What is an electric sheet? Should you use it in your home? – Setafi

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What is an electric sheet? This is a heating device / electric heating pad in the form of a bed sheet. Heats the bed and makes the user's sleep more comfortable. It is distinguished from ordinary sheets by:

  • Structure. They are made from other, more dense materials. This is necessary for security.
  • Electrical heating cable. Inside the sheet there is a heating element - a thin wire. An adjustable current is supplied through it, which is why the sheet heats up.
  • Tailoring fabric. The heating cable and the base material into which it is sewn are covered with a dense cloth. It usually does not absorb moisture. This is necessary to prevent possible fire, but some manufacturers make it moisture absorbent.
  • Remote control for adjusting the heating temperature, a cord for connecting to a power outlet and an electrical switch.
  • It cannot be bent/tucked. You can keep it turned off when folded. The device is designed to heat the sleeping area. If you bend the sheet and turn it on, you may damage the heating cable and render the appliance unusable.
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The electric sheet does not replace the usual one, but is located under it. Because of this, the device is often referred to as an electric mattress, a heated sheet, or simply a heating pad. She has a high resistance to wear, she does not wrinkle and does not slip off the mattress. Remains flexible after years. Earlier it was written that the covering fabric does not absorb moisture. This is done for safety, since if liquid gets on it, the contacts can close and the base material can catch fire. However, some manufacturers specifically use moisture-wicking fabric. If water gets on such sheets, it will be absorbed, will not damage the heating mechanism, and then evaporate. All electric sheets are protected from ticks, moths and other insects.

Why should you buy an electric sheet? Reading this article, many of you thought: “Probably a cool thing, but I sleep well anyway, so I won’t buy it, a waste of money.” In modern realities, those who tried to sleep with such devices no longer refused them. Extra warmth, especially in winter, relaxes a person. As a result, he sleeps with great comfort.

Often these devices are used by summer residents and tourists.

Usually, upon arrival, after a long absence from the dacha, people turn on the heating, which causes unpleasant dampness in the room. The house was not heated for a long time, moisture accumulated in it. After a sharp change in temperature, condensation appears, which settles in the air and is absorbed into objects. Soaking into the bed and mattress, it makes them uncomfortable to sleep. As a result, people cannot fall asleep for a long time. In such a situation, an electric sheet will help. It will warm up a bed with a mattress in a matter of minutes thanks to adjustable heating.

Tourists most often use such sheets when hiking, because an electric sheet together with a sleeping bag will make the sleeping place as warm and comfortable as possible, even if it is a mountain top.



Are electric sheets safe? There have been cases of electrical fires. These are isolated cases caused by poor product quality or the fact that users did not follow safety precautions. Manufacturers try to make their product as safe as possible. The sheet and cover fabric are made of dense materials to avoid their ignition, this additionally serves as protection against electric shock. The heating mechanism is equipped with a fire-fighting system - when the temperature reaches a certain level, the sheet will independently reduce the degree of heating. The device is not afraid of short circuits either - as soon as an emergency occurs, the heating is automatically turned off.

How to care for an electric sheet? Many ask the question: “How to wash it?”. Do not forget that this is a mechanism with a heating cable, which means that it can break or deteriorate during washing. However, there are heated sheets that can even be washed in washing machines. This information is indicated on the product label. However, it is recommended to wash them by hand so as not to bend the cable.

We advise you to purchase a protective cover for the sheet. Then it will not get dirty and it will not need to be washed.

The main advice for caring for the device is to follow the manufacturer's instructions and the information on the label.

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