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Comparing different phone models is easy enough, but if they belong to the same row, it can be difficult due to the large number of common parameters. It is not always possible to understand how exactly one gadget differs from another. The characteristics of Honor 9 Light and the classic nine, as well as a comparative review of smartphones, can help with this. This and other useful information can be found in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Comparison of Honor 9 and Honor 9 Lite
    • Display
    • Camera
    • Frame
    • Processor and Memory
    • System and multimedia
    • Power and sensors
  • Pros and cons of models

Comparison of Honor 9 and Honor 9 Lite

When buying a phone, many are interested in such parameters as, for example, the Honor 9 Lite diagonal. But it is better to start the review by comparing this model with the previous one, i.e. Honor 9. It is quite clear that Lite is an advanced version of the nine, although many users quite like the old gadget. If you put Honor 9 against Honor 9 Lite, you can find several important differences. A detailed comparison of different elements looks like this.

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Understanding which is better - Honor 9x or 9x Light, is not so difficult if you study a few parameters. For example, the Light model is equipped with a display with the following characteristics:

  • TFT type;
  • diagonal 5.65 inches (14.3 cm);
  • 16 million colors shades;
  • pixel density 428;
  • can be controlled with multiple fingers;
  • high quality video and photo Honor 9 Lite is provided with a resolution of 2160 * 1080p;
  • the surface is protected by an oleophobic compound.
Which is better - Honor 9x or 9x Lite

Based on these parameters, you can compare Honor 9 Lite with Honor 9. The screen of the classic ninth model is not so large - a diagonal of 5.15 inches, which corresponds to 13.1 cm. The brightness and color reproduction are the same, but the image quality is slightly lower - 1920*1080p. Another drawback is the lack of an oleophobic coating.


Further, to compare Honor 9 and 9 Lite, you can review the cameras of each model. Light has the following options:

  • the main camera is dual type, corresponds to the quality of 13 + 2 MP;
  • automatic focusing phase type;
  • installed LED flash;
  • there is a video recording function with a quality of 1920 * 1080p;
  • frame rate 30;
  • there is also a selfie camera, and it is also double, the quality is similar to 13 + 2 megapixels.

As for the classic nine, its camera is, oddly enough, better. If we compare Honor 9 and 9 Lite in terms of a number of indicators, it is striking that the version 9 gadget has a better quality main camera - 12 + 20 megapixels.

Although the front one is noticeably worse - 8 megapixels, besides, it is single, not double. But video can be obtained with a resolution of 3840 * 2160p at a similar frame rate of 30. The phone also has an LED flash, but in this case it is double.


Many users wonder if the Honor 9 Lite is waterproof or not. This is a really important question that can be answered unequivocally: no. The case of this model, like the classic nine, is not resistant to moisture. Therefore, even with a short-term fall into a puddle or a container of water, it can fail. Do not take risks and use the gadget right in the rain.

Waterproof Honor 9 Lite or not

The photo of Honor 9 Lite shows that the case is quite large, the main parameters are as follows:

  • made of metal;
  • height 15.1 cm;
  • width 7.2 cm;
  • thickness 0.8 cm;
  • weight 150 g.

In terms of dimensions and weight, you can see how Honor differs from Honor Light. The usual gadget of the 9 series has a slightly smaller body:

  • length 14.7 cm;
  • width 7.1 cm;
  • thickness 0.8 cm;
  • weight 155 g;
  • made of metal.

Processor and Memory

When analyzing which is better - Honor 8 or 9 Lite, it is important to study the parameters of the processor and memory. It is on these elements that the speed of the gadget depends, the possibility of its uninterrupted operation even when using “heavy” applications or recording video.

Main parameters of the model 8 Lai are like this:

  • processor type Huawei Kirin 659;
  • 64 bit architecture;
  • operating frequency 2360 MHz;
  • number of cores 8;
  • video processor Mali T830 MP2.
Which is better - Honor 8 or 9 Lite

The characteristics of Honor 9 Lite, which describe the memory, are as follows:

  • internal volume 32 GB;
  • RAM 3 GB;
  • the ability to install a memory card up to 256 GB.

It should be noted that the ninth model is more advanced. Its Huawei Kirin 960 processor also runs on 8 cores, but at a frequency of 2400 MHz. The video chip is presented by Mali-G71. As for the memory, the internal volume is 64 GB, and the RAM is 4 GB. The rest of the properties are the same.

It turns out that you can take high-quality pictures on the Honor 9 Light and the usual 9 model. It is more convenient to store them on the latter, because it has 2 times more memory. But if necessary, both in one and in the other gadget, it is allowed to install a memory card up to 256 GB.

System and multimedia

If we consider what is good about Honor 9 Lite, we can consider the parameters of the system. The phone runs on Android 8 generation, Oreo version. Geopositioning is implemented using GLONASS and GPS.

In this regard, the base 9 model is less advanced, since it runs on Android 7 generation and does not have as many inches of screen as the Honor 9 Lite. Otherwise, the characteristics of both models are the same - they support navigation and provide the operation of 2 nano-type SIM cards.

Further, if we consider which is better - iPhone or Honor 9 Lite, you can explore the multimedia capabilities of the latest model. They completely coincide with the classic nine:

  • there is a player for music;
  • installed video player;
  • mp3 call option;
  • wired headphones can be connected via the 3.5mm jack.
Characteristics of Charon 9 Light

Power and sensors

When choosing Honor 9 Lite or Honor 7, you need to pay attention to the battery parameters, since the duration of work in normal and active mode depends on it. Starting with Light, the feature overview is as follows:

  • the battery is not removable;
  • lithium-ion type;
  • capacity 3000 mAh.

The classic nine battery properties are as follows:

  • lithium-ion type;
  • not removed;
  • capacity 3200 mAh.

As you can see, the difference between Honor 9x and 9 Light in terms of nutrition is almost imperceptible. A slight excess of capacity in practice is not felt. It must be borne in mind that the charge is only enough for a day of active use. Therefore, in the evening you need to constantly connect the gadget to the network to restore the battery.

Many users are interested in what kind of glass is on Honor 9 Lite. As already mentioned, it is coated with an oleophobic compound, which ensures durability and ease of use. In addition, Light, like the usual nine, is equipped with several convenient sensors for tracking light intensity, distance, direction and other parameters.

Pros and cons of models

If you answer in detail the question of which is better - Honor 9 Lite or 8x, you need to provide an overview of not only the characteristics, but also the pros and cons of these gadgets. If we talk about Light, he really has a lot of advantages:

  • good enough camera
  • productive processor;
  • attractive design;
  • big screen;
  • instant response to a fingerprint;
  • there is NFC;
  • You can use a high capacity memory card.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • not quite "pure" Android;
  • small battery capacity;
  • 32 GB of memory is clearly not enough for active use.

The difference between Honor 9 Light and 9 can be clearly seen if you pay attention to the pluses of the nine:

  • very good camera;
  • a large stock of own memory;
  • fast charging;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • quite loud speaker;
  • good quality display
  • high performance.
Difference between Honor 9 Lite and 9

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • smaller screen;
  • insufficient battery capacity.

At the same time, both models provide wide functionality, for example, there is an IR Port on Honor 9 Lite and 9, you can connect via Bluetooth, wireless Internet - mobile and Wi-Fi. As for the price, both models belong to the budget segment smartphones, they can be recommended to almost everyone. users. Moreover, Light is for beginners, and the classic nine is for more advanced buyers.

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