Choosing a reciprocating saw, what to rely on when choosing

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Every owner has a set of tools in their home. Reciprocating saw enters it. This is a functional, mobile device. It is used to cut boards, reinforcement, bricks, remove branches and beams, and also make openings in walls and even cut frozen meat. The main thing is to choose the device correctly so that it does not let you down.

cordless reciprocating saw

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  • Electric reciprocating saw: how to choose?
  • TOP 3 best reciprocating saws

Electric reciprocating saw: how to choose?

They approach the purchase responsibly, because this is not a purchase for a year or two. It is important that the tool meets the stated requirements of the master and lasts a long time. Before purchasing from a specialized store, consultants advise referring to the following product characteristics:

  1. Power. This is the main indicator of a good tool. The power of the motor is responsible for the performance of the electrical device. For a universal device, 800–1200 W are considered average.
  2. Stroke size. The higher the number, the greater the productivity of the reciprocating saw. Decide in advance what materials you will be working with. In the product card, evaluate the cutting depth, amplitude, and the frequency of strokes per minute. A good indicator is considered to be 2400–3000 with a length of 19–32 mm.
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  3. Pendulum stroke. For straight cuts, this criterion is extremely important, but for shaped processing it is recommended to turn it off. Its task is to reduce the resistance of the web when moving in the opposite direction. This increases the productivity of the tool.
  4. Types of power supply. Standard devices with a network cable are powerful, but not very convenient to use, especially when you need to cut branches in the garden or carry out work in an outbuilding. A model with a battery will be more convenient, but it is more expensive and low-power.
  5. Attaching the file. In expensive models, the nozzle can be changed in a matter of minutes, while it becomes strong and does not raise doubts among the operator. Cheap models do not have this function.
  6. Multifunctionality. Smooth start and speed control are important indicators of excellent operation of the device. Motor protection will not increase performance, but will significantly protect the tool.

The weight of the device is important, especially in cases where it is necessary to work in difficult conditions. If you need to cut materials near ceilings, at difficult angles, or in other unusual conditions, choose a smaller tool that can be handled with one hand.

choosing a reciprocating saw

TOP 3 best reciprocating saws

According to buyers who have been using such a tool for a long time, a unique rating of models was compiled. They meet the criteria of reliability and performance, are optimal in cost and are convenient.

A small device will help bring beauty to the garden, carry out repairs or auxiliary work that has been accumulating for a long time around the house.

  • Makita JR3050T

The cost of the model is about 8,500 rubles. This is a universal, powerful tool for cutting materials of various densities and structures. Mimicking the movements of a conventional hacksaw, the power-driven tool quickly separates the necessary elements. The only drawback is strong vibration, but otherwise it is a convenient, compact and fast-to-use device.

  • AEG US 1300 XE

An electric hacksaw costs about ten thousand rubles. The manufacturer claims that the file can easily handle wood, metal, plastic, aerated concrete and other materials. The stroke length is 30 mm, and the maximum wood cut is 250 mm. The advantage of the device is the ability to instantly change files, as well as rotate the blade 180 degrees. Due to its versatility, it is not too light, making it more convenient to work on hard surfaces.

  • BOSCH GSA 1100 E

This is a professional tool, which is offered for purchase for more than ten thousand rubles. The reliability guaranteed by the manufacturer allows the device to be used in intensive mode. The number of strokes per minute is 2700. It cuts through wood up to 230 mm, the saw can even handle steel plates up to 20 mm thick. It has adjustable stroke speed, but lacks automatic airflow of the working area.

When choosing a tool, study the power ratings, additional functions and saw blade speed. By giving preference to a trusted supplier, you will protect yourself from buying a fake.

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