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The corridor is the first room that greets guests, so its design is of great importance. Corridor design and renovation require special attention. Especially when it comes to choosing wallpaper. Properly selected wallpaper can visually expand the space. They can also make it brighter and more comfortable.

The content of the article

  • Features of choosing wallpaper
  • Combination of textures and colors
  • Design examples
  • Mistakes when choosing wallpaper for the corridor
  • Conclusion

Features of choosing wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper for a small corridor is not an easy task. It is advisable to focus on light shades that will visually enlarge the space. Wallpaper for corridor design should not only be beautiful, but also practical. It is best to choose wallpaper made from materials that are moisture-resistant and resistant to mechanical damage.

Combination of textures and colors

There can be many ideas on how to combine wallpaper in the hallway (photo). For example, you can use a combination of light and dark shades, matte and glossy surfaces. This will help create interesting accents and make the interior more dynamic.

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Repair of the corridor in the apartment

Choosing the right combination of textures and colors is key when decorating your hallway. This helps create a certain impression and atmosphere in the space. Let's look at how you can intelligently combine different textures and colors when choosing wallpaper for a corridor.

Basic principles of color combinations:

  • Light shades usually make a space appear larger and brighter. And this is ideal for small and narrow corridors.
  • Warm colors tend to make a space feel cozier. While cool shades add freshness and severity.
  • Contrasting color combinations create a dynamic and vibrant image. And monotonous colors emphasize calm and harmony.

Experiments with textures:

  1. Matte and glossy wallpapers can be combined to create interesting visual effects. Glossy wallpaper reflects light and makes the room brighter, while matte wallpaper absorbs light and creates a cozy feeling.
  2. Wallpaper with a raised pattern adds depth and interest to a hallway design. They can also hide uneven walls.
  3. Textile wallpaper gives the corridor a warmer and more cozy look, but is best suited for spacious corridors, as it can visually narrow the space.

Examples of combinations:

  1. The combination of light matte wallpaper on one wall and glossy dark wallpaper on the other can create an interesting contrast and make the corridor more expressive.
  2. Wallpaper for a narrow hallway often has vertical patterns that make the space appear larger, while horizontal patterns can make the hallway appear wider.

The combination of textures and colors plays an important role in creating a unique hallway design. By experimenting with different textures and colors, you can find the perfect solution for your home that will please the eye and create a pleasant experience for guests.

Design examples

When renovating a hallway in an apartment, choosing the right wallpaper will help create a good impression on the overall appearance and atmosphere of the space. Let's look at a few ideas for decorating a small corridor using wallpaper.

Choosing light shades and vertical lines will help visually enlarge the space and “raise” the ceiling. Wallpaper with a vertical pattern or stripes can add height to the hallway.

Create an accent on one wall using bright or patterned wallpaper. This can be an interesting visual accent that will distract attention from the size of the corridor.

Use matte and glossy wallpaper on different walls to create a dynamic and interesting visual effect.

Textile wallpaper will add warmth and coziness, but it is better to use it in combination with other, more practical wallpaper, as they are less resistant to stains.

Photo wallpaper with a perspective image can visually expand the corridor, creating the illusion of more space.

Wallpaper with a subtle, barely noticeable pattern will add sophistication without dominating the space.

Various design options and renovation ideas for the hallway (photo) can be found in specialized magazines or online resources on interior design. It is important to choose wallpaper in accordance with the size and lighting of the corridor, as well as personal preferences and the overall style of the apartment. Experiment with textures, colors and patterns to create a hallway design that is unique and pleasing to the eye.

How to combine wallpaper in the hallway

Mistakes when choosing wallpaper for the corridor

Choosing wallpaper for the hallway in an apartment is an important step in the renovation process. Errors at this stage can lead to unsatisfactory results and additional costs for replacing wallpaper. The first common mistake is choosing dark or bright colors for a small hallway. Dark shades can visually shrink a space, making it even narrower and darker, which is especially critical for already small and narrow hallways.

The second mistake is related to the choice of texture and quality of wallpaper. The wrong choice of texture can cause wall unevenness to be more noticeable. In addition, choosing low-quality wallpaper can lead to rapid wear of the coating, which will ultimately require additional repair costs. High-quality wallpaper with the right texture will help hide minor wall defects and maintain a fresh look for a long time.

The third common mistake is the discrepancy between the selected wallpaper and the overall style of the apartment’s interior. It is important that the wallpaper design is in harmony with the furniture, decor and other interior elements of the corridor and neighboring rooms. Inconsistency in style can create disharmony and reduce the aesthetic appeal of the space. Correctly selected wallpaper will help create a complete and harmonious image of the corridor, emphasizing the individuality and taste of the apartment owners.


Renovating a hallway in an apartment is an opportunity to express yourself creatively and make your home more comfortable and cozy. The right wallpaper for a narrow corridor in an apartment or wallpaper for a small hallway will help create a pleasant first impression of your home and highlight your individual style. Before you start choosing wallpaper, it is recommended to study the photo of the corridor renovation and the photo of wallpaper for a narrow corridor for inspiration and choosing the optimal solution.

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