We choose the vacuum cleaner for the house correctly: practical advice

We choose the vacuum cleaner for the house correctly: practical advice


Cleaning an apartment is almost daily. It is very important to have a modern assistant at your fingertips, which will help in a few minutes to make a clean floor without any trouble. We are talking about a vacuum cleaner - an appliance that faithfully and reliably removes the house from dust and all kinds of pollution. About how to choose a vacuum cleaner among a huge variety of models, you'll learn in this article.

The history of the vacuum cleaner is more than 145 years old. This device has become indispensable, relieving the owners of the manual cleaning of the apartment with the help of a broom, which required, in addition to the effort, a lot of time. According to statistics, the first purchase of most newlyweds at the entrance to the new house is exactly the vacuum cleaner.

To choose a good home appliance is not an easy task, so in this article we collected actual tips and tips, which we hope will help you understand how to make a choice. You will learn about the varieties of vacuum cleaners, the principles of each of them, and a brief overview of the pros and cons of the devices will answer all your questions.


  • 1Dry or wet cleaning is the main choice
    • 1.1Vacuum cleaner is a simple choice
    • 1.2Vertical vacuum cleaner
    • 1.3Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • 1.4Washing vacuum cleaner
  • 2Appearance and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner
  • 3What is the difference between vacuum cleaners - technical specifications
  • 4Dust collectors
    • 4.1Dust bag
    • 4.2Removable container
    • 4.3Water filter
  • 5Vacuum cleaner power
  • 6Filtration

Dry or wet cleaning is the main choice

Usual dry type of cleaning is used in the vast majority of produced vacuum cleaners. They are easy to use, small and affordable. Choose them for those who do not like fashionable novelties and sophisticated technology.

Vacuum cleaner is a simple choice

It's simple and understandable, since this option is used by everyone. Although it has another name - balloon. This kind of vacuum cleaner for the house has several varieties:

  • manual (designed for cleaning furniture, clothes, cars);
  • Compact (up to 7 kg);
  • full-size (up to 9 kg).

If you intend to choose a vacuum cleaner for a house that is not complemented by numerous options and is suitable for daily cleaning, then this is a good solution.

But remember that it is better to choose a model with a removable container, since it will avoid additional costs.


Vertical vacuum cleaner

Has not received wide distribution in Russia. A vertical vacuum cleaner for an apartment is the choice of the majority of consumers in the countries of the West. It can be selected if regular cleaning of large rooms is to be carried out. If you're wondering what kind of vacuum cleaner to choose for a home, this option is just for you. The disadvantage is the high noise level.

Vertical vacuum cleaner removes dirt better and surpasses the usual vacuum cleaner in terms of parameters, as it cleans the coatings carpet ticks, includes cleaning the HEPA filter, neutralizes allergens that settle on the house's covers, which for allergy sufferers important. Vertical model with a detachable container does not take up much space and is easy to manage.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

An innovative invention for a city apartment, which, according to the idea, will soon completely shift the cleaning function to itself, freeing the person from this burden. Surely you ran into a video about the work of this miracle of technology. This compact wireless device, provided with a powerful filter, moves around the room itself, with the help of sensor sensors, finds and absorbs debris and dust.

The robot cleaner has a self-cleaning container, but it is completely removable at the same time.

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Washing vacuum cleaner

A few years ago washing vacuum cleaners were a novelty and cost fabulous money. Today, the opportunity to conduct a wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will not surprise anyone. However, not everyone can afford this dear pleasure for the house to this day. Good models can carry out both dry and wet cleaning. Therefore, if there is money - choose this option.

A built-in filter with a water container will clean the floor and air until the last dust. Excellent cope with washing, both sexes and windows.

Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is recommended not more than once a week.

This vacuum cleaner requires careful operation, thorough drying-washing of parts after each use. The detergent solution is purchased separately from the manufacturer, since the use of unsuitable means can disable the equipment.

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Appearance and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner

Large and small, compact and not very - the range of this device is very large. Be confused in the choice of no wonder, not knowing how to choose the right vacuum cleaner. The choice depends on for what purpose and on what surface the device will be used. A normal floor without any covers will clean any type of vacuum cleaner, except for manual. But carpets with high pile are not subject to wet cleaning, so the use of a vacuum cleaner with a water filter on a soft carpet is undesirable - it is better to choose an ordinary one.

The space for using the device also plays an important role.

  • With unlimited square meters you can afford a model, like any company, and complete sets, including vacuum cleaners with a water filter. Also for the house is quite good in terms of the vertical vacuum cleaner. Emphasize the power of the appliance, because it takes a long time to clean up a large apartment, and a vacuum cleaner with low suction characteristics can not withstand a sustained load (more than 15 minutes uninterrupted work).
  • For you the actual question is, how to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment of small dimensions? Pay attention to compact models of vacuum cleaners with a telescopic handle. These models occupy very little space, you can put such a vacuum cleaner just outside the door in the hallway.

What is the difference between vacuum cleaners - technical specifications

I want to note that it is not uncommon when the choice of a vacuum cleaner for a family is a spontaneous decision. That is, as such an issue, how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house, does not arise at all. "We buy ordinary - and it's the end" - with such an installation, the buyer, as a rule, comes to the store and avoids the advice of consultants in every possible way. But the fact is that a vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner.

