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There are 2 main ways to set up the Rostelecom remote to the TV. When the code of a specific TV model is known exactly, it is entered manually from the panel, after which the process is immediately completed. But even if this information is not available, programming can be done independently. How to do this is described in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Remote control device
  • Manual setting
  • Automatic setting
  • Performing a hard reset
  • What to do in case of a device conflict

Remote control device

Before setting up the Rostelecom remote control, you need to familiarize yourself with its main buttons. The device is quite simple, the main buttons are:

  1. Numbers for quick channel switching (main panel at the bottom).
  2. Turning on and off (central button on top).
  3. Button to enter the menu and change settings.
  4. Confirmation of any action - OK.
  5. Around OK are navigation buttons for moving left and right or up and down.
  6. To properly set up the Rostelecom remote control on the TV, you will also need to know the play, pause, rewind or forward buttons. They are located under the navigation buttons.
  7. instagram viewer
  8. There are also keys to turn off the sound (mute).
  9. Using the key, which shows 2 rectangles, you can switch to the previous channel that was last watched.
  10. To the left and right of them are paired keys for switching channels (in forward and reverse order) and increasing or decreasing the volume.
Set up the Rostelecom remote control on the TV

Manual setting

After familiarizing yourself with the device, you can proceed to the main stage. It is useful to know that the Rostelecom remote control for the TV is configured both manually and automatically. In the first case, the code for TV is entered from the buttons, i.e. using the bottom panel, and in the second, the search is carried out automatically. The device works with the built-in list and looks for the appropriate code.

To program the Rostelecom remote control manually, proceed as follows:

  1. Simultaneously press 2 keys - OK and TV, as shown in the photo. You need to hold x for a few seconds until the TV key lights up red. If this does not happen, binding the Rostelecom remote control to the TV will not work. Then you should simply repeat the indicated action by holding the keys for 5-10 seconds.Linking the Rostelecom remote control
  2. Next, you need to direct the remote control clearly at the eye of the set-top box in a straight line and dial the desired code from the main panel. It always consists of 4 digits, which differ depending on the specific TV model. You can clarify information on how to set up the Rostelecom remote control for a Samsung TV or another manufacturer in the table below.
    Manufacturers Codes
    LG 2182 1149 1423 1840 1663 0178 0037 1305 1842 1768 0714 1637 0606 1319 1721 1265 0009 0556 0715 1681 0001 0217 0163 0109 0698 0247 0361 2057 2731
    Samsung 2051 0618 0812 0587 1458 1619 0556 1249 1312 2103 2137 1630 0644 2094 1584 2097 1235 0009 0037 1678 0217 0370 0060 0766 0814 0072 0264 1037 0163
    SOPU 1505 1825 1651 1625 1751 0010 0011 1685 0036 0000 0810 2778
    Toshiba 0035 0060 0154 0508 0156 0243 0036 0070 0102 1508 0217 0109 0718 0195 0191 0618 1916 1908 0009 0698 0037 1945
    JVC 0653 1818 0053 2118 0606 0371 0683 0036 0218 0418 0093 0650 2801
    Philips 0556 0037 1506 1744 2015 1583 1495 1867 0605 1887 1455 1695 1454 0554 0343 0374 0009 0200 0361 1521
    Panasonic 0650 1636 1650 0226 0250 1310 0361 0853 0367 0037 0556 0163 0548 0001 1335 0108 2677
    Supra 0374 0009
    Thomson 0625 0560 0343 0287 0109 0471 0335 0205 0037 0556 1447
    0349 1588
    Sharp 0093 1193 1659 1667 1393 2214 0036 0818 2402 0053 0200
    0852 2810 1163 1935
    Erisson 1682
    Rolsen 1371 0819 0037 0556 2098 2037 2001
    Shivaki 0037 2129 2270 0556 0443 0451 0374 0178
    haier 1615 2212 1560 2134 0876
    Gold Star 0037 0009 0370 0217 0247 0556 0163 0361 0109 0606 0714 0715 0455
    Telefunken 0625 0560 0074 0109 0343 0498 0262 0471 0287 0335 0073 0037 0556 0486 0714 1556 0346 0821 1585 1588 1163 1667
    Sanyo 0208 1208 0292 0036 0011 0370 0339 0072 0217 0045 0009 0163 0037 0556 0486 0170 1649 1624 1037 1667 1149 1163 1585 2279
    Mystery 2241
  3. It also happens that when typing a combination, the channels themselves begin to switch. In this case, the instructions for the Rostelecom remote control recommend starting all over again, i.e. from the first point.
  4. Usually, after the correct code is entered, the surface of the TV key again starts flashing a red light. This is a normal sign, indicating that the code fit correctly.
  5. But if the light is not blinking, but simply there is a red light burning continuously, this indicates an error. Then you should repeat the programming of the Rostelecom remote control for a Samsung TV or another model, i.e. go to the first step of the presented instructions.
  6. Finally, it may also turn out that the setting of the Rostelecom remote control to control the TV did not work due to the lack of a code from the table. If there is no combination, you can try the automatic method or contact the operator's call center.

