How to remove a greasy stain from clothes in 15 different ways without stain remover


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    • 1.1 4 ways to express cleaning
    • 1.2 7 home ways
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Oops ...Oops ...

This can happen to anyone, but not everyone knows how to remove the oil stain from clothes. Well, if she is homely. And if the front, wearing a visit or a restaurant for a dinner party?

There are many ways to get rid of both fresh and old stains. And for this it is not necessary to buy special tools - you can do home. Today you will learn all the effective methods to solve this problem.

Fresh spots

The easiest way to remove the fat spot immediately after its "landing". If you are not at home, and you have nothing to change into clothes - it does not matter. You can try to deal with it right on yourself. Even better when you have the opportunity to take off your clothes.

So what can you do?

4 ways to express cleaning

Nobody takes a spare suit or dress to visit, work or go to a restaurant. And if you had an unpleasant incident, you need to somehow hold out until the end of the event or the working day, without showing everyone the stain of fat.

Spot in a prominent placeSpot in a prominent place

In such cases, the following tools will help:

  • Common table salt. It is immediately poured onto the stain and lightly rubbed so that it absorbs fat. If it does not help immediately, you can repeat several times, shaking off the dirty salt and pouring fresh. The finer the salt, the better the result..
Cooking salt - the first assistant in case of emergencyCooking salt - the first assistant in case of emergency
  • Bread Crumb. He also absorbs oil well. It is unlikely that it will be possible to remove it completely, but the stain will not become so noticeable, and at home it will be necessary to immediately soak and wash the clothes.
  • A piece of chalk. The method will be appreciated by school teachers, who hardly have salt and bread on hand. Before removing the greasy stain, a piece of chalk should be ground into powder and thickly covered with the contaminated area. We act in the same way as with salt: several times we put, we rub, we shake off. Then remove the white marks with a damp cloth.
School chalkSchool chalk
  • Dishwashing liquid. Visiting it, there will definitely be, as in a cafe or restaurant. Ideally, it should be poured onto the stain and then washed in hot water. But if this is not possible, apply a few drops of detergent and rub into a cloth, and then wash it off with a damp cloth.
Wet spot can be quickly dried with a hair dryer or under a hand dryer.Wet spot can be quickly dried with a hair dryer or under a hand dryer.

7 home ways

If the accident occurred at home and the express methods did not help, we use more efficient and effective methods to put things in order with our own hands.

Almost all of the tools listed below are in every home. Namely:

  • Laundry soap. Only not white, but brown, "Soviet». Wet it, lather a greasy stain on clothes and leave for a few hours or overnight. Then wash the product in hot water.
That most real laundry soap 72%That most real laundry soap 72%
  • Mustard. Any hostess knows that she copes with the washing of greasy dishes. But it can be used for clothes, especially color and dark. On white instead of fatty yellow spots may remain! From mustard and warm water you need to cook a paste and apply it for 30-40 minutes to contamination. Then, brush away the dried powder and send the item to the wash.
The consistency of the paste should be as in the photoThe consistency of the paste should be as in the photo
  • Potato starch. Excellent tool for delicate fabrics that are undesirable to be washed in hot water, ironed, etc. Like salt, it is poured onto the stain, rubbed and left for 10 minutes. And so on until all the fat is absorbed into the powder. For better effect, starch can be dried in the microwave or on fire in a metal dish.
Removing stains from clothing starchRemoving stains from clothing starch
  • Iron and blotter. In the absence of the latter - paper napkin or soft toilet paper. You will need two sheets larger than the spot. One is enclosed under the fabric, the second - on it and ironed with a warm iron. To remove a stain, for example, from the trousers, do not forget to lay a towel or folded fabric inside them so that it does not cross over to the back of the leg. Depending on the size of the contamination and its intensity, it may be necessary to change the paper several times.
Warmed fat quickly absorbed into a napkinWarmed fat quickly absorbed into a napkin
  • Talc, tooth powder. These tools are used as a supplement to the previous method, sprinkling them with tissue under a blotter. The first time the powder is lightly rubbed into the stain and shaken off, then powdered and covered with a napkin. Then everything is described. After the last proglazhivaniya can leave the thing for the night, without removing the powder, and pressing down the contaminated area on top of the paper with something heavy.
If the fabric is not too soft, you can use an old toothbrush to rub it in.If the fabric is not too soft, you can use an old toothbrush to rub it in.
  • Shaving foam. Copes well with fresh stains. It is rubbed for a few minutes, then rinsed with running water and immediately wash the thing.
  • Ammonia. Not used for natural fabrics.! Only for synthetics and only diluted in water. Instructions for preparing the solution: pour a teaspoon of alcohol in half a glass of warm water and stir. In the finished solution, a clean cloth or a cotton swab is moistened; a stain is wiped several times with them. After which the thing is ironed by a warm iron through cheesecloth.
The same tool can remove stains from tea, coffee, blood or rust.The same tool can remove stains from tea, coffee, blood or rust.

All these tools are quite effective if used immediately, preventing the fat from being deeply absorbed into the fibers and frozen.

Old stains

It is not always possible to immediately wash or clean things. And the more time the stain is on the clothes, the harder it is to withdraw. But you can still do it. And not in the dry cleaning, but at home.

A good hostess will always find a way out.A good hostess will always find a way out.

But the funds will need more powerful. Therefore, before applying them you need to make sure that the fabric does not suffer from such exposure. Especially when it comes to things whose price makes you cautious.

For this selected the cleaner is applied first to the spare flap, if he is. If not, then on the inner seam or other inconspicuous place. If the color of the material has not changed, the fabric has not burned and has not lost its properties, you can act.

  • Turpentine. By itself, or mixed in equal proportions with ammonia, turpentine will eliminate the old stain in a couple of hours. The liquid is rubbed into it with a clean swab and left to dry, if necessary, repeated several times.
Wear gloves to prevent skin burn.Wear gloves to prevent skin burn.
  • Petrol. Of course, not the one you fill the car with, but the cleaned one. It is sold in hardware stores like gasoline for refilling lighters. They are moistened with a napkin and placed under the clothes in the area of ​​contamination. And the stain itself is wiped with a swab dipped in gasoline. A few hours after treatment, the smell will completely disappear, but the thing is still desirable to rinse or wash.
Refined gasolineRefined gasoline
  • Glycerol. After applying it is left for half an hour and an hour, and then washed with a dry, clean tampon. In most cases, the old greasy stain from clothes disappears without a trace.
Glycerin can be bought at the pharmacyGlycerin can be bought at the pharmacy
  • And salt again. But not as a powder anymore. It is dissolved in hot water at the rate of one glass per three liters, and the soiled thing is soaked in it. When the water has cooled, salt water is drained and clothes washed in the usual way.
The hotter the water, the better the solution will work.The hotter the water, the better the solution will work.

Using all the described fluids, you need to follow one rule: rub them should be from the edges of the spot to the center, and not vice versa. In order not to stretch the fat on clean areas.

And since both gasoline, and turpentine, and ammonia have a sharp unpleasant odor, then before removing the greasy stain from clothes, it is advisable to open the windows or turn on the extractor.


Not all of the described methods can be effective, since in addition to fat, the stain may contain other organic substances and dyes. But you should try them before running to dry cleaning or buying expensive stain removers. Especially if the spots are fresh.

I suggest watching the video in this article and making sure that they work efficiently. And if you know some other effective ways, share them in the comments.

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