The rating of elliptical trainers for the house 2018

The rating of elliptical trainers for the house 2018


Sports activities strengthen the cardiovascular system of a person, his muscles, increase the tone of the body. Treadmills well-known to all are designed for people who are accustomed to carrying out heavy loads. In addition, these shells require strong ligaments, which can not boast of people with a lot of weight. They are suitable elliptical trainer for the house, which can be selected from the current rating for 2018, presented by us, consisting of many models for every taste and purse.


  • 1What is an elliptical trainer
  • 2Types of elliptical trainers
    • 2.1Professional
    • 2.2Semi-professional
    • 2.3Home
  • 3Main producers
  • 4What parameters are important for getting to the top of the best models
  • 5TOP-10 of the best simulators for 2018
    • 5.1Photo gallery of the best models of elliptical trainers 2018

What is an elliptical trainer

This is something between the treadmill, the exercise bike and the stepper. Dhuman visions when practicing on the orbitrek are like walking on skis - smooth, with a slight slant forward, which allows you to use the maximum number of muscle groups

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Such simulators are very popular with girls, as they help to lose weight and get a relief body

The ellipsoid has several advantages over other types:

  • It has a minimal load on the knee joints and ligaments;
  • Practically all groups of muscles work, which provides the greatest effect;
  • It is ideal for losing weight.

The simulator consists of:

  • Flywheel;
  • Stationary pens;
  • Handles moving at the same pace as the pedals;
  • Pedals;
  • The program switch;
  • The electronic console.

Orbitrek can be rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. In addition, they differ in the type of load on:

  • Mechanical;
  • Magnetic;
  • Electromagnetic.

Types of elliptical trainers


The market presents a large number of models for the house, the main difference between which are the conditions of their operation:

  • Professional;
  • Semi-professional;
  • Home.


Such models are most often found in gyms

The main characteristics of these models are:

  • Resistance to high loads;
  • Strong materials;
  • High maximum weight withstand - up to 160 kg;
  • The ability to adjust the pedals;
  • A wide range of programs.

Professional - this is most often electromagnetic models with front-wheel drive. Their pedals are made of solid, durable plastic, the length of the step varies from 40 to 60 cm. We can also note the almost complete absence of media in such models.


Semi-professional orbitreki - a universal option for any room

These models are universal and can be used both at home and in the gym. At the same time, their cost is not as high as that of professional models.


Compact home option

Products of this type are designed for operation at home.The maximum weight is chosen based on the weight of the heaviest man in the family, to which add 10 kg. Similar models have more affordable value, while they are made of softer materials. For example, the pedals in them are often made of rubber, which reliably adheres to the sole, excluding slippage.

Main producers

The display of some Proxima models shows the duration of the workout, the distance, the pulse and the number of calories lost

It is important to purchase a simulator for the home from proven and well-proven manufacturers. The most famous and respected brands on the market are:

Proxima One of the leaders in the production of elliptical trainers. The success of the company is based on the use of advanced own developments to improve ergonomics, functionality and appearance. The price for the model starts at 2, 00 rubles.
Ammity The company produces professional and home fitness equipment. The basic concept was developed by Russian engineers and designers. The price run is from 40 000 to 120 000 rubles.
Hasttings The company cooperates with Dyaco International, which makes it possible to make the price of its products as much as possible accessible to a wide range of consumers. On the Russian market relatively recently - since 2010. He is the sponsor of the team "Ilya Muromets". The cost is 22 500 - 428 400 rubles.
Spirit Fitness The owner of this brand is the corporation Dyaco International, which is among the three leading manufacturers of similar equipment in Asia. Prices range from 4, 90 rubles to 33, 90 rubles.
NordicTrack Under this brand, ICON simulators are manufactured, which successfully produces sports equipment on the market for over thirty years. The price range of elliptoids is from 4, 90 rubles to 9, 90 rubles.
Oxygen Fitness German brand, closely monitoring the quality of assembly of all products. Due to the fact that the assembly is carried out on the territory of Taiwan and China, all models differ surprisingly low price - from 1, 90 rubles.
Horizon The company positions itself as a producer of products of different price levels, but at the moment the catalog is presented in the category from 8, 90 to 12, 90 rubles
Svensson Body Labs All products are assembled in Taiwan, so the company is able to offer a wide price range - from 2, 90 rubles to 4, 90 rubles.
Clear Fit The company claims an ideal price-quality ratio of its products, the cost of which is 3, 90 - 6, 90 rubles.
Vision Fitness This brand can be found in most major sports halls. The firm produces reliable professional products with high wear resistance. Their cost starts at 199 890 rubles.

