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There are many technical aspects to the world of photography. They may seem difficult for beginners. However, understanding the main camera modes and their priorities can greatly help in creating high-quality photographs. One of the first and important steps on the path to professional photography is mastering aperture priority for beginners.

Aperture priority

The content of the article

  • Diving into Aperture Priority
  • Comparison with shutter priority
  • Variety of shooting modes
  • Experiments with manual shooting mode
  • Best Cameras for Beginners with Variable Aperture Mode
  • conclusions

Diving into Aperture Priority

Aperture priority is the ability to control the amount of light entering the camera's sensor. It also allows you to adjust the depth of field of the image. In Canon's aperture priority mode, for example, the photographer can set a specific aperture value. At this time, the camera automatically selects the appropriate shutter speed for the correct exposure.

Key aspects of aperture priority mode for beginners:

  1. Aperture priority allows you to control the amount of light entering the camera's sensor. This in turn affects the exposure of the image.
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  2. This mode also allows you to change the depth of field of the image. This option makes it possible to focus attention on certain objects. This makes them appear sharper while the background remains blurred.
  3. Aperture priority gives you creative control over your shot's composition. This allows the photographer to experiment with lighting and depth of field.
  4. By working in this mode, beginners can better understand how aperture affects the final result. And by doing so, they can improve their photography skills.
  5. Aperture priority mode allows you to quickly adapt to changing lighting conditions while maintaining the desired depth of field.
  6. Many cameras have convenient interfaces for working in aperture priority mode, making it accessible even to those just starting to learn photography.
  7. Understanding aperture and its effect on the image is an important step towards using more complex camera modes in the future.

Comparison with shutter priority

Shutter priority aims to control the amount of time the camera's shutter is open. This directly affects how the camera captures movement.

The choice between shutter priority or aperture priority depends on what is more important for a particular shoot:

  • Shooting speed. When shooting quickly, it is important to control the shutter speed to avoid blur.
  • Depth of field. If control over depth of field is more important, aperture is preferred.

Variety of shooting modes

The camera's shooting modes provide opportunities for a variety of creative solutions. Let's look at some of them:

  1. P mode offers automatic setting of aperture and shutter speed, but with the ability to correct them.
  2. Mode A sets the aperture value and the camera selects the appropriate shutter speed.
  3. Mode S or shutter priority mode. The user sets the shutter speed, and the camera selects the aperture.
  4. Mode M, also known as manual. The photographer has complete control over both parameters: aperture and shutter speed.

Experiments with manual shooting mode

Manual shooting mode opens up the field for experimentation. The user independently sets all shooting parameters, which allows complete control over the final result.

Mastering camera modes P, A, S, M leads to a deep understanding of the photography process and expands your creative horizons. This allows the photographer to know exactly what settings to use in different shooting conditions.

Canon aperture priority

Best Cameras for Beginners with Variable Aperture Mode

The choice of the optimal camera for beginners in Russia, which has an aperture adjustment mode, depends on individual preferences and budget. Based on available information from various sources, there are several camera models that may be suitable for beginners:

  1. The Canon EOS 250D is known for its user friendliness and comes with an adjustable aperture mode. Users can easily change aperture settings to control light output and depth of field.
  2. The Nikon D3500 allows beginners to easily control aperture and other shooting parameters, making it a great choice for those just starting to learn photography.
  3. The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV has improved stabilization features and is a good choice for beginners due to its ease of use and ability to adjust the aperture.
  4. Sony Alpha a6000. With its compact size and convenient manual settings, including aperture adjustment, this camera is ideal for beginners looking to improve their photography skills.
  5. The Fujifilm X-T200 also has an aperture mode and offers beginners plenty of features to get creative with photography.

All listed models are available for purchase in Russia through various retailers and online platforms.


Aperture priority mode is one of the key tools on the path to mastering the art of photography. It provides beginning photographers with important skills in controlling light output and depth of field, which in turn opens the door to creative expression and an understanding of the fundamentals of photography. This mode is a great starting point for experimenting with different shooting settings and adapting to different lighting conditions.

In conclusion, mastering aperture priority mode and choosing the right camera are important steps towards professional photography. Experimentation and practice will enrich the experience of beginning photographers, helping them find their unique style and improve their technical skill in photography.

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