The history of the ax: how the main tool of people appeared

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The ax is a well-known tool from antiquity. Some scholars suggest that it was with such a weapon that Cain killed his brother Abel. There is evidence of this, found by archaeologists in the territory of modern Kenya. However, in those days it was still far from today's tool used by man.



The content of the article

  • First copies
  • classic ax
  • Increased popularity
  • Main characteristics

First copies

In fact, the prototype of the ax was just a stone, pointed on one side, which the ancient man held in his hand. He had many tasks:

  • used as a weapon;
  • instead of a hammer;
  • like a chisel;
  • scraper and others.

Today, its appearance has changed a lot and the appointment has been reduced.


classic ax

Its history goes back over 30 thousand years. This is the first tool of man, consisting of two parts and different materials. At first it was difficult to dock the blade and handle. Strips of skin and animal tendons were used for binding.

Later, man learned to melt copper. There were instances entirely of metal.

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Passing through time, the ax became associated with the power and might of the ruler. In ancient tribes, products were kept by the elders and were given out to ordinary people only for a certain period. Most often stone tools were used.

Traditions stretching through the centuries were broken by Christian missionaries. They distributed metal tools to everyone.

Engravings and images of gods, emperors and rulers in different countries confirmed the importance of the device. Most of them are depicted with axes at the ready, decorated with drawings, stones and inscriptions.


Increased popularity

However, in antiquity it was not widely used. The rulers did not use it for its main purpose - for cutting trees. Everything changed in the 8th-9th centuries AD. New territories were actively settled, it became necessary to cope with forests, in which axes greatly helped.

Land clearing was required during the active settlement of Europe.

Later, axes became an indispensable weapon in battle. The Vikings were the first to use them for such purposes. And later other nationalities in the European part of the world.


Main characteristics

The effectiveness of the use of an ax directly depends on several parameters:

  • center of gravity;
  • strike direction line;
  • impact center.

Ancient craftsmen made weapons based on intuition. Their products were not ideal in terms of weight and quality of cutting. In the 1830s, axes began to be produced on an industrial scale, technology appeared.

The guns gained particular popularity in the United States, where there was a sharp need to free the territory from wooded vegetation. Collins ax handles were in demand, which had an equal weight of blade and shaft.

Today there are many known varieties axe. All of them differ in size, weight, quality and configuration of the blade, as well as other characteristics.


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