White kitchen in the classical style - we study the theory and implement it in practice

  • Classics in the kitchen in white - yes or no?
  • Decorating floors, walls and ceilings in a classic white kitchen
  • Colors companions for the classic white kitchen
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White color is basic and universal. It is a color of purity, spaciousness and lightness, capable of visually increasing the room and advantageous to beat the space. Experts know how cool it can hide flaws and advantageously emphasize the advantages of both large and small or narrow kitchens. A worthy pair of such a classic color will play the appropriate style, and today we'll talk about how to fit the white color in the classic interior, how to maintain the color balance, and make it so that even such a keenly fashionable color solution fits into the classic interior of your kitchen. To help you - our advice and specially selected photos.

Classics in the kitchen in white - yes or no?

Often we try to make our character reflect the interior. So, the classical design will suit people who honor family values, traditions, appreciate constancy and stability. The design of the kitchen in the classical style requires:

  • reliable natural materials;
  • restrained color scheme;
  • strict traditional forms or vice versa of fanciful decor.

White color in the interior of classical cuisine:

  • softens and facilitates the "splendor pretentiousness and conservatism of the classics;
  • visually increase the space;
  • Add light to the dark kitchens located on the north side.

And what about the arguments "against"? It is considered that the design of the kitchen in the classical style is appropriate in medium or large kitchens with a high ceiling, because the massive forms inherent in the classics, in a small kitchen conceal space and look wrong effectively. Take a look at the photo, how successfully you can enter the classic style in small kitchens.


The costs that we have to face, equipping the classical cuisine, also frighten many. Natural high-quality materials and elegant furniture - where to get it, if the budget is strictly limited? Fortunately, today there are materials that perfectly imitate the wood of any texture and color, for example, fiberboard or MDF without gloss or veneer materials.


Another point that embarrasses many is the myth of the march of the kitchen of white color. Let's see to what extent this is true, but in what exaggeration?

  • Yes, a really light color, for example, the floor requires a "double cleaning". But for the facades of the kitchen set, apron and walls the white color does not lose in practicality to other shades, and on the dark surface the stains and divorces are even more visible.
  • In addition, the marquess of light furniture and finishes depends more on materials and their texture.
  • It is important to remember that a kitchen of any color requires regular cleaning. Of course, if you are the parents of small children or at home you have pets, maintaining order will be somewhat more difficult.

Decorating floors, walls and ceilings in a classic white kitchen

WALLS: Undoubtedly, in a classic white kitchen the walls should be monophonic. For decoration are used as wallpaper, and plaster, stucco or decorative panels. A slight pattern or ornament is allowed, and in a large white kitchen you can even cover part of the wall with frescoes with suitable motifs (scroll the photo to the right).


More antique-classic option - a covering of walls with cloth or drapery, but for the kitchen this is an unacceptable luxury, but for a dining room such a whimsical finish is quite suitable. With a white color dominating in the interior, it is necessary that the walls still differ at least by one or two tones, otherwise it will be difficult to avoid the effect of sterility.

FLOOR: The classical design does not oblige to a parquet on the floor, because in such a room as a kitchen, a tree is not the most practical coating. And yet it is the wooden floor that will create the atmosphere of "frozen time characteristic of the classics.


As a budget and practical alternative to a massive floor suit and just linoleum or laminate.

A more democratic and wear-resistant option will be porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles, which can be black and white, "under the stone" or with a "wooden" pattern.


CEILING: In classical style - classical solutions. Therefore, it is assumed that the ceiling must be whitewashed. If desired, it can be decorated with stucco molding, painting or moldings around the perimeter, but it is important not to overdo it! Typical for the classics and the ceiling as in the country house - rack, caisson or decorated with decorative wooden beams. Suspended ceilings - the choice is more modern, but also allowed. We suggest you take a look at the beautiful finishes in white kitchens in a classic style.


Colors companions for the classic white kitchen

In order to slightly "revive" the white kitchen and dilute its "sterility you must choose the colors-companions and interior items, which will add comfort and feeling of habitation. One of the most luxurious is the combination of white and gold. To ensure that the design does not look too pretentious, the gold finish can only be used in details: gilding on the handles and patina on the facades will be a spectacular but restrained accent. Modest gilding will look bronze, so you can choose: a bronze mixer, a chandelier, a technique and furniture with bronze fittings.


IDEA: Option for craftsmen - an ordinary white set from MDF is easy to turn into a classic, "aging" its patina.


Another good and classic combination is white and black.


Unbelievably stylish looks white set with a black top and / or apron. The photo below shows the interiors of white classic kitchens with a working area in black from tiles, granite, natural, artificial stone and chipboard.


Brown, like the color of wood, is also one of the most traditional white companions in the classic interior. But brown can be not only wooden objects, it can be brown marble (as in the photo below), tiles on the floor or in an apron and textiles.


In general, almost any shade of the natural scale, as well as restrained tones, will successfully accompany the white classical cuisine. Try to avoid two extremes - monochrome and too many different colors in accents. Successful examples look at the photos we picked up and design projects.


Advices on arrangement and decoration

  • It is better if the home appliances are hidden behind the facades, so that the modern surfaces do not violate the overall stylistics. Or you can choose a technique in retro style.

  • Lighting is an important point in any interior. In the kitchen in the classical style, massive chandeliers with forged details are appropriate, and it is important not to forget to install point lighting, for example, over the working area. Glossy furniture can additionally reflect the light, - use it in small areas.

  • Elegant classic design will accentuate the accessories of porcelain and ceramics. If you have a stale old tea porcelain set, then keep in mind that in the kitchen in the classical style, and even white, they will play the role of decor, if you put them in a cupboard or cabinet.
  • Textiles in a white kitchen in a classical style should be monophonic or with natural motifs, made of natural materials. Lambrequins and other additional decor are appropriate. Curtains can be: Roman, roll, Austrian, and classic in the floor. The color of textiles can be accent or neutral. The photo shows some ways of decorating the window, different types of curtains and their combination with each other.
  • The white kitchen does not have to be pure white! All the above tips will suit the classic kitchen, made in other light colors: beige, milk, color of melted milk or ivory, egg shell and creamy.

We hope that after reading our article and being inspired by beautiful photos, all your doubts about the choice of color and style of cuisine will disappear by themselves, and after repairs your light classical cuisine will fascinate guests again and again, and become a favorite place in the house!

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