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When an e4 error occurs in the dishwasher, the reason is probably related to the pressure switch or valve that opens when water is supplied. To verify this, you need to check the details by first removing the panels. How to do this is described step by step in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • The main causes of the malfunction
  • Pressure switch repair
  • Fill valve repair

The main causes of the malfunction

If the dishwasher shows error E4, this means that excess water has accumulated in the chamber. The situation is quite dangerous, since excess can leak onto the floor, especially if there is no complete protection system. 3 main reasons:

  1. The pressure switch has broken - this is the name of the sensor that determines the liquid level.
  2. There was a malfunction in the operation of the inlet valve that supplies water.
  3. An E4 error also appears in the dishwasher due to a system failure.
Error E4 in the dishwasher

The last reason is the simplest in terms of repair. It is observed in the case of a sharp voltage drop, when the light "blinked" or completely turned off for a while. If this situation happened for the first time, you just need to disconnect the device from the network and wait 15 minutes, then turn it on again.

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If this does not help, and the Krona dishwasher shows error E3 or E4, then the reason is related precisely to the malfunction of the main elements that control the water level. We are talking about the sensor and the filling valve. You can check them and carry out repairs yourself.

Pressure switch repair

When the Krona dishwasher issues an e3 error, this indicates a malfunction of the drain system. You can simply check the hose and other elements, if necessary, clean them of food residues and other debris. But if code E4 appears, it is necessary to check and, if necessary, replace the pressure switch. You should act like this:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the mains, disconnect from the water supply, having previously turned off the tap.
  2. Remove all plates and baskets in which they are placed.
  3. When the Krona dishwasher shows the E4 error, the unit is carefully pulled out and placed on the back panel.
  4. They remove the bottom panel and find a plastic box with contacts suitable for it, as shown in the photo.Pressure switch repair
  5. When the Kaiser dishwasher issues an E4 error, connect a multimeter and measure the resistance of the device. If it shows 0, the element is good. If not, a replacement is required.
  6. Get exactly the same sensor and install it, connect the wires. Assemble all the parts in reverse order and put the unit in place.
  7. If even after that the Krona dishwasher shows an E4 error, you need to check the filling valve.

Fill valve repair

The valve is an important part that regulates the flow of water into the chamber. It has a membrane, which "by default" is closed. But after connecting, it receives an impulse, after which it opens and allows water to be poured. In the event of a breakdown, the Leran dishwasher shows the E4 error, and the water overflows the chamber, threatening to leak.

To name the exact reason, you need to understand that the valve consists of a mechanism and electronics that control it. For diagnostics and repair, proceed as follows:

  1. When error E4 appears in the dishwasher, it is necessary to de-energize it and turn off the tap.
  2. Disconnect the hose through which water enters, after substituting the basin for the remaining liquid.
  3. A valve can be found right behind it. You need to carefully examine and smell it - if you feel burning, the contacts are burned out and need to be replaced.
  4. You can also apply a standard voltage of 220 V to the coils and check if the membrane closes. If it remains in the open position, an E4 error appears in the Kaiser dishwasher.
  5. In the event of a breakdown of the mechanism or electronics, the valve must definitely be replaced. Disconnect the wires from it and unscrew the bolt.
  6. Get exactly the same part and put in place. After that, all elements are collected in reverse order.Error E4

When the dishwasher shows an E4 error, this does not necessarily indicate a serious malfunction. Perhaps you should just reboot the device by unplugging it for a few minutes. In some cases, it is necessary to replace the pressure switch or the valve for supplying water. If everything is done correctly, the e4 error in the Hans dishwasher will stop appearing.

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