What auger juicer to buy

If you have money take a twin screw, without alternatives. Best of its kind, juice perfectly tight and help get the oil from the seeds. Most of the nutrients remain. Known vitamins are destroyed by the action of light, heat, and rough mechanical impact. Screw juicer help obtain the maximum benefit, twin screw characterized by excellent efficiency will grind, for example, apples bone where the mass of iodine. Today discuss the pros and cons, especially the models. Let's see what kind of auger juicer to buy.

General guidelines for choosing the auger juicer

Try to take more powerful devices. While it has long been observed that, thanks to proprietary technology, blenders, for example completely breaks scheme. But we recommend to buy a powerful juicer. A typical number - 200 W to vertical models, ranging from 250 to infinity in grinders. Sometimes people think that the horizontal juicers in the form of nozzles on the grinder productively. Opinion is controversial. Typical extraction coefficient figure for vertical models 75% in half to two times higher than that of centrifugal juicers. Cited facts, draw conclusions.

Auger juicer in action

Auger juicer in action

Prepare - processing speed of the auger juicer is low, and the index value is not primary. Quality - based on the popular auger juicers. One taste homemade juice from the device will never prefer liquor stores. Valued nutritional juice - auger juicer allow to obtain the maximum from food.

Horizontal auger juicer

Anyone know what it looks like a typical chopper. Auger juicer is slightly different body and shape (step) spiral. The product is first crushed, then pushed forward and pressed on the front wall. Excess cake is extruded through an opening in the waste tank, the juice flows down.

In juicers efficiency manages adjusted by changing the valve at the outlet nip for the cake. not too tighten the need to avoid faulty engine. About engine special conversation. The auger juicers is the weakest part. Try to buy a juicer (or twin screw grinder - no difference), which is protected against overheating. For example, Thermal Cutoffs on the windings, reusable relay.

Horizontal auger juicer

Horizontal auger juicer

In other cases, get ready for hours to control the operation of the device. We give recommendations. Do not cook fruits and vegetables in advance. Let's say you want to twist the 4 apples. Wash the first cut, remove the core, twist the slices, then turn off the grinder, let rest. For the current time, prepare a new apple, repeat the cycle. Be able to achieve results and to prevent equipment failure. Incidentally, the above also applies to vertical auger juicers.

Readers are asked what manufacturers auger juicer better. The choice is left, it is necessary to take the goods the same brand as the chopper. Be comforted, come cheap. When you purchase inquire that allowed harvesting, models of different, selected-otzhimalki nozzles are suitable only for soft fruit. Always check the appointment of an accessory. There are tips for citrus fruit in a meat grinder.

Materials horizontal auger juicer:

  1. Aluminum is not the best solution because of toxicity. Although the dose of scanty cycle, an additional source of harmful factors not needed.
  2. Iron and iron-steel variety. Durable materials and the best in this case.
    Juicer made of plastic and metal

    Juicer made of plastic and metal

  3. Modern plastics are extremely strong, they are often used for the manufacture of centrifuges. The housing is usually clear, easy to see what is happening inside.

Let the nozzle on the mincer cast iron grind solid bone is unlikely to succeed. Most devices demonstrates protection against mechanical overload. Inside the grinder worth plastic gear or clutch, which breaks down in the event of an emergency. However, the small bones of lemon will be output without causing damage. In the case of vertical auger juicers said 100% true. The main thing that the opening for the exit of bone meal passed. By the way, grind whole apricots and plums will not work. Even twin screw juicers are not designed for such tasks.

Consider, much different from the rest of manual models. Such a "chopper" is 1000 rubles. efficiency of the device is not too high. We compare the best centrifuge models. The spin speed not appreciate, VES 3005, for example, gives 200 revolutions per minute, more than 3 Hz. Try to twist the handle with such frequency grinder. Hand juicer indispensable in places with no electricity.

Vertical auger juicer

Vertical auger juicer

Vertical screw juicer

There are models of vertical auger juicer where the two networks. Grid - a cylindrical float, which squeezed juice. A number of models is complete mesh with large holes for mashed potatoes.

If the box did not find a special brush to clean the grid, do not despair. Suitable toothbrush, new or old. Without a brush to clean the grid impossible.

Poor vertical juicer with the lack of drop-stop function. If the advantages of auger juicer obvious flaw juice can flow, and minute, and five after stopping the engine. It is not comfortable.

Thin point associated with obtaining juice. Spout for draining tilted slightly, significantly narrowing, but... still pouring juice on the bottom edge and into the housing. Capacity is recommended to substitute as high as possible. This applies to plastic sinks. Complexity will be able to fix it, putting across the gum, stopping fluid.

In the vertical auger juicer much it depends on the mesh structure. Thanks to her, the flesh will be almost dry or wet. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict in advance, we believe that to buy a juicer Moulinex is twice as expensive than the Saturn because of the improved design. Cheap spit juice as a centrifuge, although in advertising and demonstrated otherwise. What to pay twice as much, if seemingly large difference is not noticeable.

Unlike vertical auger juicer from the horizontal: apricot peremeletsya, but also suffer mesh. As a result, the device will become worthless. In the first case, change the plug or protective gear, and now need to buy a new copy of the juicer. Raw materials for vertical auger juicer is required to prepare carefully. We elected to the instructions recommended to clean off the peel of an apple, but in practice the bad will happen if gets into bone or two of lemon. Important not to press the gas include reverse if necessary.

Undoubtedly, the choice is made by the auger juicer efficiency. Unable to find indicators of horizontal models in principle. The manufacturer has something to hide? As a rule, exhibited characteristics. Note the vertical model, in principle, are more expensive. For example, horizontal squeezer VES 3005 is worth half the price. Device Power 1500 watts. The poor performance. But VES 3005 is protected against overheating, which is good.

Disadvantages auger juicer today limited to the inability to work long. Twin-screw models form the basis of a juice bar business. At Angel Juicer power much less than 1.5 kW - typical for this class of 200W devices. But the superior quality will have to pay the corresponding money in the range of 35,000 rubles.

Preference is given to the housings and parts made of steel, plastic, painted quickly beets, carrots and things like that.

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