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The i30 error of the Electrolux dishwasher or 3 flashes of the indicator indicate that the aquastop system has been triggered. This usually occurs in case of accumulation of water in the sump, for example, in case of breakdowns in the drain system. These and other reasons, as well as ways to eliminate them, are described in the presented article.

The content of the article

  • Main reasons
  • Ways to fix the error
    • Cleaning the drain system
    • intake valve
  • Other error codes

Main reasons

Malfunctions of the Electrolux dishwasher are often associated with the appearance of water in the pan. Because of this, the Aquastop automatic blocking system is triggered, as a result of which the device stops working.

An i20 error appears on the screen in an Electrolux dishwasher or other codes (for example, i30). This can happen for various reasons:

  1. A leak is observed due to damage to the tank, fill or drain hose. Over time, fasteners, clamps may loosen, due to which the system will lose its tightness.
  2. Blockage in the drain system. After prolonged use, the filter or hose may be damaged. They must be dismantled and carefully inspected. If everything is in order, then the reason is related to the sewerage - the blockage probably formed there.
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  3. Sometimes Electrolux dishwasher error codes appear due to pump malfunctions. It is also clogged with food residues and can fail. In this case, you will need a replacement, which, if you have the skills, you can do it yourself.Pump failure
  4. If the Electrolux dishwasher issued an i20 error, but no water was found in it when examining the pan, this may be due to problems with the system that controls the overflow of water. It is also recommended to check the control module - it is possible that the electronics have been damaged due to a power surge or water droplets.

Ways to fix the error

First of all, you need to reboot your device. To do this, unplug it from the outlet, wait 15 minutes and turn it on again. Then the program is restarted, and if everything is in order, the Electrolux dishwasher will stop giving the i30 error.

If this helps, the cause is related to a system failure. But if the code continues to appear on the screen, you need to inspect the pan and remove water from there. To do this, the unit is disconnected from the network, shut off the tap and act as follows:

  1. Prepare a basin or other container in advance.
  2. Tilt the unit and drain all the liquid.
  3. Remove the top panel.
  4. Unscrew each screw and dismantle the panels from the side.
  5. After all surfaces are dry, turn on the device again and start the mode. After that, the Electrolux dishwasher will no longer show error 20.

Cleaning the drain system

In almost every third case, the message "i30" appears due to blockages in the drain system. If the surface of the pallet is dry, proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the drain hose and check it for blockages. Rinse under a tap.
  2. Open the mixer valve as far as possible.
  3. See how quickly water flows into the sewer pipe, if necessary, clean it.
  4. Open the door, remove the filter and take out the mesh. Rinse it under the tap.
  5. Next, you need to inspect the impeller and, if necessary, also clean it.
  6. The following elements of the drain system are pipes and a pump. Food sediments often get stuck in them, which causes “i30” to light up on the screen, as a result of which the Electrolux dishwasher does not turn on. If necessary, the pump must be replaced.Drainage system

intake valve

The appearance of the “i30” can also be explained by a breakdown of the valve that is in the water intake system. It consists of mechanical and electrical systems, each of which can stop working. For diagnostics and repair it is necessary:

  1. "Ring" contacts with a multimeter.
  2. Inspect the part, check the membrane.
  3. Replace if necessary.intake valve

Other error codes

Sometimes the dishwasher gives other error codes, among them the most common are:

  1. i10 - water does not enter the chamber, problems are associated with the bay system.
  2. i20 - problems with the drain system, the liquid does not leave the chamber.
  3. i50 - uncharacteristic sounds occur during operation, while the program does not complete to the end.
  4. i60 - the water remains cool or, conversely, becomes too hot.
  5. i70 - water does not heat up.
  6. i80 - the unit does not respond to commands and does not turn on.
  7. i90 - the machine turns on, but it cannot be started.
Error I30 dishwasher Electrolux

Thus, sometimes the Electrolux dishwasher may show error 30 or other codes. In some cases, repairs can be done independently. However, if the described measures did not help, it is better not to take risks and contact a qualified specialist.

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