Devices of the same price category can differ so much in functionality that one vacuum cleaner will serve you for years, and the other will be a disappointment at the first use.

That's why we suggest you stock up on knowledge, and choose a worthy purchase - in confidence that you will pay for a quality product.

Dust collectors

So, the first thing you should pay attention to is the design of the dust collector itself. Consider the types of dust collectors.

Dust bag


It is a bag of dense matter, which, when the vacuum cleaner is running, is filled with debris and dust. It differs in size, and the frequency of dust collector cleaning depends on this. On average, the volume of the bag is 3 liters, for a given volume, the bag should be cleaned 1-2 times a month, subject to cleaning 2-3 times a week. Bags are replaceable and non-replaceable. Replaceable consist of a thin material, and when filled, they are thrown out. Replaceable bags are not recyclable.

Unchanged bags are cleaned, washed, and installed back into the vacuum cleaners as they are filled. They are an inadequate filter for large dust particles. Therefore, for allergy sufferers, the dust bag cleaning process may be detrimental to health and even cause painful reactions due to the large inhalation of dust. This category of persons should be entrusted to the cleaning of the device by their loved ones, and when choosing a vacuum cleaner it is better to pay attention to another version of the dust collector.

Removable container

Vacuum cleaners in which the dust collector is a container are called cyclones. Simply put, the cyclone plays the role of an air purifier. Air flows with dust pass through the container, and thanks to centrifugal forces, dust settles on the bottom of the device, and air is further purified through a filter. When filling, the container is cleaned instantly - enough to shake garbage out of it.

The power of the vacuum cleaner does not depend on the filling capacity of the container, which is an undoubted plus. In cyclone vacuum cleaners, the noise level is higher, due to the fact that air flows create turbulence. If you do not know how to choose a good vacuum cleaner, consider the option with a removable container-dust collector for yourself the most optimal. With a cyclone vacuum cleaner, at least a problem, it's an excellent device for both global cleaning and for frequent use - for persuasiveness, watch the video with reviews.

Water filter

In vacuum cleaners with a water filter, a container (flask) with water is used as a dust collector. Dust completely settles in the water, both small and large particles. To understand the principle of action, it is enough to watch a video with an overview of similar water filters. This cleaning effect can only be achieved by using a water filter, the two previous ones dust collectors let large dust particles pass back into the air that we and you breathe.

That's why people suffering from asthma, also for allergy sufferers, are recommended vacuum cleaners with a water filter, in order to completely clean the house air in the room during cleaning. However, vacuum cleaners with this filter - today are quite expensive.

  • Which dust bag is better? We will tell in the articleWhich vacuum cleaner to choose: with a container or dust bag

For convenience, we have compiled a summary table to compare the pros and cons of different types of dust collectors.

Dust collector type pros Minuses
Dust bag Large capacity, the ability to reuse, cheap. High transmittance of dust particles back into the air, laborious cleaning, if necessary replacement - individual bags are suitable for each device.
Removable container Quick cleaning, no additional replacement costs. High noise level.
Water filter The highest cleaning of the room with a filter, protecting the vacuum cleaner from dust penetration. Expensive, additional costs for water solutions (with a wet cleaning function), large dimensions.

Vacuum cleaner power

The vacuum cleaner is estimated in power in two directions - the power of the vacuum cleaner motor, as well as the suction power of the impurities.

Engine power averages 1500 watts, but the value can vary from 1000 W to 2500 W, depending on the specific model and firm of the manufacturer. A high power factor indicates the efficiency of the device. The degree of energy consumption directly depends on this power. The more powerful the device, the more electricity it will use and load the network.

Continuation of the topic in the article: suction power vacuum cleaner

Speaking of the power absorption of dust, it is worth noting that this is an important factor. The higher its value, the better the vacuum cleaner will cope with the absorption of dust and dirt. The minimum suction power rating is 250 W, the maximum is 500 W. Also, the higher the value, the longer the device will draw dust with the highest possible power.

After the first five minutes of the device's operation, the power is reduced by 15%, so it's better to pay attention to the manufacturer's average air intake flow rate.


Often dust collectors and filters are confused with each other. There is no direct connection between these two devices. The filtration is designed to hold back those dust particles that have been collected by the vacuum cleaner, so as not to release them back into the air. This is a kind of protective barriers, guarding the purity of the air mass.


The filter, which stands in all modern cleaning devices, retains up to 99% of dust.

In more expensive models, a built-in HEPA filter is found. He detains not only the dust and pollution of the house, but also the pollen of the flowers, which is very important for allergy sufferers, as well as viruses and bacteria, not allowing entry back into the room. The efficiency of such a filter is 9,%.


If you are puzzled by how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home, then it's important that it has a built-in HEPA filter. The device will ensure maximum cleanliness and dust-free air in your home.

Filtration is a three-stage mechanism:

  1. cleaning through a dust collector;
  2. cleaning with a motor filter;
  3. fine cleaning by the output filter.

In addition to these three mandatory steps, various companies and manufacturers can install additional filters in vacuum cleaners. Their number in total can be even 10.

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