How to choose a juicer for hard fruits and vegetables

  • The device and the principle of operation
  • How to buy a really effective device?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Additional Features
  • In conclusion

A juicer for hard fruits and vegetables simply must stand in every kitchen, where in the honor of freshly squeezed juices. Such a drink is a storehouse of vitamins, nutrients, microelements for adults and children. Prepare a delicious, healthy juice in a few minutes will help a powerful and functional device. If you do not already have such a juicer, our article will reveal the secrets of choosing an effective assistant in the preparation of juice from apples, pears, pumpkins, carrots, etc.

The device and the principle of operation

Juicer for hard vegetables or fruits - a real titanium! To cope with whole fruits (apples, pears) and hard and fibrous vegetables (beet, turnip, carrots, pumpkin, etc.). Apples, pears can not be cut into pieces, not peeled from the peel and sunflower seeds. She first processes the whole fruit, and then separates the resulting mass, separating the delicious juice from the pulp, cake, sludge. Some models even cut off the foam, and for the "experienced amateur" - this is a huge advantage of the device. But we'll talk about this a little later.

Arranged in such a way that, because of the high speed of rotation, the liquid and pulp are separated, the juice flows into the container, and the cake and waste remain in the separator. There are two types of juicers capable of processing hard, hard products - with a conical and cylindrical separator. The most productive models are considered to be a cylindrical separator, since it is possible to extract about 90% of the pulp, or even more juice. However, models with a conical-shaped separator are more convenient, because the shape of the separator allows the waste not to be smeared over all the walls, but to be collected in a special container. But, you should be prepared for the fact that in these very wastes will contain about 25-35% of the juice.

How to buy a really effective device?

When buying any device, the appearance, price, technical parameters, functionalities come to the fore. If you want to buy a good, productive, durable juicer for hard vegetables, be sure to pay attention to:

  • power of the device;
  • duration of work;
  • the speed of the centrifuge.

The higher the power of the device - the faster and better it will cope with hard products. High power is the key to fast, high-quality spinning. But do not always buy home the most powerful model - a good choice. You will be able to assess the advantages of buying high performance in full only if you constantly load it to the maximum. And for this you should use the device for processing your own plentiful harvest or in the period of intensive harvesting for the winter. If the goal is one or two glasses of juice from time to time, then you can not overpay for capacity.

Carefully watch how long it takes to squeeze the juice. Too long to warm the motor even the most high-quality brand juicer is still not worth - from such treatment the device will quickly fail. During work should be given the opportunity to "cool down". During this time, you can clean the separator of waste to increase the purity of the juice obtained and simplify the final cleaning of the device after the spin is completed.

The speed of rotation is also an important indicator. On average, this figure is 7-8 thousand. rpm. You can buy a model with a rotation speed of up to 10 thousand rpm. But we will open a little secret to you, not all vegetables and fruits need such intensive "rotation". Some products easily part with juice and at lower speeds, so in this case, the selection principle - "the higher the figure, the better" - is not entirely fair.

Make sure that the selected model has a mesh for straining juice from stainless steel. Then the juice will not have a metallic taste, and the device itself will not darken with time.

Additional criteria for selection can be such indicators as configuration, additional functions and several modes of operation. In the kit there should be a pusher for the products, after all, no matter how wide the neck - carefulness does not hurt, especially your fingers!

We have already mentioned the foam cutoff. For those who often makes apple juice, unnecessary words are not needed. For those who only discover the benefits of eating fresh apple juice in the diet - we note that the foam pretty hampered to enjoy uniformity and transparency. The foam cutter helps to increase productivity and get a glass of clear and pure juice, rather than air with apple flavor.

And still, it is very convenient to use a juicer with legs on suckers. You can be calm and do not worry that the device will slide on the table during operation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main concern, which is caused by a juicer for hard fruits and vegetables, is not this a laborious process? After all, to get a glass of juice, you need to collect a fairly large and heavy device, to prepare products for juice (wash, cut, peeled of inedible peel), and then another wash, disassemble and dry the constituent parts juicers.

Modern appliances significantly reduce the time that is required for various household troubles including, and for cooking in general and freshly squeezed juice in particular. Juicers of high quality are not just "collected on the conscience but require minimal interference in the work process and are extremely unpretentious in care. Remember that you no longer need to clean and cut apples and pears? What can I choose a model with automatic feeding of products, several modes of operation for different structured products and even a separate waste container? The speed of preparation of drinks is very high, and after use the device is very easy to put in order.

But, the functionality and efficiency of modern juicers every year more and more. Once bought a juicer can serve you faithfully for many years, constantly delighting the household with a delicious and wholesome drink. Preparing the juice no longer takes a lot of time and does not take away a lot of energy from you! Well, the benefit of the regular use of freshly squeezed juice can be felt literally in 10-20 days!

In addition, equipment manufacturers are constantly working on the problem of excessive noise during the spinning of juice. Many devices have already been supplemented with a noise-absorbing system, which several times increases the pleasure of using such a juicer.

A separate item is the safety system - protection from overheating, blocking control in case of improper assembly, the presence of a wide mouth for products and pusher. Well and about appearance, style and design it is possible and not to speak!

Additional Features

Of course, everyone wants to get a universal kind of juicer, but it is believed that it is better to choose the device in depending on the processed products - for beets and carrots, tomatoes and apricots, pomegranates and grapes, apples and citrus fruits.

So, it turns out, will have to spend a few juicers? And if your kitchen is not as great as you would like, then where to store these juicers?

In order not to waste the family budget and not to clutter the kitchen with extra devices, just find a model with several modes of operation that will differ in duration and intensity of rotation. Remember, we have already said that high-quality processing of different hardness-softness products is possible at different spin speeds. If your juicer for hard vegetables or fruits is supplemented with several modes of operation, you can without losses, squeeze juice from soft apricots, peaches, tomatoes, wiry citrus or solid apples and carrots. Even a stiff and fibrous pumpkin, beets or radish can easily supplement your body with nutrients and nutrients.

In conclusion

Select a quality juicer, which will meet all the requirements - not so difficult. In addition, manufacturers of household appliances are constantly expanding their range in pursuit of each client, for every whim and wish of their admirers. Define the goals for which you need a juicer, read customer reviews and specifications of devices. Compare different models, ask questions to consultants and determine! Tasty and useful freshly squeezed juice - it's very simple, if you get a reliable and functional juicer for hard fruits and vegetables.

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