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There are several common reasons that explain why a vape leaks. They are often associated with improper maintenance, such as applying too much pressure when installing the evaporator or falling. Although there are objective factors associated with severe wear or low-quality fluid. An overview of the main causes of quality cigarettes that do not leak is presented in this article.

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The content of the article

  • The main causes of the malfunction
  • What to do in case of a leak
  • Which vapes don't leak

The main causes of the malfunction

First of all, you need to understand why it flows under, i.e. what are the reasons for the malfunction of the vape. The main factors are:

  1. Excess liquid in the reservoir. If you pour too much of it, then the excess volume will go through the wick and fall on the heating element. Moreover, the liquid will not return back, so when tightened, gurgling will be heard. This is due to the fact that the liquid enters the clearomizer, and then flows out of the air intake. Then users start looking for a vape that doesn't leak. Although in reality you just need to fill the tank correctly, without bringing the volume to the very brim.
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  2. If you use a replacement coil for too long, there's no point in looking for a vape that doesn't leak. As the heating circuit and cotton begin to wear out, they begin to become covered with a layer of soot. Therefore, the filler conducts the liquid worse, and it begins to flow out. If the liquid fills the entire chamber, it does not have time to completely turn into vapor and drips from the body.
  3. Even if the device is new and serviceable, the evaporator often leaks due to temperature changes. This happens in winter, when the user enters a warm apartment from the street. In frost, the liquid thickens, then “thaws” again, increases in volume and may partially leak out. Therefore, drops partially appear, which begin to flow down the body. You need to figure out what to do if the vape is leaking - in this case, you should simply close all the air ducts while you are in the cold.
  4. One of the explanations for why liquid leaks from a vape is due to the incorrect installation of a new vaporizer. If you apply too much force, the thread breaks or the seal bursts. The latter can be replaced with a new element, but the stripped thread cannot be restored. And then ijust 3 or another model leaks.
  5. A similar reason is due to the fact that the replacement evaporator was not installed to the end, i.e. didn't put in enough effort. Then the tightness is again broken, and drops can flow through the case. In this case, it is useless to buy an electronic cigarette that does not leak, because even the highest quality device deteriorates from improper maintenance.
  6. iJust 3 or another model is also leaking due to deformation of the case due to a fall or impact.
  7. Mechanical damage leads to the appearance of chips, cracks. You need to carefully examine the surface of the case - if there are any defects, it is easier to purchase a new electronic cigarette.
  8. Finally, it is possible to explain why the tank leaks on a vape by incorrectly laying a cotton wick. If there is too little of it or the material is located close to the flow channels, the liquid can leak out, and sometimes even completely. Therefore, it is important to select a filter of suitable thickness. If there are no skills, it is advisable to purchase drips. They simply put a long filter that reaches the bath. Short material will not work, because it will not absorb the liquid at the bottom.

What to do in case of a leak

First of all, you need to inspect the device and understand why the tank is leaking. After determining the cause, in most cases you can solve the problem yourself:

  1. Make sure that all elements of the clearomizer are tightly screwed together. Especially carefully you need to check how tight the evaporator is. If necessary, it is installed more tightly, and without much effort - pressure can also lead to leakage.
  2. If it is clear why the tank is leaking (cracks, chips as a result of a blow or a fall), you just have to replace the device, because in this case it will not be possible to correct the situation.
  3. When in the cold, they block the air ducts, it is advisable not to smoke until the liquid warms up in a warm room.
  4. If the reason why the cigarette is leaking is due to too tight arrangement of parts, you will need to replace the evaporator. But if the device is old, it is advisable to buy a new one.
  5. If after inspection it is clear that everything is in order, you just need to tightly close the atomizer. It is also worth remembering that vaping is not smoked like a regular cigarette, i. too strong puffs should not be done. Finally, it should be remembered that the liquid must be of high quality, not diluted with water.

Which vapes don't leak

It is also useful to understand which electronic cigarettes do not leak. There are several high-quality devices that do not wear out much even over time. The most popular models are:

  1. Elf Bar RF350 - one of the best devices in terms of price and quality. The 1.6ml capacity is easy to refill for many cycles. The battery is capacious, 350 mAh, provides work during the day, even in active use.Elf Bar RF350
  2. Voopoo Drag Nano 2 - if the atomizer leaks, you can pay attention to this model. It is equipped with a very powerful battery with a capacity of 800 mAh, has a 2 ml cartridge. This allows you to use the device in any weather conditions up to 2-3 days.Voopoo Drag Nano 2
  3. SMOK Souls – a cigarette with a 3 ml tank and a 700 mAh battery. It has a shock-resistant case that does not leak even after being dropped. In addition, a system of protection against excessive soaring for 10 seconds is provided. It is very easy to replace the cartridge - it is comfortable to use for both experienced smokers and beginners.SMOK Souls
  4. Vaporesso LUXE PM40 Pod Kit has one of the most powerful 1800 mAh batteries. The case is very high quality and attractive, provides complete tightness. Cartridges are also reliable, easy to replace (there are 2 in the kit).Vaporesso LUXE PM40 Pod Kit
  5. SMOK Novo 4 Pod Kit is another reliable vape that doesn’t leak thanks to its quality build and solid body. The 800 mAh battery provides a long battery life (with active use - a day). Users note good taste and excellent traction. With the help of such a cigarette, it is easier to learn how to smoke by adjusting the puff force, so it will definitely not leak.SMOK Novo 4 Pod Kit

Now I understand why the tank is leaking. Often this is due to wear, improper maintenance or over tightening. Even if you purchase a high-quality model, but make the described mistakes, drops of liquid can actually appear on the case. Therefore, you need to carefully place the evaporator without applying excessive force, as well as learn the correct smoking technique without strong puffs.

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