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The best GPS tracker for dogs should have a waterproof case, a capacious battery, and be able to accurately determine the location of a pet. Some devices support voice communication, and in both directions. The rating of proven models with the best reviews is presented in this article.

The content of the article

  • How to choose a GPS tracker
  • Rating of the best models
    • MonkeyG Deest 69
    • Collar S1 GPS
    • Hadog
    • Minifinder Atto
    • Tractive GPS

How to choose a GPS tracker

Considering different models, it is worth considering several practical requirements:

  1. The tracker must be waterproof. Even if the dog does not swim in the pond, it can walk in rainy weather. Drops of water can also get in by accident if it passes next to a puddle.
  2. Large battery capacity - the operating time without recharging should be at least 24 hours. This is especially important if long walks or hunting are planned.
  3. The best GPS dog collar should have a scan feature in case your pet is lost. Thanks to this, any passer-by will be able to read the code using a smartphone and get all the necessary information to contact the owner.
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  5. Special attention should be paid to the strength of the attachment of the device to the collar. It should not subside even in the case of bumps and sharp turns.
  6. Strap sizes - they must match the breed of the pet. As a rule, there are universal models that are suitable for both small and large dogs.
  7. It is also important to consider the operating temperature range - it should be as wide as possible, since the weather is often unpredictable.
  8. The cost of the device and subscription service.

Rating of the best models

If we take into account not only technical characteristics, but also user reviews, we can make a rating of GPS trackers for dogs with the best value for money. The most suitable models are discussed below.

MonkeyG Deest 69

MonkeyG Deest 69

The device works in all GSM and GPRS networks, it allows you to set the notification interval from 30 seconds to 1 hour. Safe area in a wide range from 100m to 5km (also can be customized). The battery is quite capacious (5 mAh), its work lasts for several days without additional charging. Designed for operation at different temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees.

The main advantages of the model:

  • stylish design;
  • memory with movement patterns (up to 3 months) is provided;
  • you can set up safe zones;
  • size is universal, can be used for any breed of dog;
  • real time tracking.

It is worth considering that the price of the model is slightly higher than the average, and it is not sold everywhere. But nevertheless, in the ranking of the best GPS collars for dogs, this device takes first place.

Collar S1 GPS

Collar S1 GPS

This model is suitable for dogs with a neck circumference up to 53 cm. The collar is quite large, so it should not be used for small pets. The weight is 125 g and the total length is 60 cm. The tracker is completely protected from water (IP65 standard). It is controlled from a smartphone, on which the Aibeile mobile application is pre-installed.

The advantages of the model are:

  • two-way voice communication (if necessary, the dog will hear the voice of the owner, and the owner will hear everything that happens around the dog);
  • you can set safe zones;
  • the body is splash-proof;
  • the device is equipped with a convenient informative display;
  • stylish design.

Of the shortcomings, one can only name that the body quickly gets dirty. The material of the collar is silicone, which attracts dust particles. On the other hand, it is quite simple to clean it, so you can do it after every walk.



It is clear what a dog tracker is and why it is so important for the safe walk of the animal. The device should be comfortable and completely protected from splashes and rain. These parameters are fully consistent with the Hadog model. It is represented by a leather collar and a GPS beacon. The device is quite reliable, the warranty period is 2 years (for most other models - 12 months).

The main advantages of this tracker are as follows:

  • housing waterproof, protection standard IP67;
  • the battery is very capacious, it lasts up to 4-7 days;
  • it is possible to send an SOS signal (a special button is installed on the collar);
  • high accuracy of geolocation (error within 1 m);
  • application in Russian;
  • compact dimensions of the beacon - 5 * 3 * 1 cm.

But it is worth considering that the tracker does not work without a network connection. In addition, the software is only basic level, not advanced enough.

Minifinder Atto

Minifinder Atto

The rating of the best GPS trackers for dogs continues with the Minifinder Atto model. It has a very capacious battery (900 mAh), which supports uninterrupted operation for 15-20 days. In addition, the case is protected from moisture, so you can not be afraid while walking in the rain.

This tracker has other advantages:

  • geolocation accuracy up to 5 m;
  • option to send an SMS request to the beacon (the exact coordinates are received in the response SMS);
  • quite convenient mobile application;
  • compatible with Android and IOS;
  • record of movement history.

There are no drawbacks as such, but it should be noted that the model is quite expensive - 1.5-2 times more than the average price on the market.

Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS

Another model that pet lovers can pay attention to. Compact tracker (5*4*1.5 cm) can be used for both dogs and cats. Position determination is carried out at certain time intervals, which can be configured independently.

The advantages of this device include:

  • recording the pet's route;
  • setting up secure boundaries;
  • universal collar size;
  • tracking movement in real time;
  • light and compact device;
  • intuitive control.

However, it is worth considering that when buying a tracker, you will have to pay a small daily fee for servicing a SIM card. It is issued in an international format, so it supports communication almost all over the world at a fixed rate.

When choosing a tracker for dogs, it is necessary to consider only reliable models with a waterproof case and a sufficiently long duration of operation. Usually, users stop at models of the middle price segment with good reviews.

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