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Technology makes people's lives much easier. This also applies to family life, when a screaming baby appears in the house, requiring care, love and affection. Sometimes it is difficult to resort to every shout, and you need to somehow make your work easier. To do this, they came up with a baby monitor - a digital device that transmits sound over a long distance. A sort of walkie-talkie for a toddler.

A modern baby monitor is capable of picking up sounds at several tens of meters - you can easily take a babysitter with you to the country house or control your child during household chores. The package mainly consists of a child and parent receiver - everything is simply turned on and configured.

But, as with any device, there are also some "pitfalls" that you should pay attention to. We will talk about how to choose the best baby monitor in 2021 and what to be guided by in this article. Let's start!

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  • How to choose the perfect baby monitor
  • Baby monitor - rating of the best
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      • Philips Avent SCD506 - the best model with two-way communication
      • Beurer BY33 - impressive range
      • Motorola MBP140 is a budget option for every home

How to choose the perfect baby monitor

In fact, everything is very simple. Especially for you, we sorted everything on the shelves:

  1. Working distance. Look at this option first. If you are a resident of an apartment, a small budget model is enough. For private traders, it is better to look after a device with a range of up to 100-200 meters.
  2. Feedback. By choosing this type of device, you can calm the baby remotely. Just a few "ahoos" into the radio transmitter will do the trick.
  3. Where without additional functions. It's just your imagination and needs. Now they make such baby monitors that themselves play songs, measure the temperature and humidity near the crib, react to extraneous noise, and much more.
  4. Parental control. The receiver often has to stand on an additional stand, but you can also look at a portable option - the model is attached to a cord or rivet. This baby monitor requires batteries as a power source.
  5. Working hours. Without additional charging, the average nanny can work from 12 hours to a day. Only premium models can boast of trouble-free operation.
  6. Connecting third party equipment. Technology has now reached such a point that you can even connect a smartphone and receive a signal from it. This is especially important when there are more than one child in the house - you can set up a whole system of radios and know in which room the child needs help.
  7. external component. In addition to the filling, which an experienced mother looks at first of all, the choice may also depend on external parameters. Stylish design never hurt anyone.


Baby monitor - rating of the best

We have selected a small top baby monitor of 2021 that every mother can afford.

Philips Avent SCD506 - the best model with two-way communication

This baby monitor model does not exactly stand out as a budget option. The price is up to 4 thousand rubles, but the set of functions justifies the investment.

Nanny has 120 communication channels. Operating range - more than 300 m! Indoors, the range is reduced to 50 m - walls and failures give their load.

A feature of the device is the two-way communication mode. The receiver can additionally play soothing songs and switch to night light mode - the backlight is wonderful here. Both radios work both from a network, and on batteries.

Beurer BY33 - impressive range

The option is slightly cheaper than the previous one (up to 3500 rubles). The model also has 120 channels for communication and miniature working units that are convenient to carry with you or place in places inaccessible to a child.

The battery, when fully charged, lasts about a day, but you need to charge it for at least 16 hours. It is convenient that you can choose 1 of 3 types of power supply: from an outlet, a battery or a battery. When the light is turned off in the apartment, the nanny immediately switches to another mode of nutrition and does not turn off.

The operating range is up to 300 meters.

Motorola MBP140 is a budget option for every home

Among digital baby monitors, this is one of the most economical. A small price of 2 thousand. rubles pleases the buyer. However, the goodies don't end there:

  • large working radius - over 300 m in open areas
  • two-way communication
  • mains or battery operation

Among the shortcomings can be noted a small battery (holds only 8 hours offline) and 10 channels for communication.

If you are looking for a model for mobility, this is a good option, but you can also find it with a large battery. Other than that, the model is amazing!

The best model is the one that has given you invaluable help. It does not matter if it will be for 10 thousand or for 2. What matters is that it worked for you. Share in the comments which baby monitors you use and what are their pros and cons.

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