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Repair of the water supply valve in the washing machine can be done independently, without contacting the master. To do this, prepare a set of screwdrivers, remove the side or top cover of the unit and disconnect the contacts. Step-by-step instructions and rules for checking the part are described in the material presented.

The content of the article

  • Preparatory work
  • Causes of failure
  • Valve check
  • How to repair a valve

Preparatory work

First of all, you need to figure out how to check the solenoid valve of the washing machine, as well as prepare the tools:

  • screwdrivers (cross, slotted);
  • pliers (should have sharp tips);
  • multimeter;
  • pliers.

You will also need a rag and a basin to remove the water.

Repair of the water supply valve in the washing machine

Causes of failure

Replacing the inlet valve of the washing machine is necessary in case of clogging or breakage:

  1. The filter that comes after the inlet hose is clogged. There is a mesh here, with the help of which various impurities, small particles and other rubbish are removed. For cleaning, you do not need to disassemble anything - just pull out the mesh with pliers, then rinse and put it in place.
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  3. The membrane is dirty, that is, the elastic band that moves up and down. To see and get it, you need to disassemble the valve. If there is rust on the surface, the gum is thoroughly cleaned. If cracks appear on it, the gasket is changed.
  4. The inlet valve is a mechanism, the basis of which is the stem. It moves freely in the vertical direction, but if the spring breaks, the mechanism also fails - in this case, a complete replacement is required.
  5. Finally, the valve has a plastic body, which can also wear out. Sometimes cracks appear on it, due to which water gets on electrical contacts. In advanced cases, the washing machine even starts to shock, which leads to a short circuit.
Valve check

Valve check

Now you need to understand how to check the inlet valve in the washing machine. The easiest way to do this is with a voltmeter. The device is set up to measure voltage and applied to the contacts. If the indicator is in the range from 20 to 40 kOhm, then the device is working properly.

There is another way - a voltage of 220 V is applied to the coil. If the device is working properly, the stem is pulled upwards (a click can be heard). If the current is turned off, the rod returns to its original position. But you need to understand that this is not a completely safe method - there is a risk of getting an electric shock. Therefore, it is best to use a multimeter.

How to repair a valve

You can replace the valve yourself. To do this, first disconnect the plug from the outlet, and also turn off the tap that supplies water. Next, they act like this:

  1. Disconnect the water inlet hose.
  2. Substitute a pre-prepared basin with a rag to collect the flowing water.
  3. The cover is removed from the top (for conventional front-mounted machines) or from the side (for top-loading units).
  4. Find the valve, disconnect the wires and terminals. In this case, it is better to prepare new clamps in advance, because they may be disposable.How to repair a valve
  5. Unscrew the bolts that hold the valve (sometimes it is fastened with latches).
  6. Carefully turn the valve and remove.
  7. Then they wash it, clean it and collect all the parts in the reverse order. If there are cracks, the spring has broken, the water supply valve in the washing machine will need to be replaced.

Thus, at home it is quite realistic to figure out how to check the valve on the washing machine, as well as put in a new part. To do this, you will need improvised tools and materials. If the element has worn out and has not been repaired for a long time, it will be correct to replace it completely. As a rule, inlet valves serve for many years without any complaints.

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