Automatic setting

Auto-tuning is much easier because it does not require entering a code from the device panel. Rostelecom remote control training is carried out as follows:

  1. In the same way as described above, you need to click on 2 keys at the same time, i.e. on TV and OK.
  2. Press, without releasing, both buttons for 5-7 seconds. You need to do this until the moment when the TV key does not flash red (2 "blinks").
  3. Next, direct the remote control to the peephole of the console. Start entering the numbers "991" from the panel.
  4. Then setting up the Rostelecom remote control for a Samsung TV involves pressing a key to switch channels forward CH +. Moreover, you need to hold it long enough until the device determines the appropriate code.
  5. Now you need to wait for the TV to turn off, which usually happens in a few seconds.
  6. Next, click OK and wait until the TV flashes 2 times in red. This suggests that the setup went well, and now, using the remote control, you can control both the set-top box and the TV itself.
  7. It is clear how to adapt the Rostelecom remote to the TV. At the final stage, you need to check that the channels have not gone astray, i.e. remained on the same buttons. If there are violations, you need to follow the instructions from the first step.
How to adapt the Rostelecom remote control to the TV

Performing a hard reset

Sometimes you need to understand how to reset the Rostelecom remote control. For example, if a new TV was purchased, the set-top box will have to be reprogrammed, i.e. adjust the remote control for the new model. To do this, use the hardware reset option, which is designated as "Hard reset". You should act like this:

  1. Hold down both buttons - TV and OK, as in the previous case.
  2. Wait 5-7 seconds until the TV double flashes - as always, the indicator is red.
  3. Dial "977" from the panel.
  4. View and verify that the off button flashes red 4 times.

Immediately after the performed actions, the settings will be reset to zero, i.e. back to original data. Now you can use any instruction on how to connect the remote control from Rostelecom to the TV. Those. bind manually or automatically. At the same time, in many cases, you can start programming without a preliminary reset - often there will be no interference.

What to do in case of a device conflict

Sometimes the remote does not work correctly, i.e. when pressed, it can give a command not only to the set-top box, but also to the TV. For example, the user tries to make it quieter, this action is performed, but at the same time, other channels start to turn on. To resolve a device conflict, you should act according to the following algorithm:

  1. Point the remote control at the peephole of the set-top box, press OK and hold the key for a few seconds until the POWER button flashes red (2 times).
  2. Dial 3220 from the panel.
  3. Try again to add sound or weaken it.
  4. If the breakdown is not fixed, dial 3221, for repeated problems - 3222, then 3223 and finally 3224.

Now it’s clear how to connect the remote control from Rostelecom to the TV. It is clear that manual setup is faster, but only if there is a table that lists all the codes. Automatic programming is a longer process, but in this case codes are not needed. In most cases, setup can be completed in minutes.

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