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The boiler "Thermotechnik" is designed for heating private houses by burning natural gas. The device provides a coolant temperature of up to 90 degrees, which is sufficient for heating and use in domestic facilities. Instructions for the gas boiler "Thermotechnician", as well as its characteristics and device are described in this article.

The content of the article

  • Device and specifications
  • User manual

Device and specifications

The boiler is made in a metal case, which has a firebox and a heat exchanger. Several turbulators are mounted in the latter, providing efficient heat exchange between the combusted gas and water. The main elements of the device are:

  • flue;
  • automation and gas valve (in case of emergency shutdown);
  • branch pipes for supply and discharge of water;
  • connecting pipes;
  • cups with a thermal bulb;
  • burners (pilot, main);
  • draft sensor (thermostat).
Gas boiler thermotechnician instructiona gas boiler

The instruction manual for the gas boiler "Thermotechnician" contains a description of the main technical characteristics of the device:

  • gas pressure up to 1.27 kPa;
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  • type of heat carrier: water;
  • outlet water temperature up to 90 degrees;
  • the optimum water temperature is 60-80 degrees;
  • limiting pressure in the system 0.6 MPa;
  • optimum pressure 0.1 MPa;
  • the minimum temperature of combustion products is 110 degrees;
  • power from 1 to 20 MW (depending on modification);
  • water volume 14-30 l (depending on modification);
  • weight 37-77 kg (depending on modification);
  • water consumption to ensure a temperature of 90 degrees from 200 to 600 l / h (depending on modification).

User manual

The boiler may only be installed and connected by licensed professionals. The premises must meet the minimum requirements:

  • height from 2.5 m;
  • doorway from 80 cm;
  • the presence of a window with an area of ​​at least 0.3 m2 for every 10 square meters of area;
  • the presence of a gas analyzer to prevent possible leakage;
  • it is possible to install in the basement, which has direct access to the street (not through the house).
Instructions for the gas boiler

The following rules for using the device are also provided:

  1. Only water can be used. When connected in the winter season, it is preheated to at least 60 degrees, and it is also provided with continuous current using a circulation pump.
  2. The limiting temperature of the coolant should be 90 degrees (constant monitoring is required using a sensor or thermometer).
  3. The heating circuit must be filled with water.
  4. The chimney must be clean and have a normal draft.
  5. After shutdown, all gas valves are closed.
  6. During normal operation, the house should not smell of gas - otherwise, you need to shut off the fuel supply and find out the cause of the leak.

If headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears appear, you must immediately turn off the unit and ventilate the room. It is recommended to take all the victims to clean air, not to let them fall asleep. In case of severe poisoning, an ambulance must be called, and before it arrives, they try to keep the person conscious, if necessary, they give a sniff of cotton wool with pharmaceutical ammonia.

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