Bright accents in the interior: what things in your home can be colored

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Courage and risk are not always about extreme types of entertainment, but also about the ability to easily leave your comfort zone in the most important and personal areas of life. We are talking about using bright and rich colors in the interior as an ideal solution to brighten up gray everyday life and transform the house.

We offer you a checklist of things that will fit quite harmoniously into the interior, even if they are too bright in color.

The content of the article

  • Entrance door
  • Clock in the hallway
  • Paintings on the walls
  • Decorative pillows on the sofa
  • Fridge
  • Nightstand
  • Armchair in the bedroom
  • Textiles in the bathroom
  • Carpets

Entrance door

If you live in a private house, then the front door is the first thing you should focus on. It can be of completely different and unpredictable colors, which will only add unusualness and originality to the house. Entrance doors look great in a rich green shade, burgundy, bright blue or even light green, raspberry, or orange.


Clock in the hallway

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This accessory perfectly performs its task in any room, but in the hallway it is simply necessary. To prevent watches from visually getting lost among shelves, hangers and sconces, you can purchase bright and unusual models.



Paintings on the walls

If the interior of the living room is made in a laconic and calm design, but you really want to add life to the room and colors, then there is nothing easier than hanging accent posters, paintings, posters, photographs on the walls, installations. Basically, all you need to do is put them in a nice frame and hang them up.

Decorative pillows on the sofa

And the more there are, the better. Even if your sofa is the simplest and doesn’t have any special chic, feel free to throw pillows in bright pillowcases over it, and you will immediately notice how the living room will change. True, when choosing shades, you should still rely on the harmony of the combinations, so you should mix only those colors that complement each other. Otherwise, you will get an incomprehensible stain that is unlikely to be appreciated.


For some reason, many people are afraid to use bright details in the kitchen. This is understandable: the kitchen is almost a sacred place, and no one wants to spoil the interior with their experiments, especially when it comes to large household appliances.

However, there is one important point - a bright refrigerator of an unusual color never bothers anyone. Moreover, it is permissible to consider even such unusual options as red, purple, green, light green.



We are talking about a bedside table. But many people know that the bedroom is a place of relaxation, and therefore some drastic and bold decisions are least often considered here. But as for the bedside table, it may well be a bright shade.

In fact, it stands aside, and it is not at all the main element of the interior, and therefore you can safely consider colored and bright cabinets - the room will only benefit from this.

Armchair in the bedroom

But in the case of a chair, the opposite principle applies. This is what will become the main element in the bedroom, especially if it is a rich shade, which will immediately attract attention. True, such a solution does not always spoil the look of the bedroom, but on the contrary, it looks advantageous. Especially if the bedroom is made in a calm and monochromatic color.

Textiles in the bathroom

Again, many prefer the classic design of the bathroom - light shades, a minimum of patterns and prints, neutral combinations and no bold decisions. But if you really want to add some color to this room, then the best solution is to buy bright textiles. Towels in deep colors are ideal for the bathroom: plum, purple, indigo, herbal.


If you decide to purchase a carpet, then make sure it is bright and unusual. Go beyond stereotypes and immediately abandon everything familiar and neutral. Bright and original carpets look very successful and advantageous in the interior, and the brighter it is, the better it fits into the laconic and seasoned surroundings.

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