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Recently, the rush has become an integral part of our lives, because of this, many do not have enough time for such simple things as washing dishes. Therefore, the popularity of dishwashers in society is constantly growing. One of the most popular brands of dishwashers in the CIS is the German brand Hansa, which appeared on the market in 1997. The brand was founded in 1957 under the name Wromet and dealt with gas-coal, gas and electric stoves. The life of the company already testifies to the quality and reliability of the devices.

If you decide to purchase a dishwasher and your choice fell on Hansa products, then read below which models of Hansa dishwashers exist and what their characteristics are.

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  •  1. Hansa ZIM676H
  • 2. Hansa ZIM628EH
  • 3. Hansa ZIM6377EV
  • 4. Hansa ZIM476H
  • 5. Hansa ZWM 616 IH
  • 6. Hansa ZWM 416 WH

 1. Hansa ZIM676H

Users fell in love with the Hansa ZIM676H dishwasher model for its functionality, affordability and spaciousness. The device holds up to 14 sets of dishes, which is why it takes up a lot of space; there are six washing programs and the ability to adjust the loading basket. Of the additional features, the dishwasher has a delay start function and an end-of-cycle indicator. The model belongs to the A-class devices.

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  • Complete protection
  • capacity
  • High quality wash


  • Noisy at work
  • The quality of the plastic fasteners

2. Hansa ZIM628EH

The peculiarity of this dishwasher is eight washing programs and a large capacity (14 sets of dishes). The model belongs to class A. There is a "Half Load" feature.


  • Reliable sealing and leakage protection
  • Low noise
  • Delay start option
  • Great functionality (8 programs)


  • Drying and poor quality plastic parts

3. Hansa ZIM6377EV

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The Hansa ZIM6377EV dishwasher boasts a capacity of 14 place settings and 6 washing programs. This model is perfect for a large family; although the device does not have a display, but there is an electronic control. According to the indicators (washing, drying and energy consumption), the ZIM6377EV model is classified as an A-class.


  • Leak protection
  • Delay start function
  • frugality
  • Capacity (14 sets)


  • Drying quality and plastic materials

4. Hansa ZIM476H

Like its predecessors, Hansa ZIM476H belongs to the premium A-class. This narrow model holds up to 10 place settings, and the loading baskets can be adjusted, which is very convenient when washing pans, pots and small baking sheets. The dishwasher has 6 standard washing programs.


  • Convenient management
  • Adjustable basket
  • Low noise
  • low cost


  • Drying quality
  • No delay start or child lock

5. Hansa ZWM 616 IH

The capacity of this model is 12 sets of dishes, enough to serve four people. From the characteristics of the machine: width 60 cm, consumption 0.91 kW / h, water consumption 11 l, 6 washing programs, 5 temperature control modes.


  • economy
  • Adjustable basket
  • small cost


  • No timer and display
  • Noisy operation

6. Hansa ZWM 416 WH

The ZWM 416 WH model has been on the domestic market since 2016, during which time it has been called a high-quality budget dishwasher.

The device holds 9 sets of dishes, enough to serve three people; its energy efficiency class A ++, and water consumption - 9 liters. The machine has a standard set for loading dishes: two main compartments, additionally there are holders for glasses and a compartment for cutlery.


  • economy
  • Wash quality
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Leak protection
  • Reasonable cost


  • No mechanical door lock
  • No delay start function
  • No network indicator
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