Dates - benefit and harm for the organism of female and male

Each of us at least once tried this amazingly delicious treat! Sweet dates - the benefits and harm to the body from the use of these fruits will be described in this article. Most of us consider this fruit only as a treat, but in hot countries it is almost built into the rank of panacea for many diseases and the elixir of longevity. Whatever it was, to challenge the beneficial effect of this fruit on the human body is not necessary, because it is really rich in vitamins, useful macro and microelements.

  • What are dates?
  • Useful properties of dates, contraindications
  • Harm dates for the body
  • Is it possible to have dates in diabetes mellitus?
  • How to eat dates correctly - important nuances that you should know
  • How many dates can you eat per day to an average person?
  • Do I need to wash dates before use?
  • Dates - how to choose?
  • How to keep dates at home?
  • Strengthen or weaken dates?
  • Composition of dates
  • Dates - calories
  • The use of dates for the female body
  • Dates - benefit for men
  • Slimming dates
  • What do the dates mean?

Dates, photo:

The dates well satisfy hunger, give a tangible energy boost and are simply tasty with their unusual, tastelessly sweet taste.

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What are dates?

To begin with, you need to denote that this tree, and if the tree yields fruits, they are already considered fruits (since berries grow mainly on fruit bushes). The date palms of certain species give us these sweet and healthy fruits. Under the category of date palms is a diverse number of species, but most of all, it is Phoenix dactylifera - Pile date is considered the most common variety. For the taste and nutritional value are also valued varieties: Shakra, Saki, Sukkari, Barhi, Nabbut Saif, Razis, Salabi, Khalas, Deglet Nur (Algerian), Mejul (Moroccan is one of the largest sizes) and others.

Sort of dates - Mejul
The dates of Adju
Dates of Succari variety

To date, there are approximately 450 varieties of dates in the world, and in Saudi Arabia - one of the most important suppliers / producers of these fruits is very important.

Phoenix, photo of fruits:

Dates - what is this fruit from the point of view of botany? It is a fruit-drupe, juicy, sweet, one-seeded. Representatives of some varieties reach 7-8 cm in length and 4-5 cm in width. Even though the date palm is a tropical / subtropical inhabitant, some species can withstand frosts down to -10 ..- 14 ° C. During the fruiting process, the tree enters already the 5th or 6th year of life, and from one young palm tree it is sometimes possible to harvest 7-9 kg of harvest. Adult specimens are famous for their fertility, for example, a fifteen-year-old tree (and this is the time for maturity for it) can yield 80 or 90 kg of fruit. Cultural sorts, with a competent approach and care, can give "gardener" 120-150 kg of juicy large fruits. The date palm can bear fruit for 50 or even 80 years.

Date palm, photo:

Fresh fruit can be eaten only in the country where they grow. To us on counters of shops they get already in the dried, sometimes in dried form, but already preliminary subjected to special processing. After it, not only their characteristic taste is preserved, but all the valuable qualities of the product. Dried dates have a pronounced sweet taste, however, they are not as high in calories as, for example, chocolate sweets or other sweets. In general, opinions about the caloric content of dates are often contested in relevant forums on the net. Someone argues that the date is extremely calorie, and someone, on the contrary, proves that for all its candy this fruit contains very few calories and can be used as the main product for diet.

Dried dates, photo:


Questions of caloric value and a date diet will be considered in detail below, but for now, let's pay attention to the most important aspect - the benefits and possible harm from the use of these fruits.

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Useful properties of dates, contraindications

Let's start with a positive quality - these fruits are really very useful for the human body. Since ancient times, they have been used as an energy ingredient, which gives strength in diseases. Syrups and infusions from fruits, even ointments were made (and now are made) to relieve the condition with colds, sore throat, cough. A rich composition of useful elements makes it possible to produce drugs based on dates for the treatment of the eyes (conjunctivitis), genital organs, inflammation of the abdominal cavity, kidneys.

