How to choose a punch

Describing the punch, often omitted the main thing: the cartridge and the shank of the drill. In them lies the main difference from the drill. Consider punch selection rules.

Why do you need the punch

The main distinguishing feature

Selecting the punch starts in the presence of the designated range of tasks. It is important to understand the differences indicated by the drill tool. Electric drill there exists a home for all, and to distinguish it from the gun at first glance will be able to only those who have used both tools. Online help find the difference and had the idea of ​​choosing a punch.

First, the cartridge. Due to the nature of the work constantly hammering the punch device. The function marked with the hammer in the presence of many drills, but the regime, rather an auxiliary, so the cartridge is not too different from usual. This three-pin, a screw tightly pressed to the drill shank. Compound loose, often rotated, particularly when drilling thin metal thick drill. Actually, the need for pulling out and reverse drills. Just try to rotate the edifice together with a cord.

Designation Shot function

Designation Shot function

Thus, the impact function is present and the drill. On the switch, usually drawn hammer (cm. Photo). Spindle ordinary drill is not suitable for continuous operation. Now, about the differences between spindle. To drill into key Comes with circular teeth. With the help of the drill pin is crimped. I punch a fundamentally different principle shank attachment. Two types available on the market. On this aspect easier to show the types of hammers:

  1. Cartridge SDS plus is suitable for home use. Mostly standing on models up to 1 kW. Shank drill four elongated recesses of the two species. Identical diametrically. Different nuances. The diameter of the shank is typically 10 mm.
  2. Cartridge SDS max accompanies powerful models. Capable of weighing 7 kg depending on the grade. The diameter of the shank is increased up to 18 mm, and the recesses are arranged asymmetrically have: one is replaced by two smaller ones. 5 is obtained pieces that allow to mount stronger than the drill (drill, crown and so forth.).

In both cases, the shank of the center hole, deep drifting along the axis inside the drill. The main difference between these baits under the guns - no key. Shank is latched in the cartridge slight push hands, providing the change type and quality of work on-line, in the dirt, dust, frost mittens. Otscholkivaetsya pressing the drill spindle with the top moving portion. On this basis one can recognize in the window punch.

keys drills

keys drills

The quality and properties of the punch

Why punch a powerful patron for shank? Deal in the specificity of the work. In the course of construction it is necessary to drill a large range of diameters set of holes. Standard drill shown in the photo, can hardly keep up with the drill 12 mm. Under the hammer head from the shank expands, sometimes repeatedly. The specifications stated:

  • The maximum diameter of holes for concrete - 28 mm.
  • The maximum opening diameter of the tree - 40 mm.
  • The maximum diameter of the holes in steel - 13 mm.

Drills for concrete and wood add dramatically in diameter, allowing to expand the range of services. For drill diameter up to 12 mm will be released to the wall. For comparison, standard Enclosures are made on 60 mm. It requires powerful crown of appropriate size. To increase the strength needed solid shank. for perforating drill reach two feet in length, this is not the limit. From drills are simply fall out.

hammer hammer is great at low power. Helping handle on the back of the body, as opposed to the drills, vaguely resembling a gun. In addition, in the gun often has a feature of a jackhammer, although it is not recommended to get involved. It helps when removing the old windows, window sills, stucco and other cases. The nozzle is no longer similar to the drill bit, looks like a hefty flathead screwdriver.

puncher Bosh

puncher Bosh

Hammer heads are distinguished from afar. It is clear that the spindles SDS plus and SDS max incompatible class of tools is different.

parameters Drifters

Hammer drill wood and metal, but usually take for concrete to save time and effort. Specifications perforators considered from the viewpoint of impact strength, rather than power (due to different efficiency). Typical values ​​for home-grown models fall within the range up to 3 J (impact energy), it is better to drill. If you take the giant spindle SDS max, Makita HR5001C produces 17.5 J at every stroke. Desyatikilogrammovy monster quickly any wall holes.

the impact energy is not always given in the specifications. Should be guided on the weight and power of the device. For example, if the model weighs 2.6 kg, and its half power (750 watts) than in Makita HR5001C (1500 W), the approximate figure is as follows:

E = 17,5 / (3,8 x 2) in total have something of the order of 2.3 J. explains:

  1. The coefficients of 3.8 and 2 were obtained by dividing the rounding 10 at 2.6 and 1500 750.
  2. The denominator is taken the product, and the numerator is the impact energy standard.

