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Let's omit the part that talks about the usefulness, necessity and functions of an electric planer, because everyone who is interested in this article knows all this himself. But he may not know which electric planer to choose.

To solve this problem, we have compiled a top of the best electric planers in 2021, in which there are models of both foreign and domestic production.

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  • 1. Interskol R-110 1100M
  • 2. Makita KP0800
  • 3. Interskol R-82 710
  • 4. Interskol R-102 1100EM
  • 5. BOSCH PHO 2000
  • 6. ZUBR ZR-950-82

1. Interskol R-110 1100M

Average price - 7,300 rubles

A very reliable and high-quality model of the R-110 1100M electric planer from Interskol takes first place in the ranking of the best planers of 2021. The device is excellent for joinery and carpentry work.

The work platform is made of a special aluminum alloy, thanks to which it is resistant to wear. You can adjust the depth of chip removal with the front handle, and the smooth descent function ensures high-quality material processing. The only disadvantage of the device is that there is no quarter sampling.

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In addition, the manufacturer has provided the possibility of installing a vacuum cleaner for removing chips and double insulation.

2. Makita KP0800

Average price - 10,200 rubles

Even a non-professional user can work with a good device from a reliable Japanese manufacturer. The Makita KP0800 electric planer is distinguished by its thoughtfulness to the smallest detail - an economical electric motor is provided (power 620 W), planing depth up to 2.5 mm, thickness up to 82 mm and this can be adjusted by the front of the sole, the use of single-sided and double-sided blades is provided, well, there is the possibility of sampling quarters up to 9 mm.

Additionally, due to the smooth surface, the planer moves smoothly over the surface of the material being processed, soft inserts are provided on the handle to reduce vibration and slip. To operate the device in intensive mode, the start switch was equipped with a lock.

3. Interskol R-82 710


Average price - 5,500 rubles

Another very popular model of electric planers from Interskol - R-82 710 takes its place in the top. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of fixing the device to work in the machine mode. The motor in the high-power tool is designed specifically for working with hardwoods, and it also allows you to cut a quarter to a depth of 15 mm.

Of the additional, it is possible to fix the power button with the help of an emphasis for working in intensive mode, and protection against accidental activation is also provided.

4. Interskol R-102 1100EM

Average price - 7,500 rubles

When designing this planer model, the design engineers decided to change the style - to make it more modern, so the main handle is covered with a special material that does not allow the device to slip out of the hands and provides a comfortable grip. Because of this, the weight has increased slightly compared to other models.

The peculiarity of the device is in the knives, which are made of a special alloy for repeated sharpening, smooth start and overload protection. Also, the device can produce samples up to 15 mm deep, maintain speed under load, and the planing adjustment mechanism is connected to the handle.

5. BOSCH PHO 2000

Average price - 8,000 rubles

A very high-quality tool from the German brand BOSCH was equipped with not the most powerful engine, power which is 680 W, however, the device is able to work with hardwood and removes up to 2 mm chips from them.

And the proprietary Woodrazor knife system provides high-quality material processing, while it is possible attachment of a dust collector with a vacuum cleaner to maintain cleanliness in the workplace, they can be mounted both on the right and left.

6. ZUBR ZR-950-82

Average price - 5,500 rubles

Closes the top models of ZUBR ZR-950-82 planers from the MASTER series. In their reviews, users say that this is the best model of electric planers for everyday life, because the device is capable of producing high-precision work. The planer's list of features includes planing, leveling surfaces, chamfering, and quartering.

To reduce engine damage and smooth out shock loads, the model has a belt drive. Knives are made of a special alloy of steel and sharpened on both sides. The number of revolutions is constantly maintained regardless of the load, and the balancing system of the rotor with the drum eliminates vibration during operation.

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