Dates are useful than:

  1. Fruits contain components that are detrimental to a wide range of different bacteria attacking the human body.
  2. They have a very positive effect on women's health: they facilitate the birth process, increase uterine contractions during childbirth and partially reduce pain in this case.
  3. This is the fruit that is simply indispensable for astronauts! It is stored for a long time and retains its positive properties, gives a burst of energy. Due to the high concentration of glucose,dried dates- it's just a great energy activator.
  4. The fiber content in dates fruit promotes active cleansing of the large intestine.
  5. Gently reduce blood pressure.
  6. The presence in their composition of vitamin A positively affects vision, optimizes the work of the thyroid gland.
  7. A favorable effect on the nervous system is noted, the use of these fruits strengthens it, relieves stress, a sense of anxiety (with relatively regular consumption as food).
  8. The content of vitamin B fruit in the composition optimizes the development of the muscular system, its normal functioning.
  9. Phosphorus and iron, which are rich in dried dates, improve appetite and greatly facilitate the manifestation of anemia (even its serious stage).
  10. There is a positive effect on liver function, and if you regularly use these fruits on an empty stomach (within reasonable limits, naturally), then they actively and fatally affect parasites and various helminthic invasions.
  11. Even in matters relating to the sexual sphere, the systematic eating of fig fruits helps to increase libido.

This delicacy is to some extent a medicine, and also a very worthy ingredient for various culinary delights.

Selected dates fruits, photo:


Extremely valuable is the content of magnesium in them, which, as is known, is able to suppress the activation of cancer cells in the human body. With the regular use of dates in food, the body finds a kind of shield, prevention from this terrible disease. Dried dates, harm and benefit from which have already been studied by modern and traditional medicine, in addition to the above advantages, strengthen bone tissue, teeth, improve the hair condition (help with falling). Their use speeds up the renewal of skin integuments (the flesh of dates is even used in cosmetology), heals cracks in mucous membranes.

The fruits of the date palm are an excellent medicine for diseases of the respiratory system, facilitate the state of coughing, bronchitis, improve the sputum discharge. They relieve meteorism and work as a delicate laxative for constipation. With pains in the stomach and even with ulcers, they significantly alleviate the condition, but specifically in this case, a doctor's consultation is mandatory.

By the way, if you are coughing, try in the morning (before eating) to take the dried dates (pieces 10), remove the bones from them and boil 10-15 minutes in 500 ml of milk. During the day, take them inside in between meals. For a week the cough will go away, as it was not, as well as all other manifestations of the common cold.

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Harm dates for the body

It will be fair to mention this factor, in spite of the fact that in most cases these fruits are not only possible but also desirable to eat. But, as always and in everything, this business also has its limitations for a certain category of people.

The use of these fruits is contraindicated in such cases:

  1. If a person suffers from an acute form of diabetes. Dates contain about 50% of sugar - this needs to be known and taken into account. Moreover, they quickly increase the level of glucose in the blood.
  2. In addition to the high index of glycemia, dates are considered a high-calorie product, so people with obesity and overweight from using these fruits should be discarded.
  3. If a person has a tendency to caries, then, again, because of the high sugar content, cariousness can only increase. In addition to the aggressive influence of sugar on the tooth enamel, in the presence of caries, the use of dates can provoke pulpitis, literally in a short period of time (8-12 hours).
  4. If gastric diseases are in an acute stage, then it is better to refuse dates. This fetus always activates intestinal peristalsis, due to dietary fiber in its composition. This factor can only aggravate an already grave condition, give impetus to a new round of illness. In acute forms of gastritis or colitis dates can not be used.
  5. If you are very addicted to dates (which is not surprising because of their excellent taste qualities), to eat them daily and a lot, the appearance of headaches will not take long. The so-called "overdose" dates can not only provoke hypertension, but also cause a serious "blow" on the liver.

Remember that dried dates are always digested for a long time by our body. Take them for food in the mornings or in the afternoon, but at night you better refuse. And yet - do not eat citrus fruits (oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits, etc.), as well as tomatoes. These gifts of nature contain acid, and mixing with the large amount of carbohydrates contained in dates, this "cocktail" has an extremely negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

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Is it possible to have dates in diabetes mellitus?

This question, I think, needs to be explained in more detail. The fact is that those suffering from this disease strictly limit themselves in using all sorts of sweets. They refuse from confectionery, no matter how much they want it. This disease requires a strict, sometimes strict diet, but all people want a sweet one from time to time - this is a normal desire.

As already mentioned above, for acute forms of diabetes, dried dates should be excluded from the diet. Diabetics often try to replace the familiar sweets with the use of dried fruits, and the dates are just for them. But what about the high sugar content in them? This is constantly disputes among scientists, for example, Israeli doctors issued such a verdict - the dates of the Majhol variety can be consumed by suffering diabetes!

