Interesting facts about toilet paper: history, manufacture, how to hang

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What our ancestors did not use for personal hygiene until they came up with a comfortable and soft toilet paper. However, it did not become such in one day, but, roughly speaking, went its own evolutionary path - from a fern leaf to modern rolls.


The content of the article

  • When did it appear
  • What are they made from
  • Which toilet paper is the best and by what criteria to evaluate it
    • Compound
    • Softness
    • Hygroscopicity
    • economy
    • Comfort
  • Where else can you use toilet paper
  • How to properly hang toilet paper?

When did it appear

According to experts, the first paper appeared in ancient China, at the beginning of our era. But it was made not for a simple man in the street, but for the emperor himself. True, courtiers could also use it, but widespread consumption has not yet been considered.

By the way, this event was even written about in some documents dating back to the 6th century AD. e. Judging by the records, it was of excellent quality, soft and... flavored.

If we talk about that same Ancient China, then the paper did not go beyond the walls of the imperial palace - ordinary people continued to use any means at hand. It wasn't until the 18th century, when people in the West got their hands on the newspaper, that they realized that it could be used for delicate needs—the old press was perfect for that.

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In the middle of the 19th century, the American Joseph Gayetti introduced the world to factory-made toilet paper, but for some reason this particular product was considered shameful. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the entire enlightened Europe began to use the novelty. However, at that time it did not differ much from a newspaper, but in 1942, the Briton William Alcock developed and received a patent for "pipifax" - roll paper.

In the Soviet Union, no one was ashamed to buy toilet paper: they simply did not sell it. We have already conquered space, and the people still continued to use old waste paper. And the first plant for the production of roll paper started working already in 1969. It became popular in the USSR only in the 80s.



What are they made from

There are several manufacturing options:

  • From recycled materials. The most common and cheapest method of production. In fact, old waste paper is used.
  • From cellulose. Relatively fast way to make rolls.
  • From synthetics. Wet toilet paper - at one time became a real technological breakthrough in this whole story.

But you should always remember one important feature! Even if the packaging says that the products are "water soluble" or that they can be flushed down the drain, you do not need to do this. Perhaps it will go all the way through the pipes, but it certainly will not dissolve without a trace. Save nature - take it to the trash can.


Which toilet paper is the best and by what criteria to evaluate it

In general, the choice of a particular product is a personal matter for everyone, and no one can say what will be better and more convenient for you. True, Russia has its own brands that produce toilet paper and are in the greatest demand.

However, this product also has several criteria by which the buyer can evaluate its quality.

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It has already been said above that paper can be produced in several ways. So, products made of pure cellulose are softer, more comfortable to the touch, absolutely white in color. Recycled rolls will delight conservationists. Still, it's nice to understand that thanks to you, an extra tree was not cut down.

Sometimes other components can be added to the composition. For example, fragrances for flavoring, dyes, softening wax, and in premium products - antibacterial agents.



It is believed that the more layered the paper, the softer it is. But the composition of the raw material from which the roll is made also affects the softness. In any case, no product should be rigid.


The ability to absorb moisture is very important for a feeling of cleanliness and economical consumption. Products with embossing and, again, consisting of several layers absorb liquids better.


And this indicator directly depends on the previous parameter: the better the paper absorbs, the more economical it is spent.



Use should not cause any discomfort. In this, of course, the first place is occupied by wet products, which are considered the most convenient and pleasant to use. Plus, with it, we get more delicate and high-quality care.

In addition, wet toilet paper is ideal for children and adults with rectal problems. But, however, it is suitable for anyone who is worried about their health.

Where else can you use toilet paper

In fact, there are many more tasks, in addition to its intended use.

In Europe, of course, you will not find it further than the toilet, but in many Asian countries it is often it is also used for other needs - it is usually used in everyday life: to get your hands wet, wipe dishes or surfaces. For example, in Thailand, one gets the impression that she is generally everywhere: in cafes, in offices, in the kitchen, in the hallway.

By the way, we also have toilet paper - a guest is not only a restroom. We can similarly use it for household needs. For example, wipe the mirror or collect spilled liquid from the table.

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How to properly hang toilet paper?

This question worries many users, but there is simply no definite answer to it. If you have been thinking for a long time how to hang the roll - with the end to the wall or “on yourself”, then hang it as you like.

True, there is a small nuance here too - if the “end is out”, then it will touch the wall less and remain clean, but then restless and curious children will unwind it faster.


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