. You can determine the optimal speed in practice, while it should not be too large.
  8. Another general rule is that painting wooden products with an airbrush and other objects is carried out only at a right angle. That is, the jet of paint should go strictly perpendicular to the surface.
Spray painting


During operation, the basic safety rules must be observed:

  1. Provide fresh air, open all windows.
  2. When working outdoors, choose an area with a shadow, protected from the wind, so that debris and dust do not stick to the paint.
  3. It is better to work at a temperature within + 30 ° C. Humidity should be moderate - up to 55-60%.
  4. When working indoors, it is better to organize the air flow in the direction from behind. Then harmful odors and dust will be blown away from the face of the worker.
  5. If the room is being converted for painting work, be sure to install a fan in front of a balcony or window.

What to do after finishing work

Painting with a spray gun goes pretty quickly, because the layers are small and dry well. Therefore, the device should not be kept filled with paint during downtime. If a break is planned, it is worth spraying the solvent. Then all parts of the device will remain clean and not clogged with paint.

Painting a house with a spray gun

Wash the sprayer thoroughly after use. First, remove the bowl for the coloring composition and drain the remaining paint. Then the solvent is poured, shaken for 2-3 minutes and drained. Pour a new volume and repeat all the steps.

Painting the house with an airbrush is carried out only in a respirator and glasses, the composition is prepared in advance. Apply it with even and not too fast movements. Moreover, if the work is associated with small surfaces, accurate drawings, it is better to use an airbrush rather than a spray gun.

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