Dates in the process of collection, photo:

However, the number of fruits should in no case exceed the norm of 100 g per day. In addition to glucose, which is dangerous for diabetics, the dried dates contain many useful ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the organism exhausted by the constant treatment. Therefore, according to the opinion of Israeli scientists, with a mild form of diabetes, you can quite a bit eat dates (1 or 2 pieces per day). Naturally, after a detailed consultation with your doctor. With a severe or moderate form of diabetes on the use of dates, alas, there can be no question. Those who are being treated with insulin need to take into account that 4-5 pieces of dates are about 20 XE (bread units).

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How to eat dates correctly - important nuances that you should know

A little later we will consider in more detail the useful properties of dates and contraindicationsfor the male and female body, but there are some "sore points" that interest lovers of these sweet fruits.

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How many dates can you eat per day to an average person?

Despite the fact that this fruit has more pluses than minuses, it is better to observe the measure and not to overeat. Within the norm, the number of dates per day for an adult should be about 7-8 pieces (but not more than 10). The child will be enough 1-3 per day, if you eat more, constipation may occur, as the fruit fibers have a feature for a very long time to be digested by the body (which we mentioned above).

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Do I need to wash dates before use?

Very often in the shop windows we can see beautiful, shiny, as if amber fruits. So, no matter how clean and attractive dates do not look, you need to wash them. First, they were collected manually, then (most likely) treated with sulfur dioxide. Keep in mind that almost all imported dried fruits are always treated with sulfur dioxide - to maintain a better appearance during transportation, and also to prevent the occurrence of different spider bugs. By the way, the bright and appetizing color of the dried fruit most often signals that it was processed with this chemical substance.

In other cases, dates can be covered with fat-containing substances, so the issue of washing fruits is not even discussed. Before eating dried dates must be thoroughly rinsed with hot water! By the way, frequent cases of indigestion after the use of dates are associated with poor-quality washing of fruits. The surface of this fruit is sticky - therefore, it attracts everything, including harmful microorganisms. Therefore, wash, and better, for a while, soak the dates in hot water.

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Dates - how to choose?

In our country they are often sold in dry form. They are soft, hard or semi-soft to the touch. This factor often depends on what stage of ripening the fruits were taken from the tree. Buy slightly soft fruits, with an intact skin. Strongly skukozhennye fruits should not be taken - they will not be tasty and dry. If there is a white coating on the date, it can be sugar or mold, in any case, take such a fruit is not worth it.

Which is better to buy dates - you will tell their appearance, slightly enlightened in the sun (lamp), moderately sticky (normal allocation of sugar), the surface should not shine too much (excessive gloss is fat or paraffin). The rind must be whole, if it is "injured then this is an indication that the manufacturer has saved on time, dried fruit not in the sun, as it should be by the rules, but in a special chamber with sulfuric acid gas.

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How to keep dates at home?

It is best to put the fruit in a cool place, the refrigerator compartment for vegetables and fruits is optimal. If you are a happy owner of a large stock of dates, then in a tightly closed plastic (or glass) container, in the cold, they can be stored for a whole year, and in the freezer - 4-5 years! On sale, these fruits can be in canned, dried or fresh - such specimens should be eaten at once, the canned ones usually have a storage date on the package. It is those fruits that are sold in bulk, can be stored the longest, we spoke about them above. How to store dates in a paper bag? In such conditions, the fruit can be stored for about 2 months, again, in the refrigerator. Never leave fruit where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, in a hot place or without protective packaging - spoiled or dried very quickly.

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Strengthen or weaken dates?

If a person suffers from serious systemic constipation, then another kind of treatment will be needed. But as a mild laxative, in the form of compote or broth, the date can alleviate this unpleasant phenomenon. These fruits are rich in vegetable fatty oils, they have a delicate, relaxing effect. In addition, the dates oppress the development of putrefactive microorganisms in the digestive tract, improve the process of intestinal peristalsis, and normalize its microflora. The fact is that due to their composition, these fruits not only help to cope with constipation (especially in the form of a decoction), but also stop the symptoms of diarrhea. The nicotinic acid that enters them improves digestive functions and helps to get rid of the irritated bowel symptom.

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Composition of dates

The main component of these fruits is sugar, presented in the form of sucrose and glucose, they are the main source of energy for our body. Depending on the variety of dates and the state of its maturity, the sugar level may vary, but it always remains high (the most "sugar" grade is as-sukkari). In addition to the above vitamins, these fruits contain tryptophan. This amino acid is responsible for normal brain function, slows the aging of its cells, has a slightly soothing effect. Glutamic amino acid removes heartburn and neutralizes the increased acidity of the stomach.

