How to choose the Uninterruptible Power Supply

Criteria is not enough. There are several types of designs, most people prefer to take the cheaper. Consider how to choose the UPS.

Obvious reasons for choosing an uninterruptible power supply

Uninterruptible power supply pulls the load. How to identify? Directions - on the power supply. To get to the information, it is necessary to open the system unit, a technical data always on the side of the box. This usually does not violate the terms of the guarantee.

power equipment

power equipment

  1. Striking (see. photo) inscription on the power. Large font specified: 450 watts (W) or 350 watts.
  2. Below "common" power supply are tables out as follows:
  • Types of DC: + 3.3V, + 5V, + 12V, -12V. Some tire complex consists of several lines, while others are simple.
  • Each area is characterized by the power in watts. Near many digits should MAX - the maximum provided by the power supply inside the system unit. Focus on numbers in the selection of devices, including peripheral feeding through the input-output port interfaces.
  • 450 W and 350 W - total power of issued. The block has a certain efficiency.
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On the line AC Input noticeably: consumption currents are 8 and 4 for supply voltages A 115 (US standard), 230 (Europe) B, respectively. The figures do not differ for the products on the photo. Output different power consumed by the same? Low efficiency. Count: 4 x 230 = 950 W (roughly). Hence, the source of the personal computer power forwards of the current in an unknown direction.

compact UPS

compact UPS

uninterruptible power supply should provide figures. To supply the system unit power the UPS will need to 1 kVA. Why it does not say anything about the current clamp? The system unit is not required to consume a maximum at any one time. To do this, you need to download the full graphics and central processors, DVD-drive, a hard drive. Company collected personal computers from components with a margin. The CPU does not consume more than 70 W with the monitor.

Uninterruptible Power Supply 1 kVA necessary for the sake of, to meet the requirements of the Chinese mentioned in the technical data. Take less - the system would collapse to save the information. Power consumption - product of current and voltage. Selection of an uninterruptible power supply is determined by this information.

Add a monitor. Markings on the photo gives a strange figure. voltage is 100-230 V, 60/50 Hz frequency, a current of 1.5 A. It turns crazy figure - 230 x 1.5 = 350 W as an old tube TV set tempo, without saving. The guide does not supply current services and monitor, only the voltage.

marking monitor

marking monitor

Marking on the case can refer to the fuse. Power depends on current regardless of the voltage: P = I x I x R, R - resistance fusible yarn (paste). Combustion occurs under identical conditions. The specification on the LCD panel, see figure 24 W, is closer to reality. Checked: coupled system block and the monitor within consume 100 watts.

Maximum unit power monitor produces (total output power) 40 watts. Efficiency is lame, consumption is a maximum of 60 watts. Markings on the housing (350 watts) relates to a fuse. There was a limit consumption (AC input current) - 0.8 A, in terms of capacity - 184 watts. In standby mode, the monitor consumes less.

Technical characteristics of the uninterruptible power supply must meet the needs. With the monitor can be saved with the source of the power supply system more difficult. The table on the housing Set input alternating current. Power consumption overlaps to give 2 times. We'll have an uninterruptible power supply to choose at least 1 kVA for both devices.

Nests of uninterruptible power supplies

Most uninterruptible power supplies IEC 320-C14 output jacks are designed for standard cables IEC 320-C13, three-wire system with a maximum current of 10 A. Option is not always easy to use, require transitional cords (see. Photo). Cable specifications embossed on the material from which the connectors are made:

  1. supply voltage of 250 V at a current of 10 A.
  2. Standard: IEC 60320-1 (GOST 30851.1).
transitional cords

transitional cords

See drawings in the Russian-language text of the standard (search C13 or C14). Most readers will have home conventional cords. If you connect a drill or a lamp, take the uninterruptible power supply with standard sockets a European-type plug, a body with rows of conventional sockets, allowing connection of any consumers.

Other power socket:

  1. Port management uninterruptible power supply is usually represented by COM or USB serial interface (type B). Most management capabilities readers will not be useful. Some features are available only through the software (maintaining maximum battery life). The charge level is limited to two-thirds, the batteries last longer.
  2. Some uninterruptible power supplies convert AC voltage charge the external battery. There are separate ports. Batteries are used with voltage per 24, 48, 96 V. There is a built inverter (DC-DC converter to AC).
  3. The composition of most of the UPS input port RJ-45 (8P8C) for connection to the Internet. Thus further arranged vanishing of this tire. Provides data line protection using the varistor overload. It is impossible to burn a network card, motherboard.

Not always protected conductors 8 8P8S connectors are limited to 4 or 5 contacts. In circuit with the router put it after the UPS. Seldom required (in cable poor insulation, the route goes along the street). Decide whether to make a choice in favor of the UPS-protected version. Specify (from the manufacturer), which lines are protected.

Functions and parameters of uninterruptible power supplies

Select the UPS to disconnect the alarm. When firing is necessary to shut down the UPS. Some types of uninterruptible power supplies, pressing the button to remove the buzzer. As the battery reduce the sound becomes more insistent.

In complex UPS using the LCD display and the buttons are given the option. self-test mode will repair the device. It has no meaning.

Interesting display on the LCD. In bypass mode, the line voltage is held directly on the devices. Uninterruptible power supply - no voltage regulator, although such features are incorporated. Separate display - for battery life, with the use of an internal inverter. Bypass mode is often an emergency, constitute a waiver of batteries will not function in a linear mode.

An important feature of complex uninterruptible power supply - voltage setting. Domestic standard - 220, European - 230 or 240. Thus rid of bypass, to fully protect the equipment from power surges. Set the output voltage differs from the AC outlet, the UPS will switch to linear mode. Most of the equipment is working, the UPS will plow for wear.

The choice depends on the ratio of price UPS and connected equipment source. The algorithm enable the bypass mode is changed from the manufacturers. A matter of choice of uninterruptible power supply should be engaged in a professional. For repairs, contact service centers nearby.

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