Setting up a miter saw, pull saw

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A miter saw is an important tool that helps to make smooth and high-quality cuts of workpieces. However, accuracy can only be achieved on a well-adjusted instrument. It does not take much time and is quite affordable with your own hands.

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  • How to set up a miter saw with a broach?
    • good disk
    • Take care of the corners
    • Angle trim
    • Checking the result

How to set up a miter saw with a broach?

It is extremely important to ensure accuracy and adjust the work of your own tool. This must be done before the first applicationso as not to spoil the workpiece. Even the slightest deviation from the specified parameters can deform the material.

A small spread of a couple of millimeters is actually multiplied eight times.

good disk

If you are still using the disk installed by the manufacturer and purchased with the installation, discard it. Get a removable, high-quality and sharp nozzle that can clearly fulfill the specified conditions.

The disk installed by default can only carry out rough cutting of wooden boards in the conditions of joinery production. For fine and jewelry work, you need to buy special nozzles.

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Get discs with a diameter of 250-300 mm and the number of teeth 60-80 or 80-100, respectively.

Take care of the corners

First of all, make sure that the new disc is positioned clearly and directly to the tool table. Put the checked square on the table with a block and move the disk to it, but without touching the ruler with the teeth. Adjust the stops as directed in the manufacturer's manual.

Verify that the tilt is set to 45 degrees by doing the manipulation again after setting the scale to zero. This way your workpiece will stay in place and the cut will be even.

how to set up a miter saw

Angle trim

Install the disc at an angle of 90 degrees to the stop. If the stop is the only part, you will have to loosen the adjusting bolts, and then move the edge of the stop to the disc on one side.

If the stop consists of two parts, one of them is adjusted at 90 degrees to the stop, and the second is aligned with the first part. It is much more convenient to do the job with a band clamp, which quickly aligns the entire frame.

In extreme cases, you can use masking tape.

Checking the result

The easiest way to check is to take an unnecessary workpiece and make cuts, making a frame. Next, we join all four parts and consider the gaps that were obtained during the connection. If they do not suit you, start setting up again.

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