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In the field of professionals, the old hand cutters have long been replaced by electric machines. The reason is simple - equipment with a power source works "independently", the master only needs to control the device without physical effort. As a result, the work is done several times faster, and the hands do not get tired.

With the help of the best electric tile cutter, you can cut at an angle, diagonally; make cutouts, grooves for electronics or various notches. The equipment has found its application in non-metallic materials: from coarse stone sheets to thin sheets of tiles. The cut is obtained with “jewelry precision”, and the percentage of chips is reduced to the minimum positions.

The content of the article

  • Overview of the electric tile cutter
  • Overview of electric water-cooled tile cutters
  • Which electric tile cutter is better - selection criteria
  • Rating of electric water-cooled tile cutters - list of models
    • Fubag FB 350
    • Helmut FS230H
    • DeWALT DWC410
    • Makita CC301DWAE
    • ELITECH PE 450
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Overview of the electric tile cutter

The design of the machine is simple - only 2 components: the cutting part and the support frame. On the latter, the engine and fasteners are installed. As a cutter - a disc with a diamond coating or from another material.

Regarding diamond chips: it is many times better than conventional materials - it cuts granite, porcelain stoneware, tiles, porcelain and even concrete without any problems. The main thing is to choose the right cutting material for the technical parameters of your best electric tile cutter.

Overview of electric water-cooled tile cutters

You have probably noticed that the same tile or tile produces a lot of dust that is dangerous for breathing - the crumb is very small, and it is forbidden to work without protection! To simplify the work of a professional, they came up with a water-cooled machine.

When the machine starts, a liquid is supplied to the working part, which cools the cut zone and discs. This not only removes excess dust, but also lubricates the seam. As a result, you get an even cut that does not need additional polishing.

And this is only a small part of what a water-cooled device can do. Also your drive will never overheat, and as a result:

  • improved cutting performance;
  • more work is done with one nozzle;
  • you can try cutting rougher surfaces;
  • increases the time of final wear of the knife.

Such "buns" add a few rules for caring for the instrument and require a little more payment for pleasure. Make sure that the water is constantly in the machine, otherwise the system will simply be useless. After finishing the cutting process, always drain the fluid and replace it with a new one - dirty water with debris will cause the tool more trouble than it's worth.

Which electric tile cutter is better - selection criteria

Power type. The water-cooled machine uses several sources of energy: from the mains or on a battery. If there is a 220 V outlet nearby in the room, buy the first option, it will be several times cheaper. The battery format is suitable for field construction or places without electrification. The duration of work depends on the density of the material being cut.

Variety of cutters. Each tool differs from the other in the location of the disc. Overall models have a saw part at the top of the structure - the weight of the device increases, but the productivity of the device is several times better than the others. The bottom-mounted tile cutter is popular due to its lightness and mobility. Materials must be fed to such a tool manually.

Another format is a cutter without a table. It is cheaper than the others, because it does not have guide elements. For work it is necessary to use a solid plane (for example, a chair).

The maximum dimensions of the saw part. Pay attention to this option - the price and the amount of work performed depend on it. The best tile cutter for professionals cuts 200-350 mm in diameter. These discs can cut not only tiles, but also marble or granite. For home use, a diameter of 80-120 mm is enough - this is enough for laying tiles in the yard or in the bathroom.

Rating of electric water-cooled tile cutters - list of models

Fubag FB 350

Professional cutter Fubag FB 350. The machine has a movable carriage - you can adjust the seam and its size. The manufacturer installed a disk at the top, which can be rotated 45 degrees. Users noted the device of the pneumatic cylinder, which allows you to smoothly move the cutting part up and down. The machine comes with an additional pump that supplies fluid to the work area. Differs in large cutting formats, various materials. Among the shortcomings is its price.

Helmut FS230H

Mobile design from a German manufacturer in our rating of electric tile cutters. The Helmut FS230H has folding legs and carrying handles. Despite the small weight (55 kg) by the standards of the machine, it is assembled with strong and stable structures. The dimensions of the device make it possible to reduce vibration on a saw blade with a diameter of 230 mm. The cutter is capable of sawing 45 mm at a depth of 90 degrees. When the angle is halved, the depth of cut is reduced by 5 mm. Thanks to the Chinese assembler, the price of equipment attracts Russian buyers - it is much lower than at "brand" factories.




Model DeWALT DWC410 is a compact tool without mounting frame. Weight is only 3 kg, it is necessary to work with it only with the support of the master. Coolant is supplied through a special tube. For optimal performance, additional physical effort and a work platform are required. The maximum diameter of the saw part is 110 mm. The cutting depth with such dimensions is no more than 34 mm. The 1300 W motor develops a speed of 13 thousand rpm. It is very convenient to use such a tool outdoors, which cannot be said about a narrow workshop.

Makita CC301DWAE

The best battery model is Makita CC301DWAE. The weight is even less than the previous one (1.8 kg). Storage capacity 2A h (at a voltage of 10.8 V). The kit includes: cutting disc, cooler container, extra battery and charger. The device has more modest performance than other options: 1600 rpm and a slot depth of 25 mm. The tool has neither its own machine nor its own water pump. The strengths of the device are ease, speed of cutting and smooth control.


Mobile network cutter with its own table - ELITECH PE 450. Made as a small box with dimensions of 310x360-440 mm. Stability is added by rubber elements throughout the tile cutter and durable legs. Weight 3.9 kg, disc diameter 115 mm. The speed of revolutions is not more than 2950 per minute. The device belongs to the amateur version - for a long time you will not “pass” on it. It is noted for its low price, ease of setup and management. Among the shortcomings - no splash protection, low accuracy relative to competing models.

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