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LG washing machine errors often indicate failures not of a specific part, but of a system, for example, a drain or water supply. Over time, they will inevitably appear on the display, because the hose is clogged or parts are worn. The most common malfunctions and their solutions are described in this article.

The content of the article

  • Code dE
  • Code E3
  • CL message
  • IE error
  • Code lE
  • PE error
  • FE error
  • OE error

Code dE

Error codes for LG washing machines can be started with dE. This message appears when the user has just pressed the start button. Moreover, it is connected with the door lock or simply with the wrong closing of the door. You can fix the problem like this:

  1. Open the door again and close it tightly enough, making sure that there is a click.
  2. If LG washing machine errors continue to appear, you need to carefully inspect the handle. It may be damaged or worn out. Particular attention is paid to the hook - it should spring well. Perhaps this part should be cleared of clogging.
  3. If the error still continues to appear, you should restart the unit, that is, turn it off and plug it back into the network. But it also happens that the codes continue to appear on the display - then it is better for users to contact a service center.
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Code E3

Sometimes error 03 may also appear on the LG washing machine. It means underloading things. For example, only socks or handkerchiefs were placed. The weight of these products is small, and the device perceives as if they do not exist at all.

Therefore, it is necessary to put at least 1-2 more items of clothing, such as a shirt or jeans. In these cases, the LG washing machine will remove the error codes and start working normally.

CL message

Shows the LG washing machine and error codes that do not indicate any violations. The CL message only shows that the buttons are child-protected at the moment. That is, protection is set in case the child starts to randomly poke the keys and thus knock down the mode settings.

CL message

If you type the secret combination of buttons indicated in the instructions, the LG machine error codes under the CL message will disappear. That is, the lock is deactivated - then it will be possible to freely press any key. It is important to understand that the combination depends on the specific model of the unit, so the information should be clarified in the instructions or description of the device.

If there is no data, you can press the keys responsible for the following modes:

  • prewash, then super rinse;
  • additional, then intensive washing;
  • temperature key, followed by the option button.

IE error

If the LG washing machine IE error is displayed on the screen, it means that water does not enter the tank to the full extent. This happens if the pressure in the water supply system is too weak. If the indicator is normal, the reason is related to other factors:

  • closed tap - it must be opened to the full;
  • a hose with kinks, creases - must be inspected and, if necessary, corrected;
  • insufficient pressure in the water supply hose - unscrew it, substitute a container and turn on the water, checking how it flows;
  • it is also recommended to remove the filter that is in the hose and rinse it under running water.

Code lE

The lE error in the LG washing machine occurs in those units that are equipped with a direct drive (that is, without a belt drive). Such a message can indicate a variety of problems and violations:

  1. One of the simple reasons is a poorly closed door. If it does not fit to the end, you just need to close it tightly and check how the device works. In this case, you should make sure that a click appears.
  2. There may also be a failure of the control system, for example, due to a sharp drop in the power supply or due to the appearance of liquid drops on the surface of the electronic board. Then you need to turn off the device for a few minutes, then plug it back in.
  3. lE The error of the LG washing machine also appears in a situation where too much clothes are placed in the drum, a lump is formed, for example, from a sheet and a duvet cover, which causes an imbalance. The motor detects the load as excessive, which causes the wash to stop. Therefore, it is necessary to take out the clothes, straighten them and, perhaps, set aside a small part for the second wash.
  4. Error lE LG is also observed at low voltage in the electrical network. This is especially true for rural areas, private houses. You must wait until the situation normalizes, after which you can continue working again.
  5. Another case when an l E error occurs in the LG washing machine is associated with the ingress of foreign objects. It can be a detached lock, buttons, key chains and other hard objects. It is necessary to scroll the inner surface of the drum by hand. If it does not rotate well, it is necessary to dismantle the housing panel and eliminate the interference.
l E error in LG washing machine

PE error

These malfunctions of the LG washing machine are not so common, they indicate a breakdown of the pressure switch - that is, the sensor that controls the level of liquid in the tank. As a result, the indicator is determined incorrectly, so you need to perform several actions:

  1. First of all, check the pressure in the water supply.
  2. Then they inspect the hose - you need to make sure that it is in good condition, without kinks, clogs and holes.
  3. If everything is in order, and the LG error codes are repeated, it is necessary to replace the sensor. Since it is difficult to do this at home, it is better to invite a qualified specialist.

FE error

LG machine errors may also occur, in which the washing machine will perceive the tank as full. In such cases, you need to perform several checks:

  1. Is there foam in the tank - if there is a lot of it, then the wrong washing powder has been selected.
  2. Then you need to make sure that the hose coming from the pressure switch is clean. It is dismantled, inspected and, if necessary, eliminate blockages.
  3. They inspect the valve that supplies water - sometimes a foreign thing can also get into it, which will prevent it from closing normally.
  4. Another possible cause is oxidation or damage to the contacts and wires on the sensor that controls the pressure.
  5. If after these procedures the FE error in the LG washing machine has not disappeared anywhere, it is recommended to contact a service center.

OE error

There are also LG CMA error codes that appear infrequently, but nevertheless also indicate a problem that needs to be fixed quickly. Among them, we can name the OE message, when it appears, you should act like this:

  1. Check the operation of the control module by de-energizing the washer for a few minutes, then turning it on again.
  2. Make sure that there are no blockages in the hose - if there is debris, it is dismantled and washed under a stream of water. It can also be cleaned using a strong wire.
  3. Blockages can also occur in the drain filter. To do this, open the unit panel from below, unscrew the filter, moving counterclockwise, rinse and reinstall it in its original place.
  4. Problems can also be associated with clogging of the sewer pipe. You can check this by the rate of water flow in the bathtub and sink.
CMA LG error codes

Thus, errors in washing machines are very different. Some of them appear more often, others almost never occur. There are also messages that do not indicate any malfunction as such. For example, the TCL error in an LG typewriter simply indicates recommendations to clean the drum. Therefore, you first need to accurately decipher the code, and then understand what exactly needs to be done.

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