This gives a rough idea of ​​the characterization. At the same time the reader understands what options to navigate. Incidentally, the power consumption is developed not at once, not idling (except at the start of the motor rotor, then decreases). With the growth of the mass of the gun is more difficult to work on a vertical up and easier to perforate the floor. Solid weight increases the return and impact energy. Due to this, do podrozetnik slots in the concrete wall will be happy.

Makita rotary hammer

Makita rotary hammer

Revolutions are not the main feature of the gun, but with an increase in the weight drops sharply. Due to the special design of the gearbox impact frequency remains approximately the same. rotational speed is reduced because heavy perforator has a much greater inertia. At high speed of rotation increases the probability of drill breakage even when a light curvature. The decline in turnover is seen clearly appointment hammers - to beat the concrete (as opposed to drilling wood, carried out a drill).

Accessories for rotary hammers

The above are the maximal size of holes on different grounds. But this is not the limit. The sale is easy to find the crown on the concrete 68 mm, suitable for the installation of large domestic Enclosures. Values ​​rather relate to being part of the Boers and the most common. Wood massively applied Lewis drills. We can not say that the 40 mm - limit. Only cost additional accessories are not cheap.

For example, the crown on the concrete 68 mm can go for the price of 800 rubles, and the punch is worth 3000 rubles. A quarter of the sum of the device for accessory - a significant contribution to the expense of building instrument. The cartridge is not the only possible embodiment. On sale is a standard pin with a shaft under regular spindle. Put the stock and use drill to drill home. Finally add the theme: from Forstner diameter of the tree is over a 100 mm.

Manufacturers hammers provided different ways to enhance product capabilities. Otherwise, the punch is not called a universal tool used for construction works. Cartridges standard form shank for rotary hammers are a standard wrench or spanner (hexagon). Choose the one you like. Be sure to check the maximum diameter of the drill installed. Not all of the old low-power drill capable of accommodating a drill for concrete with a shaft at least 12 mm. Verification is needed to assess the compatibility of products with existing or planned to purchase set.

Widely used in the practice of extenders, for example, under the SDS plus spindle crowns on concrete. There are also extensions for pen drills on a tree. This extends the capability of the instrument. Choosing, pay attention to the type of shank. On sale are:

  • Adapters with SDS max to SDS plus and back, which allows for non-standard for this type of drills equipment.
  • Step drills for wood, suitable for plastic and drywall. With a single nozzle actually drilled a number of holes.
  • Adapters for other types of tools, such as jackhammers.
  • Lubricants of different types. For gear, shanks.

Masters disagree than lubricated, but without the grease and the drill chuck may be damaged. Puncher is designed so that the shank just goes, heat is generated as a result. This detrimental effect on health, not to mention the effects of thermal expansion. They say that the lubricant protects the inside of the gun from dust. Reducer is used intensively, and in conditions of high dust content, it is recommended to buy a special lubricant.

  • The dust is released during operation.

And by using the mask dimension becomes the cause of the builder occupational diseases, for example silicosis. Certain types of perforators to lock such effects are cleaner (dust extraction), which is a specific form of a retractable tip Flare. It is driven by the same engine as that of the spindle. The bag is often mounted under the body of the device. As a result, must be periodically emptied containers.

  • Handy accessory is the depth.

With it exhibited the desired immersion in the thickness of the material. A number of identical holes carried out relatively quickly. Any master appreciate accessory. Minus one: for greater accuracy in series expansion holes have to be reconstructed by a drill. First take a small drill bit. We advise to work on the holes run parallel.

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