By which parameters are the induction hobs selected

By which parameters are the induction hobs selected


The advanced built-in kitchen appliances are imperceptible, but powerfully changed the face of modern cuisine and the whole kitchen life. How to choose an induction hob that it has become a real heart of the kitchen? Let's see what parameters you need to pay attention to.


  • 1Feature of glass ceramics
  • 2The four main advantages of such panels
  • 3Main functions

Feature of glass ceramics

Glass ceramics (the material from which the surface is made) is precisely the material that is as fast as possible warms up and cool down very slowly, so huge electricity bills are left in the past together with cast-iron ones "Pancakes".

Advantages of glass ceramics:

  • Low thermal inertia - the plate heats very quickly, but it keeps heat for a long time (up to 30% of electricity savings) - 90% Efficiency is definitely better than 60% of the conventional electric plate
  • Production of directional heat - technology is also aimed at saving energy. There are several heating zones - the inside is turned on when a small saucepan is placed on the stove, the outside is attached, if the dishes are larger, there is also an oval heating zone for the bratwalker
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  • Durability - glass ceramics is almost eternal. Its main enemies are chips at the edges (the problem is solved by choosing a panel with aluminum sides) and burnt sugar, which can damage the film on the surface
  • Ease of cleaning - the dark surface of glass ceramics needs constant care, because any speck will be visible on the black gloss. But rubbing with a special liquid is an ideal smooth surface - it's a matter of one minute. Burnt spots are removed by a special scraper

Which plate do you choose? If you are not inclined to compromise and plan to buy what is best, the answer is one. Induction cooktop - the top of the evolution of electric cookers.

It is fundamentally different from other plates. There is no heating element in the usual sense. Its role is played by an induction coil. It creates a special electromagnetic field, which acts on the atoms in the crystal lattice of the pan. Yes, when you turn on the induction cooker, it stays cold!


Only dishes are heated. However, not everyone will approach.

The bottom of pots and pans should be perfectly flat, the unevenness of even 1-2 mm will reduce the quality of cooking. In addition, the bottom should be able to magnetize, otherwise the smart induction panel will signal that it can not cook under such conditions.

When you are going to the store for new dishes, take a magnet with you: the "induction" badge does not always indicate a suitable saucepan. Simply attach the magnet to the bottom of the selected model. If he is confidently holding, it's worth taking.

The four main advantages of such panels

  1. Extremely economical power consumption. The heat does not go away to warm the stove or the air around. Only dishes and food are heated in it. The cooking time is shortened at times, this is free time and the money is free
  2. The level of security is the highest. The cooker stays out of order until the dishes are standing on it. This eliminates the accidental inclusion of the plate by the child. Once the hob is released from the dishes, the cooker is automatically switched off
  3. If you need to reduce the temperature from the highest to the lowest, just press the desired button. The burner cools instantly and you will not have problems with the boiling away of food
  4. Since the induction hob remains cool, the spilled soup or fallen porridge is washed off with a light movement, because it does not burn

But how to choose an induction cooker for your kitchen? Try on it the main types of models:

  • A separate cooker or an independent hob - stand-alone induction cookers are not too common. Among them, the most compact models with two burners. But there are many hobs, their main requirement is the presence of a countertop, in which they need to be "drowned". If you need something more than two burners - choose a panel
  • Basic shapes, from which you can choose an induction panel: square, hexagonal, rectangular. Its size ranges from a modest 30x30 cm to a spacious and advanced 100x100 cm
  • Design - because the induction cooker has different shapes and sizes, manufacturers draw a different number of burners. The surface itself is often black. This is due to the fact that two companies are engaged in the production of the glass-ceramic surface itself, they manufacture panels for the order of manufacturers of household appliances. But now there are new developments - white and even transparent panels. Control knobs can be touch or mechanical
  • The price of new items on the market is quite high. It is definitely higher than any other hob or stove. The cost within the model range depends on the brand-manufacturer and the number of functions with which the equipment is equipped

Main functions

The more functions, the higher the price. But do you need all of them? Read what abilities the stove can be endowed with. Choose which ones will be useful.

  • Different amount and different size of burners. Pay attention also to their location
  • Combined plates - if you are not ready to completely switch to a new way of cooking, take a look at these slabs. They have one panel housed induction and conventional electric burners
  • The diameter and power of the burners is important: select them for your cooking volume and the existing dishes
  • If you have not yet been able to choose which saucepans you will use, take a plate that has hot plates with an extension. It will adjust to the size of the dishes
  • How to choose an induction cooker if you have kids with playful pens? Find a model with a control panel lock
  • The function "protective shutdown" protects you from "escaped" coffee, automatically turning off at the right time
  • The electronic timer will help to turn on the plate at the right time, and the sound signal will tell you that it's time to have supper
  • The residual heat indicator is a protection against accidental burns. Although the induction hob heats only the dishes, the heat from it is transferred to the surface. This heat is protected by the indicator
  • Multistage power adjustment. The more you cook, the more power options there should be at the stove so that there is plenty to choose from. While maximum - 16 modes
  • Recognition of the installation of dishes. The plate will not start until it detects a "correct" dish
  • The Power Boost mode increases the power of the burner by taking the power of the adjacent cooking zone
  • Induction without boundaries - you simply put the pan on the hob, and it adjusts itself, where exactly to influence it. This innovative technology is not available to all manufacturers
  • The Power Management function is your control over power consumption. You set the rate of flow and the plate adheres to it
  • The regime of keeping the heat is very convenient for those families in which its members return home at different times. Each of them will find on the stove a warm supper
  • Pause function - walk away from the kitchen for a couple of minutes without any problems: pressing the button will stop the cooking process
  • Constant temperature adjustment mode - set the temperature you need and write it in the memory of the plate. Next time she will set the necessary parameters

There are several "buts" to which you will have to pay attention:

  • with caution you need to use the induction panel to people with pacemakers
  • you can not install the device under metal products, so that the system "stove-oven under it" is not available

We hope that it will be much easier for you to choose an induction panel now. Enjoy the shopping!

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