Dried dates are not only a sweet delicious fruit, but also a natural, powerful source of proteins, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, various vitamins, plant fibers, saccharides, minerals. Fatty oils, proteins, sulfur, magnesium, copper, calcium, carbohydrates, salts (15 varieties), manganese, boron, cadmium, cobalt, selenium, 23 species amino acids, aluminum, riboflavin, pectin, pantothenic acid, fluorine is an incomplete list of substances contained in an amazing fruit dates. These fruits do not contain cholesterol - another important plus to the merits and useful qualities of the date.

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Dates - calories

This dried fruit is an excellent substitute for sweets or chocolates. It is proved that in comparison with usual, all habitual sweets, these fruits contain much less calories. How many calories in the date - this issue worries many people, especially those who watch their weight and practice a variety of diets. Very often opinions on this issue are divided. One fruit with a bone weighs about 5-10 g, while the average fruit will contain about 23 calories. If you call the extremely accurate figure, the caloric value of dates will be 292 calories per 100 g of fruit. And then decide for yourself, it's a lot for you or normal.

Count your diet according to this indicator, at least, this is the most accurate information. For comparison, just in case: 100 g of white bread contains from 250 to 380 kcal.

The caloric content of dates with bones is 280 kcal / 100 g. In fact, it is higher than those in those whose bone was removed. In addition, the "stone" specimens have more useful components, as shown by careful analysis. This factor is affected by the technology of drying fruits.

The caloric content of dates without pits is always slightly less, as well as the content of nutrients in them. In fruits with a removed stone, the calorie content is 270 kcal.

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The use of dates for the female body

Quite an interesting and different influence has this fruit on the male and female body. A truly amazing fruit, because the same make-up "works" in both directions, helps both, as they say. If we consider the useful properties of dates for women, then first of all I want to note its high anticarcinogenic effect. In women after 40 years, the risk of breast cancer increases, this factor is affected by poor ecology, stress, private nervous shakes, heredity. So it is worth noting that a regular date, introduced into the diet, can significantly reduce this risk and in general in every way possible to support the female organism in this age interval.

For those who are experiencing monthly pain when critical days, dried dates can really help. Daily consumption of 5-8 fruits will reduce pain, give vivacity (eliminate the characteristic for this period of apathy and fatigue). Also it is necessary to try in this case the date broth - the effect is often even better than from simple consumption of fruits. Those ladies who sit on diets, dates can also help, because diets are often accompanied by stress for the body and, accordingly, constipation.

Useful dates in pregnancy, even recommended. Thanks to the content of the necessary ingredients in naturally-faithful natural form, which contribute to the accelerated reduction of the uterine muscles and thereby facilitate the birth process. For the subsequent restoration of the female body after the birth of the child, the use of dates will also have only a positive effect.

Many people are interested in the question - can I use dates when I breastfeed? The answer is yes, yes. These fruits contribute to the improvement of lactation, and the baby, along with the mother's milk, will receive useful elements, which are so rich in dates. After all, the components of these fruits and the nervous system soothe, and contribute to the formation of teeth, strengthen bone tissue, increase immunity in general, are responsible for the normal development of the brain.

Thanks to the content of folic acid in the fruit, the health of pregnant women, the process of childbirth, the feeding of the baby, improve, go much softer and easier. Take for example the Arab countries, where dates are considered a revered fruit and are often used for food. High fertility and a low percentage of child mortality are quite a good motivator and, very probably, the use of dates is really very relevant in this case.

In the relevant forums, young mothers also often ask the question: is it possible for the nursing mother of dates? And all because the body requires a sweet, and doctors strongly recommend not to get involved in cakes and sweets. You can, of course, you can use dates in reasonable quantities - and sweet yourself to be pampered, and without harm to health. An interesting fact is that this fruit contains a hormone that is very similar to oxytocin. This is another argument that for the health of pregnant women preparing for childbirth, dates are not only allowed to eat, but are also recommended. The main thing is to observe the dosage determined by the doctor, remember allergic reactions and consult your doctor in everything.

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Dates - benefit for men

From a remote antiquity, the facts are known when male warriors, when going on a campaign, took with them the fruits of dates. They not only quenched hunger, supported forces, but also treated wounds of varying severity, facilitated inflammatory manifestations, and prepared the curative decoction, which has already been mentioned above. At that time they already knew about the healing properties of these fruits and took them with them in large quantities.

