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Do-it-yourself Samsung washing machine repair is possible only in some cases. For example, even with minimal skills, you can clean the pump, inlet valve, or install a new heating element. However, there are other, more serious breakdowns that cannot be fixed on your own. These and other common cases are discussed in the article.

Samsung washing machine repair

The content of the article

  • Pump repair
  • Inlet valve failure
  • Heating element breakdowns
  • Control module repair

Pump repair

One of the main reasons why a Samsung washing machine does not work is due to a pump failure. This is an important assembly consisting of a motor, a wheel with blades, volutes and a shaft. If a part is out of order, it will be noticeable by one or more signs:

  • rinsing does not work well enough or is completely absent;
  • the machine stops during washing;
  • spinning does not work (although it is provided in the program);
  • the waste liquid goes into the sewer for a very long time or does not go at all;
  • also, a breakdown of the Samsung washing machine can lead to the fact that the detergent will partially remain in the tray, that is, it will not be washed off with water during the washing process.
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Washing machine repair

After finding a problem, it is recommended to listen to how the pump works. If it makes uncharacteristic noises or buzzes when it tries to turn on, and the water does not pump in, this clearly indicates a breakdown. Therefore, the question arises of how to repair a Samsung washing machine with your own hands. You need to act like this:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the network, shut off the water supply.
  2. Remove the drain filter and clean it of debris - perhaps it was he who caused the failure.
  3. Next, you need to install all the parts in place and check if it helped. If not, you need to move on to the next item.
  4. Unscrew the filter and carefully inspect it using a bright flashlight.
  5. It is necessary to twist the impeller blades - if debris is stuck in it, do-it-yourself Samsung washing machine repair comes down to cleaning the clogged parts.
  6. If the impeller rotates quite normally, it is necessary to check the pump itself. It, together with the nozzle, is washed under running water, but if this does not help, it remains only to replace the parts with new ones.

Inlet valve failure

If the Samsung washing machine does not work, no water flows when turned on, this clearly indicates a breakdown of the outlet (filler) valve. The assembly itself can function normally, but the rubber seal often fails.

If you repair Samsung washing machines yourself, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Open the top cover and find a barrel-shaped part that connects to the water supply hose. It is she who is the filling valve.
  2. Slightly loosen the clamp and unhook the wires coming from the sensor, unscrew the valve.
  3. Next, you need to carefully inspect the rubber gaskets, make sure there are no cracks. If there is even slight damage, it is better to replace with new ones.
  4. After that, do-it-yourself repair of a malfunction of a Samsung washing machine comes down to measuring the resistance indicator that the sensor wire gives. It is measured with a home multimeter. If the indicator is normal, the part can be left in place.

Heating element breakdowns

Even long-lasting washing machines of well-known brands fail over time due to contamination of the heating element. Over time, its surface becomes clogged with scale, a layer of villi and other contaminants. Because of this, the water heats up worse, and therefore the washing is less efficient.

It is not difficult to figure out how to repair a Samsung washing machine in case of a heating element breakdown. To do this, they act like this:

  1. Remove the bottom of the front panel.
  2. The container is removed, and the fasteners are unscrewed at its location.
  3. Remove the top cover.
  4. Unscrew each screw on the panel and remove it.
  5. Pull out the cuff clamp by prying it out with a screwdriver.
  6. Unscrew each bolt on the front panel and remove it.
  7. Carefully pull out the heating element and inspect it.
  8. The main way to fix a Samsung washing machine in the event of a malfunction of the heating element is related to cleaning. To do this, you can rinse it in a solution of citric acid (2 tablespoons per glass of water).
  9. But if the layer is too dense, the water does not heat up at all, and the smell of burning is all the more noticeable, the heating element should be replaced with a new one and all parts should be installed, moving in the reverse order.

Control module repair

This is the most complex breakdown, which can be determined by several signs:

  • the unit began to fill the tank with water, but immediately drained it;
  • does not respond to commands, freezes;
  • there is a program failure;
  • the machine turns on, but then it cannot be turned off;
  • bad or, conversely, the drum rotates too fast.
Control module repair

In such situations, figuring out how to repair a Samsung washing machine is much more difficult. To do this, disconnect the unit from the network and remove the board, then clean the contacts, if necessary, install a new part. Therefore, it is better to entrust the repair of a Samsung automatic machine in the event of a breakdown of electronics to a professional.

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