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It is enough just to understand what tools are used for painting work. First of all, these are brushes, rollers and brushes. But paint can be applied not only by hand. If you do this using mechanized installations, you will need a spray gun or spray gun. A description of the main tools and their types can be found in this article.

The content of the article

  • brushes
  • rollers
  • brushes
  • mechanical tools


The main tool for painting work is a brush. It is designed to perform different jobs, so there are several types:

  1. Round brushes are convenient for processing the surface of a wall or ceiling. They are suitable for both painting and priming.
  2. Narrow ones are used to process hard-to-reach places, which are, for example, behind pipes.
  3. Radiator - a specialized brush for painting batteries.Radiator - specialized brush
  4. Narrow is used for painting pipes, since wide bristles for these purposes will be inconvenient.
  5. If it is necessary to apply the primer composition, use a brush called a maklovitsa. It allows you to treat a large area with one stroke.Maklovitsa
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  7. Finally, there is a flute brush, which has flexible bristles and a shortened handle for even distribution of the composition.

When choosing, be sure to take into account not only the purpose of the brush, but also the material of its bristles:

  • the composition of natural origin, for example, from horsehair provides the most effective application of paint or primer;
  • synthetic bristles distribute the composition over the surface worse, but at the same time more durable;
  • combined - brushes with such bristles combine the advantages of 2 previous types.


There are other tools and accessories for painting work, such as rollers. They are more productive than brushes, so they are used to treat large surfaces. When choosing such a device, special attention should be paid to the composition of the material:

  1. Fur coats require pre-soaking, but at the same time they apply paint well. However, they cannot be used to work with lime compositions - whitewash.fur roller
  2. Foam rubber is affordable, gets wet well, but requires constant wringing. To do this, you need to purchase a squeezing mesh, along which the roller is rolled after each immersion in paint.foam roller


Brushes are also used for painting and priming walls. Unlike brushes, they have wide bristles for quick coverage of a large area.

The bristles are securely attached to the metal curved pipe with a staple or glue. The tool is equipped with a small handle with or without a rubberized coating.


In a separate class, it is worth highlighting brushes with metal bristles. They are used for dismantling work - removing the old finish. Such tools are also suitable for creating roughness on a smooth surface. Another purpose is puttying (to increase the adhesion of the material to the substrate).

mechanical tools

There are also convenient mechanical devices that allow you to quickly and efficiently apply paint to almost any surface. These include:

  1. Spray guns - a container with an installation that sprays paint under pressure. The compositions evenly fall on the surface, so the consumption will be minimal, and the result will be of high quality.
  2. The spray gun is a more modern device that is easier to use. A hand or power tool with a container and a gun that applies paint under pressure.

Along with the main tools in painting work, auxiliary equipment is also used. These are, for example, measuring instruments, a construction knife, containers, sandpaper, trays and a stepladder. Before planning work, it is important to acquire consumables - rags, rags and other materials.

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