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Having a home with amazing items is a dream for decor lovers. While it's often impossible to replace all parts, you can refinish old furniture with wood stain. In this article, explore how to paint a treeto make your home even more original.

The content of the article

  • Types of paint for wood
  • How to paint a tree?
  • Painting a tree: step by step

Types of paint for wood

 There are four main types of wood paint that you can use. They have different functions and finishes. Know what they are and follow the details of each one.

  • Acrylic paint: has the best fixation to wood and is water resistant. Great choice for outdoor furniture or wet environments. Painting can be done with a brush, roller and spray gun.
  • Latex Paint: Water based and most commonly used for home crafts. It is suitable for indoor furniture as it has low resistance to sun and moisture. It can be applied with rollers or brushes.
  • Synthetic enamel paint: available in matte, satin and gloss. It is easy to apply with a brush, spray gun, roller and brush. It is waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
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  • Nitrocellulose lacquer paint: its base is nitrocellulose, it dries quickly and is easy to fix, it can be glossy or matte. Protective equipment must be worn during painting, which is carried out with suitable compressors and spray guns.

 Each type has different features and characteristics. So, look at what area your wood furniture will be in and decide if it needs to dry faster, or you can wait to use the item.

How to paint a tree?

 Wood painting is one of the best ways to restore furniture that you even thought about throwing away. To do this, check out the list of materials and a basic walkthrough to get an amazing updated item.

Necessary materials for painting wood:

  • primer for the foundation;
  • sandpaper for wood No. 100 and 180;
  • acrylic paint, latex, enamel or varnish;
  • putty for wood repair;
  • varnish for wood;
  • paint roller;
  • brush with soft bristles;
  • newspaper to protect the place;
  • mask, gloves and protective equipment;
  • cleaning cloth.

Painting a tree: step by step

  • Use a coarser sandpaper to remove the shiny layer from the part and make sure the paint sets properly;
  • Apply putty on wood to hide small cracks and holes in furniture, wait for it to dry and sand the surface;
  • With a dry mass, walk with a slightly damp cloth over the entire product to remove dust;
  • After cleaning, apply a primer to all furniture to protect the paint, apply two coats and wait for them to dry;
  • Sand the part again, this time with fine sandpaper, to remove excess primer from the furniture;
  • Apply paint with a roller on large areas, always in the same direction, and on small parts use a brush, wait until it dries and apply another layer;
  • Lacquer to add shine and extra protection to furniture. Wait for it to dry and your item will be brand new.

Sanding is one of the steps to getting your wood furniture into a beautiful texture. If you want to skip this part, there is an easy way to do it. Learn how to paint wood without sanding. You can paint a tree not only with a roller and brush. There are several ways to paint wood. Choose the one that is the most practical for the occasion you need, separate the materials and renovate your home.

 See how easy it is to update wooden furniture? By following these simple steps, you can upgrade your environment for very little money.

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