Furniture for a small kitchen - secrets of designers in one article

  • Design cunning - choose the color of furniture, starting from the color of the walls
  • The main rules of designers
  • Basic elements of furniture - types, designs, nuances
  • We choose a place for storing utensils and arrange furniture
  • A few more interesting recommendations

Considering the options for arranging a small kitchen, it's impossible not to be surprised - how the designers manage to arrange so much furniture in a limited space, making the entire room not only ergonomic, but practical, and beautiful? Sometimes in such kitchens you can find even a sofa - of course, small, but quite roomy.

Design cunning - choose the color of furniture, starting from the color of the walls

Professionals when choosing furniture for a small kitchen use the main secret - both colors and shapes should be selected to expand the room, creating a visual illusion of space. If you are still planning to design and repair the kitchen, then keep in mind the following rules for combining the color of the walls and the color of furniture in a small space.

  1. It is desirable that in a small kitchen the walls should be light monophonic or with a small unobtrusive pattern - furniture on such a background looks less cumbersome.

  1. If you have already decorated the walls in dark colors or you like contrasting combinations, then furniture is better to choose white, beige, gray and pastel shades.

  1. If both the furniture and walls in your kitchen are decorated in dark colors - it does not matter. Get a lot of local luminaires in the working and dining areas, and decorate the windows with translucent monophonic textiles.

Advice! For even greater space expansion, you can use glossy facades in combination with LED backlighting.

When arranging furniture in a small kitchen, one should not forget about a large amount of equipment. To save a useful area, you should purchase built-in or compact equipment. It is possible that the needs of your family do not include a roomy refrigerator, and instead of the traditional kitchenette, you decide to place a sofa and a dining room. Read more about kitchen corners and a sofa in the interior of the kitchen.

Advice! Do not forget that as a full working surface you can use the sill as well. Sometimes this part of the window decor can even replace a table for a small kitchen.

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The main rules of designers

The main recommendations for choosing furniture in a small kitchen are as follows:

  1. Even the massive furniture, made in light and discreet tones, will not look cumbersome;
  2. Kitchen set is better to choose to the ceiling: on the upper shelves store utensils for guests, cookbooks, which you rarely need and other things are not essential, and on the lower - heavy and large pans and frying pans.

  1. Preferably, the headset was led by brilliant, glossy, mirror and chrome surfaces.

  1. Mirrors in the minimum of space work especially effectively - both in natural and artificial lighting they reflect light.
  2. It is worth giving preference to visually concise solutions, not combining within a modest kitchen more than 2 main colors.

  1. You will create a stunning visual effect if you decide to place in the kitchen transparent furniture - for example, a glass table or benches or chairs made of translucent plastic.

  1. Variants with a lot of small-sized interior elements look more careless than 2-3 large-sized pieces of furniture, which you can put on their seats. So do not think that the sofa in the kitchen can not fit.

  1. At least one piece of furniture in a small kitchen should be high to attract more attention to the top of the room.
  2. A round table for a small kitchen will do more, since it takes up much less space than a square one and does not have corners, which you can accidentally hit.

  1. Choosing a sofa, table, benches or chairs for a small room, it is worth opting for lightweight structures that do not clutter up space.
  2. Folding and folding furniture is a great way to optimize the space of a small kitchen.


Basic elements of furniture - types, designs, nuances

How to arrange furniture in a small kitchen and place on a limited area a sofa, table, chairs or benches, work surfaces and all the necessary equipment? To do this, choose a corner set or furniture-transformer, as well as other compact, easy-to-use options.

The optimal set of furniture for a small room will be:

  1. Corner set - compact, small, with 3 lockers maximum. It is better to use narrow oblong constructions, due to which the room will visually stretch. A one-part washer is installed, and the lockers are equipped with sliding doors, not swing doors. The lower pedestals are united by one table top and, if necessary, are used to place built-in appliances.

  1. As an alternative to corner furniture with hanging cabinets, narrow long pencil cases are used. To make the interior laconic, you need to place 2 of these pencil cases in the corners of the room and completely remove the hanging shelves from it.
  2. As already mentioned, well when, the ideal dining group for a small kitchen consists of a round folding table and light chairs. As a table that saves space, the bar counter is also suitable - as an option, a corner bar.

  1. To increase the functionality of a small space it is necessary to use railing systems - vertical or horizontal. Reiling is a tube on which hooks can be used to hang shelves or a variety of kitchen utensils.

  1. Cabinets should be with ergonomic doors - roller, folding, sliding.
  2. The table under the sink is equipped with a built-in container divided into several compartments. This will allow placing in the previously uncomfortable for the search area a lot of useful items.
  3. Cabinets with drawers are complemented by multi-tiered trays for small items, which allows. store a lot of useful little things in order.

We choose a place for storing utensils and arrange furniture

Have you decided to use a folding sofa? Choose an option with niches, where you can hide the rarely used bulky utensils. For the same purpose, benches with folding seats are also suitable.

The issue of storing kitchen utensils can be solved unusually - for example, by adapting a large basket under the dining table.

Room with a kind of charm can be created and if you use an open corner rack - of course, not only put it washed up to shine dishes and often wipe off dust from it.

If the kitchen is small in size, but a wide (or dining area is removed from the kitchen) can be done in its center island - you can take out even a refrigerator or a sink, but you can do it openly shelves.


Another interesting solution will be a kind of galley - in this case, no corner layout is used, and boxes and hanging cabinets are mounted along the parallel walls of the room.

In general, there are several typical layouts for small kitchens:

  1. Items of furniture (including a sofa or benches) are placed along adjacent walls (two-row layout).
  1. Placement of furniture along adjacent walls (L-shaped) - here, as a rule, a corner kitchen set is used.
  1. Furniture is installed along one wall (linear layout). In this case, priorities are set - first the working surface is located, and then everything else. Narrow long benches will be a salvation for elongated rooms, and traditional chairs are not necessary complement the dining table (its role may well be played by a bar counter or a wide reinforced window sill).

Advice! If space is very much "compressed then the refrigerator and other bulky items are taken out of the kitchen - perhaps you will find a place for them in the corridor or you will be able to redesign the storage room.

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A few more interesting recommendations

The space above the hob is never closed by the lockers - this is the place for drawing. If you do not want to spoil the furniture by regular contact with grease, moisture and fumes, place it at least 30-cm away from the stove. Consider also the distance between the upper and lower boxes - according to the recommendations of specialists, it should be at least 600 mm.


Do not forget that near the working surfaces and built-in appliances there should be enough space for passage.

Advice! All high objects in a small kitchen are placed at the edges - a refrigerator, pencil cases and so on. In no case should they tear the worktop apart.

Visually increase the space can be and with the help of rounded or beveled furniture facades, as well as using a "Spartan" sofa, high bar tables, chairs and benches (forged or carved, with delicate weightless elements). Do not forget about ergonomics - from the idea to put a sofa or benches it is better to refuse if space is not critically enough. It is better to use chairs that can be easily hidden under a table if necessary.

A small kitchen can be cozy, bright and comfortable, if you choose the right furniture and place it. It is important to approach the arrangement of the main place in the house with love, intelligence and creative enthusiasm.

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