Nowadays, the effect of dates on the male body is still relevant and successfully used. For example, the use of these fruits positively affects the male potency, it stops the inflammatory processes of the genitourinary sphere. Even those guys who are involved in sports and build muscle mass, dried dates help and are an excellent addition to the complex, specially designed for athletes nutrition.

To increase the "masculine strength one glass of pitted fruit should be poured, l of milk and add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder (without a slide). This mixture should be insisted for 24 hours in a dark and cool place, and then eat fruits, squeezed them with this milk. Cinnamon disperses blood, and dates - you already know about their properties. You can take such a "drug" in a day, for a month, then a positive result will not take long.

Even such a malaise as a hangover, by the way, is perfectly cleaned by date tea. Take 4 fruits, remove from them bones, mash with a fork and pour boiling water, wait 10-15 minutes, drink this tea and the body will immediately become lighter. Nausea will go away, and the headache if it does not completely leave you (depending on how much you drank the day before), it will significantly decrease. To the effect of this "treatment" was the maximum, during the day it is very desirable to drink at least three times this tea.

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Slimming dates

Sitting on a diet, a man refuses to himself in many habitual tasty and high-calorie (sometimes even harmful), but such favorite foods. And you always want to sweeten and all, so as not to suffer stress from depriving yourself of the usual cakes or sweets, replace them with delicious and useful dates. Experienced dieticians recommend eating no more than 10 fruits a day - this dose will suppress the body's need for sweet, will give strength and increase the tone. Plus, the digestive tract will work normally, the immune system will be maintained, there will not be constipation (a frequent companion of diets), and the weight will gradually decrease.

Many people ask: is it possible to eat dates when losing weight, because they are also caloric? The answer is yes, you can, but in a quantity of a maximum of 10 pieces a day. Then nothing critical will happen with your weight or your health. This is natural sugar, sweetness from nature, so it's safe (if there are no contraindications) to introduce these fruits into your diet and replace them with the usual sweets, cakes or cakes. One thing to understand is that the date diet, in the direct sense of this value, is only for a healthy organism, since it is rather "hard". I will not recommend it, just give an example.

Diet on dates means the use of a certain number of fruits and large volumes of clean water for several days. It is included in the category of mono-diets, and once favorite dates can simply be squandered. In another case, it is not necessary to strictly restrict oneself only to dates and water, you can gently enter into the diet boiled chicken or fruits, vegetables (not containing starch) in small quantities.

Diet on dates:

  1. In the first three days, 200 or 300 grams of fruit are eaten, at least two liters of pure water should be consumed per day.
  2. Starting from the fourth day, apples or oranges (or grapefruits) should be added to the diet. During this period, the number of dates should not exceed 200 g per day.
  3. One meal should be eaten by one fruit of medium or large size.
  4. This "course" of losing weight lasts 10 days. If it is completely unbearable, then reduce the restrictions at least up to 7 days.

The positive side of such a hard diet is, of course, losing weight. A small number of fruits, however, provides the body with useful elements, promotes burning excess calories, while at the same time positively affects the work of the heart muscle and the head the brain. Despite such harsh conditions, immunity is strengthened, and the weight decreases from 3 to 6 kg.

As for the negative aspects, the first is, of course, stress for the body due to a lack of normal nutrition. There may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Such a diet can not be spent more than 10 days and more often than 1 time in 4 months. If you have stones in the kidney or gall bladder, such "weight loss" is strictly contraindicated to you. With migraines, diabetes and the above diagnoses in the section "harm dates for the body" this method of weight loss can not be used.

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What do the dates mean?

Here, the people of the Arab countries can give a head start, as this fruit is considered almost sacred, they are loved and eaten by everyone, everywhere. In addition to the date jam or date honey, which is known to our compatriots, the Arabs make delicious sauces for meat, pie fillings, pasta for spreading on bread.

Pumpkin candies with dates, photo:

Cupcake with dates, honey, cinnamon and ginger, photo:

Handmade chocolate from dates, photo:

Halva from dates, photo:

About desserts and you can not speak: all kinds of jams, jellies, mousses, cocktails and yoghurts with dates like adults and children.

The date cocktail, photo:

Cocktail without milk. Composition: dates, pasta from hazelnuts and peanuts, water.

Plovy, alcoholic beverages, all kinds of ragout - this is a useful and popular fruit everywhere. By the way, dates are also made of sugar, which is much more useful and tastier than a brown reed analog.

It is a tasty, useful and therapeutic product, enter it into your diet and, perhaps, dates, benefits and harm for an organism from which you are now also known, will help you to become cheerful, healthier or even more slender!


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