What parameters are important for getting to the top of the best models

In the ranking of the best models are collected products that deserve the reasonable popularity of consumers in the price-quality categories. At the same time, it assembles different models of a wide price range, suitable both for users with a high weight for home use, and wishing to only slightly improve their physical shape, gyms.

The rating also includes models capable of operating both from the network, and in standalone mode or from the built-in generator.

TOP-10 of the best simulators for 2018

Proxima Masimus iPro Convenient (the length of the step is 54 cm, the distance between the pedals is, cm, noiseless, has a very smooth stroke, able to withstand a weight of up to 150 kilograms. Powered by the network, the screen displays the current speed, training time, pulse, calorie consumption. 20 programs will not make users bored, and the bottle holder is a nice addition. 7, 00 rubles
Svensson Body Labs Comfortline ENA One of the best models in its price category, which has a small distance between the pedals, a sufficient width of the step, as well as many modes of operation. The display shows the speed, pulse status, time of classes, distance traveled, fitness test, temperature. You can also see the data of the fat analyzer. Ideal for those wishing to lose weight. 32 500 rubles
Proxima Enima II iPro This model got into the rating due to its rich equipment and high level of ergonomics. It has a smooth stroke and is equipped with FLOW STEP technology, which allows to significantly reduce the load on the joints. As a bonus, you can note the presence of sensors on both pairs of pens and the ability to connect a mobile phone or player. 55 000 rubles
Ergometer Vision X20 Classic A very user-friendly ergometer offers users only five programs. However, they are quite enough to achieve weight loss, while this professional model consists of high-quality, durable materials. Especially distinguishes this model among the rest of the width between the pedals, equal to only 5 mm. 129 890 rubles
Svensson Body Labs Comfortline ESA The model is durable due to the quality of the materials used. Comfortable step length of 41 cm and affordable cost make this model especially attractive for home use. 28 990 rubles
Proxima Panda Rear-wheel drive model from the leader in this area has won the trust of users due to a large selection of programs and operating modes. The step length is only 40 cm, but there is a full screen with the number of steps per minute, speed, training time, and heart rate readings. 29 990 rubles
Svensson Body Labs Comfortline ESM This model operates on a magnetic drive and does not require the use of electricity. At the same time, it does not have programs, you can only adjust the load level. 25 490 rubles
Spirit Fitness XE295 A model of a semi-professional level, on which you can engage in people weighing up to 180 kg. That's what made it so popular for home use. Smooth running, a multitude of load levels serve as a nice addition to the low cost. 119 990 rubles
Nordictrack Commercial 14.0 Professional model, which comes complete with cardiopoias. Equipped with 35 programs, as well as sensor sensors. Increased safety for joints. 119 990 rubles
Matrix E5X (2013) This model is able to work autonomously, since it is equipped with a generator. Smooth running, a large number of training programs are complemented by the ability to download the results online, as well as a large number of multimedia entertainment. This allows the training to be fun and effective. 498 890 rubles

Photo gallery of the best models of elliptical trainers 2018

. . Proxima Masimus iPro.. Svensson Body Labs Comfortline ENA.. Proxima Enima II iPro.. Ergometer Vision X20 Classic.. Svensson Body Labs Comfortline ESA.. Proxima Panda.. Svensson Body Labs Comfortline ESM.. Spirit Fitness XE295.. Nordictrack Commercial 14.0.. Matrix E5X.

Choosing a model for home use, it is worth familiar with the options presented in this rating. Among such a wide variety of models of the leading manufacturers of elliptical trainers, everyone can choose the appropriate option for themselves.

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