How to use the blender correctly

  • How to use a stationary blender
  • How to use a submersible (hand) blender
  • How to use the blender attachment

In order to prepare delicious and beautiful food at home, modern technologies provided all the necessary conditions. Another 10-15 years ago about that to make a cocktail at home and did not go. Today it is a standard procedure of "good morning". And all thanks to such a wonderful device, like a blender. Let's figure out how to use the blender and enjoy the cooking process, regardless of the circumstances.

How to use a stationary blender

Congratulations! You bought a blender. Now open the box and carefully study the contents. Look at how your unit looks. What type of crushing and whipping device did you prefer?

Stationary blender. This device can be called self-sufficient. There are practically no flaws in it. Well, except that the limited size of the bowl. You simply put it on the table, plug the plug into an electrical network, load the products (pre-cut into cubes), press the button and observe the process.

The use of this type of unit does not bring anything but pleasure. But there are some things that are strictly forbidden, namely:

  1. Underload or overload the blender. Do not throw a couple of pieces of meat on the bottom and do not stuff the machine under the cover itself.
  2. Load hot products into the plastic container for beating / crushing, as the bowl will quickly become unusable.
  3. Leave the lid of the bowl open while the machine is running. Yes, and this happens. And the consequences of this error remain on the walls, the floor and even the ceiling. And you still have to remove them.

Be sure to read the instructions before using the machine. Spent 10 minutes of time will save you from unpleasant surprises.

How to use a submersible (hand) blender

This device is designed for those who like to keep everything under control. A pleasant feeling of heaviness during cooking and the understanding that no one detail will escape your eyes is a real pleasure.

Well, if we talk about more mundane things, a hand blender is a practical thing. With it you can work in any capacity and with any products, well, almost. Grind nuts, coffee, ice submersible unit is not recommended. But if necessary, add some water to the bottom of the bowl.

How to use the manual unit? Rather, write down some secrets.

  1. Usually the submersible device is equipped with a food processing bowl, but if you decide to use another container, take the deepest one. Then the spray is not terrible for you (and without them anywhere), and cleaning will take less time.
  2. The processed products should cover the bottom of the blender leg. This is the minimum that you can whip / cut.
  3. Do not use the device for processing hot products (just removed from the plate). Allow them to cool down (minimum to 70 degrees) and only then continue to cook.
  4. Before whipping the fruit smoothie, remove the ingredients from the bones.
  5. If you are in doubt about which product to use what speed to apply, start with a minimum and gradually increase it.
  6. Use a blender to make mashed potatoes is not recommended. It will turn out to be tasteless.
  • Any self-respecting manufacturer will necessarily equip the device with a whisk. Of course, the machine can not whip the proteins for the mousse (lush, dense, homogeneous mass), alas, can not, but the liquid dough or cocktail will cook.

How to use the blender attachment

Submersible blenders are often supplied with additional nozzles. And it is not always clear why they are needed and where they can be used. We will explain.

So, the main attachment for grinding vegetables, fruits and meat is placed on the stalk. Without it, nowhere, because the lion's share of the work lies precisely on it. Also, a shredder may be included - a small container (100-150 ml) with blades. It is designed for processing nuts, seeds and other solid products.

Often manufacturers supply hand blenders with whisk for whipping. Of course, you will not get such an effect from the mixer, but the batter for pancakes will surely break out. Models of a high price range are often equipped with various nozzles for slicing, which turns the hand assembly into a food processor.

With a stationary blender is another story. Eggs, it does not break out and the maximum that you can get in the kit is a nozzle for splitting ice. If it is not there, then it is strictly forbidden to process ice or frozen juice in the unit.

In fact, the answer to the question "how to use the blender correctly?" Is easier to find than you think. Everything that interests you is written in the manual, which is an integral part of the configuration of any blender. In it, the manufacturer indicated all the features of using the unit, which will help you and deliciously cook, and keep the device in working condition for many years.

Well, that's probably all. It's time to keep this article in case you suddenly forget how to use the blender. Have a good time and see you again!

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